Additive Construction by Extrusion (ACE) Consortium

Citation88 FR 62545
Published date12 September 2023
Record Number2023-19647
CourtNational Institute Of Standards And Technology
Federal Register / Vol. 88, No. 175 / Tuesday, September 12, 2023 / Notices
National Institute of Standards and
Additive Construction by Extrusion
(ACE) Consortium
: National Institute of Standards
and Technology, Department of
: Notice of research consortium.
: The National Institute of
Standards and Technology (NIST), an
agency of the United States Department
of Commerce, in support of efforts to
establish the measurement science
required for development of the
standards and industry for Additive
Construction by Extrusion (ACE), is
establishing the Additive Construction
by Extrusion (ACE) Consortium
(‘‘Consortium’’). The Consortium will
bring together stakeholders to identify
and address gaps in current standards
related to materials, methods, structural
performance, and engineering design.
The Consortium efforts are intended to
study the measurement science needs
for the successful adoption of ACE by
the construction industry, and to
identify and propose new standards to
address industry needs not met by
existing standards. Participation fees
will be at least $10,000 annually or in-
kind contributions of equivalent value.
Participants will be required to sign a
Cooperative Research and Development
Agreement (CRADA). At NIST’s
discretion, entities which are not
permitted to enter into CRADAs
pursuant to law or other governmental
constraint may be allowed to participate
in the Consortium pursuant to a
separate non-CRADA agreement.
: The Consortium’s activities will
commence on October 15, 2023
(‘‘Commencement Date’’). NIST will
accept letters of interest to participate in
this Consortium on an ongoing basis.
: Completed letters of interest
or requests for additional information
about the Consortium can be directed
via mail to the Consortium Manager, Dr.
Shawn Platt, Materials and Structural
Systems Division of NIST’s Engineering
Laboratory, 100 Bureau Drive, Mail Stop
8615, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899, or
via electronic mail to shawn.platt@
J’aime Maynard, Consortia Agreements
Officer, National Institute of Standards
and Technology’s Technology
Partnerships Office, by telephone at
(301) 975–8408, by mail to 100 Bureau
Drive, Mail Stop 2200, Gaithersburg,
Maryland 20899, or by electronic mail
: Additive
construction by extrusion (ACE)
technology has the potential to
revolutionize the construction industry
by eliminating the need for formwork
and enabling architectural and
structural designs that cannot be
achieved through current standard
practices. As ACE remains in the early
stages of development, this Consortium
will study the measurement science
needs for the successful adoption of
ACE by the construction industry. The
objective of this Consortium is to
identify and then translate cementitious
material measurements to in-line or in-
process measurements for quality
control and quality assurance in the
ACE process. Participants in the
Consortium will work with NIST toward
the following goals:
(1) Correlating Off-Line Measurements
to Print Quality
A focus will be on correlating off-line
measurements of fresh and hardening
ink to a measure of print quality. The
objectives are to determine material
performance characteristics that are
critical to the success of ACE.
(2) In-Situ and In-Process
A focus will be on developing in-situ
and in-process measurements that may
be used to provide feedback into the
control of the ACE process. The
objective is to implement material
property measurements in line to the
ACE process.
(3) Hardened Properties and Scaling up
From Paste to Concrete
A focus will be on measurements at
the structural scale, including a proper
consideration of in-field issues. This
includes, but is not limited to, hardened
property measurements; studies on
curing practices and finishing
procedures; and development of
numerical simulations of material
deposition. The objectives are to
develop measurement techniques to
assess hardened properties of 3–D
printed structures and investigate how
early age properties and measurements
may inform ACE through the use of
numerical simulations.
Participation Process
NIST is soliciting responses from all
sources, including other Federal
Government agencies, State or local
governments, foreign government
agencies, industrial organizations
(including corporations, partnerships,
and limited partnerships, and industrial
development organizations), public and
private foundations, and nonprofit
organizations (including universities).
Eligibility will be determined by NIST
based on the information provided by
prospective participants in response to
this notice. NIST will evaluate the
submitted responses from prospective
participants to determine eligibility to
participate in this Consortium.
Prospective participants should provide
letters of interest with the following
information to NIST’s Consortium
1. Narrative of interest in ACE and
description of related experience and
expertise to contribute to the
2. List of anticipated participating
3. If proposing in-kind participation
instead of a fee contribution, description
of anticipated in-kind donation and its
equivalent value to fee.
Letters of interest must not include
business proprietary information. NIST
will not treat any information provided
in response to this notice as proprietary
information. NIST will notify each
organization of its eligibility. In order to
participate in this Consortium, each
eligible organization must sign a
CRADA for this Consortium. Entities
which are not permitted to enter into
CRADAs pursuant to law or other
governmental constraint may be allowed
to participate in the Consortium, at
NIST’s discretion, pursuant to separate
non-CRADA agreements with terms that
may differ, as necessary, from the
Consortium CRADA terms.
Participants will contribute US
$10,000 annually in funds or equivalent
in-kind contributions to be members of
the Consortium. NIST does not
guarantee participation in the
Consortium to any organization
submitting a letter of interest. This
phase of the Consortium will be for up
to five years.
Authority: 15 U.S.C. 3710a.
Alicia Chambers,
NIST Executive Secretariat.
[FR Doc. 2023–19647 Filed 9–11–23; 8:45 am]
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