Agency Information Collection Activities: Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request

Published date10 August 2023
Record Number2023-17095
CourtSubstance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration
Federal Register, Volume 88 Issue 153 (Thursday, August 10, 2023)
[Federal Register Volume 88, Number 153 (Thursday, August 10, 2023)]
                [Pages 54343-54344]
                From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office []
                [FR Doc No: 2023-17095]
                Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
                Agency Information Collection Activities: Submission for OMB
                Review; Comment Request
                 In compliance with section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the Paperwork Reduction
                Act of 1995 concerning opportunity for public comment on proposed
                collections of information, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health
                Services Administration (SAMHSA) will publish periodic summaries of
                proposed projects. To request more information on the proposed projects
                or to obtain a copy of the information collection plans, call the
                SAMHSA Reports Clearance Officer at [email protected].
                 Comments are invited on: (a) whether the proposed collections of
                information are necessary for the proper performance of the functions
                of the agency, including whether the information shall have practical
                utility; (b) the accuracy of the agency's estimate of the burden of the
                proposed collection of information; (c) ways to enhance the quality,
                utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; and (d) ways
                to minimize the burden of the collection of information on respondents,
                including through the use of automated collection techniques or other
                forms of information technology.
                Project: SAMHSA Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative
                Research and Assessment
                 SAMHSA is requesting approval from the Office of Management and
                Budget (OMB) for their Generic clearance for purposes of conducting
                qualitative research. SAMHSA conducts qualitative research to gain a
                better understanding of emerging substance use and mental health policy
                issues, improve the development and quality of instruments, and to
                ensure SAMHSA leadership, centers and offices have recent data and
                information to inform program and policy decision-making. SAMHSA is
                requesting approval for at least four types of qualitative research:
                (a) interviews, (b) focus groups, (c) questionnaires, and (d) other
                qualitative methods.
                 SAMHSA is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human
                Services (HHS) that leads public health efforts to advance the
                behavioral health of the nation and to improve the lives of individuals
                living with mental and substance use disorders, and their families.
                It's mission is to lead public health and service delivery efforts that
                promote mental health, prevent substance misuse, and provide treatments
                and supports to foster recovery while ensuring equitable access and
                better outcomes. SAMHSA pursues this mission by providing grant funding
                opportunities and guidance to states and territories, as well as tribal
                and local communities; technical assistance to grantees and
                practitioners; publishing and sharing resources for individuals and
                family members seeking information on prevention, harm reduction,
                treatment and recovery; collecting, analyzing, and sharing behavioral
                health data; collaborating with other Federal agencies to evaluate
                programs and improve policies; and raising awareness of available
                resources through educational messaging campaigns and events. Integral
                to this role, SAMHSA conducts qualitative research and evaluation
                studies, develops policy analyses, and estimates the cost and benefits
                of policy alternatives for SAMHSA related programs.
                 Qualitative research and assessment are the main objectives of the
                activities included in this clearance. The goal of establishing the
                SAMHSA Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative Research and
                Assessment is to help public health officials, policymakers, community
                practitioners, and the public to understand mental health and substance
                use trends and how they are evolving; inform the development and
                implementation of targeted evidence-based interventions; focus
                resources where they are needed most; and evaluate the success of
                programs and policies. A key objective is to decrease the burden on
                stakeholders while expanding and improving data collection, analysis,
                evaluation, and dissemination. To achieve this objective, SAMHSA is
                streamlining and modernizing data collection efforts, while also
                coordinating evaluation across the agency to ensure funding and
                policies are data driven. Additionally, the agency is utilizing
                rigorous evaluation and analytical processes that are in alignment with
                the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018. SAMHSA,
                using robust methods to collect, analyze, and report valid, reliable,
                trustworthy, and protected data, is key to improving and impacting
                behavioral health treatment, prevention, and recovery for communities
                most in need. By using rigorous methods, and improving the quality and
                completeness of program data, data can be disaggregated across
                different population groups to assess disparities within the behavioral
                health care system. SAMHSA's vision will be accomplished by better
                leveraging optimal data to inform the agency's policies and programs.
                 The qualitative research participants will include grant
                recipients; policy experts; national, state, and local public health
                representatives; human service, and healthcare providers; and
                representatives of other health organizations. A variety of instruments
                and platforms will be used to collect information from respondents. The
                annual burden hours requested (15,000) are based on the number of
                collections we expect to conduct over the requested period for this
                clearance. The burden estimates were calculated based on the amount of
                IC submissions to the 0930-0393 Fast Track Generic Clearance for the
                Collection of Qualitative Feedback on the Substance Abuse and Mental
                Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Service Delivery that are
                ineligible for OMB approval under it. This Generic information
                collection will provide a viable replacement option. Internal
                assessments of projected IC submission over the next three years
                estimate the burden hours for this information collection to be
                [[Page 54344]]
                approximately half that of the 0930-0393 Fast Track Generic Clearance
                for the Collection of Qualitative Feedback on the Substance Abuse and
                Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Service Delivery.
                 Estimated Annualized Burden Table
                 Number of Average burden
                 Type of respondent Form Number of responses per hours per Total burden
                 respondents respondent response hours
                SAMHSA internal and external stakeholders....... Qualitative Research.............. 15,000 1 1 15,000
                 Send comments Carlos Graham, SAMHSA Reports Clearance Officer, 5600
                Fishers Lane, Room 15E57-B, Rockville, Maryland 20857, OR email a copy
                to [email protected]. Written comments should be received by
                October 10, 2023.
                Carlos Graham,
                Reports Clearance Officer.
                [FR Doc. 2023-17095 Filed 8-9-23; 8:45 am]
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