Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; Evaluation of the Implementation of the Statewide Family Engagement Centers

CourtEducation Department
Citation86 FR 67455
Publication Date26 November 2021
Record Number2021-25815
Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 225 / Friday, November 26, 2021 / Notices
reporting, and overall perceptions of
patient safety.
Affected Public: Federal Government;
individuals or households.
Frequency: As required.
Respondent’s Obligation: Voluntary.
OMB Desk Officer: Ms. Julie Wise.
You may also submit comments and
recommendations, identified by Docket
ID number and title, by the following
Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// Follow the
instructions for submitting comments.
Instructions: All submissions received
must include the agency name, Docket
ID number, and title for this Federal
Register document. The general policy
for comments and other submissions
from members of the public is to make
these submissions available for public
viewing on the internet at http:// as they are
received without change, including any
personal identifiers or contact
DOD Clearance Officer: Ms. Angela
Requests for copies of the information
collection proposal should be sent to
Ms. Duncan at
Dated: November 22, 2021.
Aaron T. Siegel,
Alternate OSD Federal Register, Liaison
Officer, Department of Defense.
[FR Doc. 2021–25829 Filed 11–24–21; 8:45 am]
[Docket No.: ED–2021–SCC–0164]
Agency Information Collection
Activities; Comment Request;
Evaluation of the Implementation of
the Statewide Family Engagement
: Institute of Educational Science
(IES), Department of Education (ED).
: Notice.
: In accordance with the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, ED is
proposing a new information collection.
: Interested persons are invited to
submit comments on or before January
25, 2022.
: To access and review all the
documents related to the information
collection listed in this notice, please
use by
searching the Docket ID number ED–
2021–SCC–0164. Comments submitted
in response to this notice should be
submitted electronically through the
Federal eRulemaking Portal at http:// by selecting the
Docket ID number or via postal mail,
commercial delivery, or hand delivery.
If the site is not
available to the public for any reason,
ED will temporarily accept comments at Please include the
docket ID number and the title of the
information collection request when
requesting documents or submitting
comments. Please note that comments
submitted by fax or email and those
submitted after the comment period will
not be accepted. Written requests for
information or comments submitted by
postal mail or delivery should be
addressed to the PRA Coordinator of the
Strategic Collections and Clearance
Governance and Strategy Division, U.S.
Department of Education, 400 Maryland
Ave. SW, LBJ, Room 6W208C,
Washington, DC 20202–8240.
: For
specific questions related to collection
activities, please contact Andrew
Abrams, 202–245–7500.
: The
Department of Education (ED), in
accordance with the Paperwork
Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA) (44 U.S.C.
3506(c)(2)(A)), provides the general
public and Federal agencies with an
opportunity to comment on proposed,
revised, and continuing collections of
information. This helps the Department
assess the impact of its information
collection requirements and minimize
the public’s reporting burden. It also
helps the public understand the
Department’s information collection
requirements and provide the requested
data in the desired format. ED is
soliciting comments on the proposed
information collection request (ICR) that
is described below. The Department of
Education is especially interested in
public comment addressing the
following issues: (1) Is this collection
necessary to the proper functions of the
Department; (2) will this information be
processed and used in a timely manner;
(3) is the estimate of burden accurate;
(4) how might the Department enhance
the quality, utility, and clarity of the
information to be collected; and (5) how
might the Department minimize the
burden of this collection on the
respondents, including through the use
of information technology. Please note
that written comments received in
response to this notice will be
considered public records.
Title of Collection: Evaluation of the
Implementation of the Statewide Family
Engagement Centers.
OMB Control Number: 1850–NEW.
Type of Review: A new information
Respondents/Affected Public: Private
Sector; State, Local, and Tribal
Total Estimated Number of Annual
Responses: 65.
Total Estimated Number of Annual
Burden Hours: 66.
Abstract: Despite the important role
family engagement may play in
children’s educational progress, families
below the poverty line are significantly
less likely than those at or above the
poverty line to be involved in their
child’s schooling. The Statewide Family
Engagement Centers (SFEC) is one of the
key U.S. Department of Education
programs designed to close this gap.
Funded for the first time in 2018, SFEC
builds on an earlier program and
provides grants to partnerships of
education organizations and their states.
The partners are expected to both
deliver services directly to families to
increase their engagement and to
provide technical assistance and
training to state, district, and school
staff to help them help families. This
study will describe the work of the first
12 grantees, focusing on the extent to
which certain program priorities are
being implemented. The results are
intended to help federal policy makers
refine the goals and objectives of the
SFEC program, as well as inform the
work of education organizations and
state and local education agencies
beyond the current grantees to improve
their work with families.
Dated: November 22, 2021.
Juliana Pearson,
PRA Coordinator, Strategic Collections and
Clearance, Governance and Strategy Division,
Office of Chief Data Officer, Office of
Planning, Evaluation and Policy
[FR Doc. 2021–25815 Filed 11–24–21; 8:45 am]
Sunshine Act Meetings
: U.S. Election Assistance
: Sunshine Act notice; notice of
public roundtable agenda.
: Election Official Security:
Response, Preparation & Available
: Wednesday, December 8, 2021,
12:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. Eastern.
: Virtual via Zoom.
The panel discussion is open to the
public and will be livestreamed on the
U.S. Election Assistance Commission
YouTube Channel: https://
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