Agency Information Collection Activities: Comment Request

CourtConsumer Financial Protection Bureau
Citation86 FR 71453
Published date16 December 2021
Record Number2021-27225
Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 239 / Thursday, December 16, 2021 / Notices
A request for renewal is received no
later than 60 days prior to the needed
renewal IHA effective date (recognizing
that the renewal IHA expiration date
cannot extend beyond one year from
expiration of the initial IHA).
The request for renewal must
include the following:
(1) An explanation that the activities
to be conducted under the requested
renewal IHA are identical to the
activities analyzed under the initial
IHA, are a subset of the activities, or
include changes so minor (e.g.,
reduction in pile size) that the changes
do not affect the previous analyses,
mitigation and monitoring
requirements, or take estimates (with
the exception of reducing the type or
amount of take).
(2) A preliminary monitoring report
showing the results of the required
monitoring to date and an explanation
showing that the monitoring results do
not indicate impacts of a scale or nature
not previously analyzed or authorized.
Upon review of the request for
renewal, the status of the affected
species or stocks, and any other
pertinent information, NMFS
determines that there are no more than
minor changes in the activities, the
mitigation and monitoring measures
will remain the same and appropriate,
and the findings in the initial IHA
remain valid.
Dated: December 13, 2021.
Kimberly Damon-Randall,
Director, Office of Protected Resources,
National Marine Fisheries Service.
[FR Doc. 2021–27272 Filed 12–15–21; 8:45 am]
Patent and Trademark Office
[Docket No. PTO–C–2021–0016]
New Implementation Date for Voluntary
Continuing Legal Education
: United States Patent and
Trademark Office, Department of
: Notice of delay in
implementation date.
: The United States Patent and
Trademark Office (USPTO or Office) is
delaying indefinitely the
implementation of the voluntary
continuing legal education (CLE)
certification. The USPTO anticipates
providing at least 120 days’ notice prior
to any implementation of the voluntary
CLE certification.
: Delay of Implementation Date:
The USPTO is delaying implementation
of the voluntary certification of CLE
: Will
Covey, Deputy General Counsel and
Director of the Office of Enrollment and
Discipline (OED), at 571–272–4097.
Please direct media inquiries to the
USPTO’s Office of the Chief
Communications Officer at 571–272–
: On August
3, 2020, the USPTO issued a final rule,
Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees
During Fiscal Year 2020, 85 FR 46932
(Aug. 3, 2020). Under this rule
registered patent practitioners and
individuals granted limited recognition
to practice before the USPTO in patent
matters would be permitted to
voluntarily certify to the OED Director
their completion of 6 credits of CLE in
the preceding 24 months (including 5
hours of CLE in patent law and practice
and 1 hour of CLE in ethics). 37 CFR
11.11(a)(3)(i). The 2020 final fee rule
also provided that the OED Director may
recognize practitioners who certify their
completion of CLE in the online register
of practitioners. 37 CFR 11.11(a)(1).
On October 9, 2020, the USPTO
published proposed CLE guidelines
with a request for comments in the
Federal Register, seeking public input
on those guidelines. 85 FR 64128. The
request for comments closed on January
7, 2021. The USPTO received 26
comments addressing both the proposed
CLE guidelines and the provisions of the
final patent fee rule that establish the
biennial electronic registration
On June 10, 2021, the USPTO issued
a Federal Register Notice announcing
that the voluntary CLE certification
would commence in the spring of 2022
but that implementation of the biennial
electronic registration statement would
be delayed until November 1, 2024. 86
FR 30920.
At this time, based on operational
priorities, implementation of the
voluntary CLE certification will be
delayed indefinitely. The expected
implementation date for the biennial
electronic registration statement
remains November 1, 2024.
The USPTO will provide at least 120
days’ notice prior to the implementation
of the voluntary CLE certification. In
addition, the USPTO will issue final
CLE guidelines and specific instructions
for making the certification prior to any
implementation date.
Andrew Hirshfeld,
Commissioner for Patents, Performing the
Functions and Duties of the Under Secretary
of Commerce for Intellectual Property and
Director of the United States Patent and
Trademark Office.
[FR Doc. 2021–27221 Filed 12–15–21; 8:45 am]
[Docket No. CFPB–2021–0021]
Agency Information Collection
Activities: Comment Request
: Bureau of Consumer Financial
: Notice and request for comment.
: In accordance with the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
(PRA), the Bureau of Consumer
Financial Protection (Bureau) is
requesting to renew the Office of
Management and Budget’s (OMB’s)
approval for an existing information
collection titled ‘‘Electronic Fund
Transfer Act (Regulation E).’’
: Written comments are
encouraged and must be received on or
before February 14, 2022 to be assured
of consideration.
: You may submit comments,
identified by the title of the information
collection, OMB Control Number (see
below), and docket number (see above),
by any of the following methods:
Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// Follow the
instructions for submitting comments.
Include Docket No. CFPB–2021–0021 in
the subject line of the email.
Mail/Hand Delivery/Courier:
Comment intake, Bureau of Consumer
Financial Protection (Attention: PRA
Office), 1700 G Street NW, Washington,
DC 20552. Please note that due to
circumstances associated with the
COVID–19 pandemic, the Bureau
discourages the submission of
comments by mail, hand delivery, or
courier. Please note that comments
submitted after the comment period will
not be accepted. In general, all
comments received will become public
records, including any personal
information provided. Sensitive
personal information, such as account
numbers or Social Security numbers,
should not be included.
Documentation prepared in support of
this information collection request is
VerDate Sep<11>2014 16:54 Dec 15, 2021 Jkt 256001 PO 00000 Frm 00037 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\16DEN1.SGM 16DEN1
khammond on DSKJM1Z7X2PROD with NOTICES
Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 239 / Thursday, December 16, 2021 / Notices
available at
Requests for additional information
should be directed to Anthony May,
Paperwork Reduction Act Officer, at
(202) 435–7278, or email: CFPB_PRA@ If you require this document
in an alternative electronic format,
please contact CFPB_Accessibility@ Please do not submit
comments to these email boxes.
Title of Collection: Electronic Fund
Transfer Act (Regulation E) 12 CFR
OMB Control Number: 3170–0014.
Type of Review: Extension of a
currently approved information
Affected Public: Businesses and other
for-profit institutions.
Estimated Number of Respondents:
Estimated Total Annual Burden
Hours: 3,353,592.
Abstract: The Electronic Fund
Transfer Act (EFTA), 15 U.S.C. 1693 et
seq., requires accurate disclosure of the
costs, terms, and rights relating to
electronic fund transfer (EFT) services
and remittance transfer services to
consumers. Entities offering EFT
services must provide consumers with
full and accurate information regarding
consumers’ rights and responsibilities in
connection with EFT services. These
disclosures are intended to protect the
rights of consumers using EFT services,
such as automated teller machine
(ATM) transfers, telephone bill-payment
services, point-of-sale transfers at retail
establishments, electronic check
conversion, payroll cards, and
preauthorized transfers from or to a
consumer’s account. EFTA also
establishes error resolution procedures
and limits consumer liability for
unauthorized transfers in connection
with EFT services. EFTA and Regulation
E impose disclosure and other
requirements on issuers and sellers of
gift cards, gift certificates, and general-
use prepaid cards. Further, EFTA and
Regulation E provide protections for
consumers in the United States who
send remittance transfers to persons in
a foreign country. It also provides
comprehensive protections for
consumers who use ‘‘prepaid accounts.’’
Tailored provisions governing
disclosures, limited liability, error
resolution, and periodic statements
added new requirements regarding the
posting of account agreements.
Additionally, Regulations E regulates
overdraft credit features offered in
connection with prepaid accounts.
Request for Comments: Comments are
invited on: (a) Whether the collection of
information is necessary for the proper
performance of the functions of the
Bureau, including whether the
information will have practical utility;
(b) The accuracy of the Bureau’s
estimate of the burden of the collection
of information, including the validity of
the methods and the assumptions used;
(c) Ways to enhance the quality, utility,
and clarity of the information to be
collected; and (d) Ways to minimize the
burden of the collection of information
on respondents, including through the
use of automated collection techniques
or other forms of information
technology. Comments submitted in
response to this notice will be
summarized and/or included in the
request for OMB approval. All
comments will become a matter of
public record.
Anthony May,
Paperwork Reduction Act Officer, Bureau of
Consumer Financial Protection.
[FR Doc. 2021–27225 Filed 12–15–21; 8:45 am]
Department of the Navy
Notice of Fiscal Year 2021
Performance Review Board
: Department of the Navy, DoD.
: Notice.
: The Department of the Navy
(DoN) announces the appointment of
members to the DoN Senior Executive
Service (SES), Senior Level (SL), and
Scientific and Professional (ST) Fiscal
Year 2021 Performance Review Board
(PRB). The purpose of the PRB is to
provide fair and impartial review of the
annual SES performance appraisal
prepared by the senior executive’s
immediate and second level supervisor;
to make recommendations to appointing
officials regarding acceptance or
modification of the performance rating;
and to make recommendations for
performance-based bonuses and
performance-based pay increases.
Danielle Dutton, Executive Management
Program Office, Office of Civilian
Human Resources at 703–697–0640 or
Composition of the specific PRB is
provided below:
Ms. Mary K Tompa
Mr. Frederick Stefany
Mr. Andrew Haeuptle
Mr. Scott Bray
Ms. Anne Sandel
Ms. Leslie Taylor
Ms. Giao Phan
Mr. Kurt Wendelken
Ms. Deline Reardon
Ms. Catherine Kessmeier
Dr. Michael Strobl (HLR)
Mr. Robert Hogue (Chair)
(Authority: 5 U.S.C. 4314(c)(4))
Dated: December 9, 2021.
J.M. Pike,
Commander, Judge Advocate General’s Corps,
U.S. Navy, Federal Register Liaison Officer.
[FR Doc. 2021–27214 Filed 12–15–21; 8:45 am]
Applications for New Awards; National
Resource Centers Program
: Office of Postsecondary
Education, Department of Education.
: Notice.
: The Department of Education
(Department) is issuing a notice inviting
applications for fiscal year (FY) 2022 for
the National Resource Centers (NRC)
Program, Assistance Listing Number
84.015A. This notice relates to the
approved information collection under
OMB control number 1840–0807.
Applications Available: December 16,
Deadline for Transmittal of
Applications: February 14, 2022.
Deadline for Intergovernmental
Review: April 15, 2022.
Pre-Application Webinar Information:
The Department held a pre-application
meeting via webinar for prospective
applicants on November 10, 2021. The
link for the webinar is located on the
International and Foreign Language
Education website at https://
applicant.html. Additionally, for new
potential grantees unfamiliar with
grantmaking at the Department, please
consult our funding basics resources at
: For the addresses for
obtaining and submitting an
application, please refer to our Common
Instructions for Applicants to
Department of Education Discretionary
Grant Programs, published in the
Federal Register on February 13, 2019
(84 FR 3768) and available at
Timothy Duvall, U.S. Department of
Education, International and Foreign
Language Education, 400 Maryland
VerDate Sep<11>2014 16:54 Dec 15, 2021 Jkt 256001 PO 00000 Frm 00038 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\16DEN1.SGM 16DEN1
khammond on DSKJM1Z7X2PROD with NOTICES

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