Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; Comment Request

Citation88 FR 56022
Published date17 August 2023
Record Number2023-17734
CourtCenters For Medicare & Medicaid Services,Health And Human Services Department
Federal Register / Vol. 88, No. 158 / Thursday, August 17, 2023 / Notices
City, Missouri 64198–0001. Comments
can also be sent electronically to
1. John M. DuBray, III, Columbus,
Nebraska; to acquire voting shares of
Clark Bancshares, Inc., and thereby
indirectly acquire voting shares of Bank
of Clarks, all of Clarks, Nebraska.
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
Michele Taylor Fennell,
Deputy Associate Secretary of the Board.
[FR Doc. 2023–17740 Filed 8–16–23; 8:45 am]
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
[Document Identifier: CMS–10592]
Agency Information Collection
Activities: Proposed Collection;
Comment Request
: Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services, Health and Human
Services (HHS).
: Notice.
: The Centers for Medicare &
Medicaid Services (CMS) is announcing
an opportunity for the public to
comment on CMS’ intention to collect
information from the public. Under the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (the
PRA), federal agencies are required to
publish notice in the Federal Register
concerning each proposed collection of
information (including each proposed
extension or reinstatement of an existing
collection of information) and to allow
60 days for public comment on the
proposed action. Interested persons are
invited to send comments regarding our
burden estimates or any other aspect of
this collection of information, including
the necessity and utility of the proposed
information collection for the proper
performance of the agency’s functions,
the accuracy of the estimated burden,
ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
clarity of the information to be
collected, and the use of automated
collection techniques or other forms of
information technology to minimize the
information collection burden.
: Comments must be received by
October 16, 2023.
: When commenting, please
reference the document identifier or
OMB control number. To be assured
consideration, comments and
recommendations must be submitted in
any one of the following ways:
1. Electronically. You may send your
comments electronically to http:// Follow the
instructions for ‘‘Comment or
Submission’’ or ‘‘More Search Options’’
to find the information collection
document(s) that are accepting
2. By regular mail. You may mail
written comments to the following
CMS, Office of Strategic Operations
and Regulatory Affairs, Division of
Regulations Development, Attention:
Document Identifier/OMB Control
Number:__, Room C4–26–05, 7500
Security Boulevard, Baltimore,
Maryland 21244–1850.
To obtain copies of a supporting
statement and any related forms for the
proposed collection(s) summarized in
this notice, please access the CMS PRA
website by copying and pasting the
following web address into your web
William N. Parham at (410) 786–4669.
This notice sets out a summary of the
use and burden associated with the
following information collections. More
detailed information can be found in
each collection’s supporting statement
and associated materials (see
CMS–10592 Establishment of
Exchanges and Qualified Health
Plans; Exchange Standards for
Under the PRA (44 U.S.C. 3501–
3520), federal agencies must obtain
approval from the Office of Management
and Budget (OMB) for each collection of
information they conduct or sponsor.
The term ‘‘collection of information’’ is
defined in 44 U.S.C. 3502(3) and 5 CFR
1320.3(c) and includes agency requests
or requirements that members of the
public submit reports, keep records, or
provide information to a third party.
Section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the PRA
requires federal agencies to publish a
60-day notice in the Federal Register
concerning each proposed collection of
information, including each proposed
extension or reinstatement of an existing
collection of information, before
submitting the collection to OMB for
approval. To comply with this
requirement, CMS is publishing this
Information Collection
1. Type of Information Collection
Request: Extension of a currently
collection; Title of Information
Collection: Establishment of Exchanges
and Qualified Health Plans; Exchange
Standards for Employers; Use: Section
1321(a) requires HHS to issue
regulations setting standards for meeting
the requirements under title I of the
Affordable Care Act including the
offering of Qualified Health Plans
(QHPs) through the Exchanges. On
March 27, 2012, HHS published the rule
CMS–9989–F: Establishment of
Exchanges and Qualified Health Plans;
Exchange Standards for Employers. The
Exchange rule contains provisions that
mandate reporting and data collections
necessary to ensure that health
insurance issuers are meeting the
requirements of the Affordable Care Act.
These information collection
requirements are set forth in 45 CFR
part 156.
The reporting requirements and data
collection in the Exchange rule address
minimum requirements that health
insurance issuers must meet in order to
comply with provisions in the
Affordable Care Act with respect to
participation in a State-based or the
Federally-facilitated Exchange (FFE).
Information collected by the
Exchanges or Medicaid and CHIP
agencies will be used to determine
eligibility for coverage through the
Exchange and insurance affordability
programs (i.e., Medicaid, CHIP, and
advance payment of the premium tax
credits); evaluate how CMS can best
communicate eligibility and enrollment
updates to issuers; and assist consumers
in enrolling in a QHP if eligible.
Applicants include anyone who may be
eligible for coverage through any of
these programs. Form Number: CMS–
10592 (OMB control number: 0938–
1341); Frequency: Annually; Affected
Public: Private Sector: Business or other
for-profits; Number of Respondents:
302; Number of Responses: 302; Total
Annual Hours: 148,584. (For policy
questions regarding this collection,
contact Anne Pesto at 410–786–3492.)
Dated: August 14, 2023.
William N. Parham, III,
Director, Paperwork Reduction Staff, Office
of Strategic Operations and Regulatory
[FR Doc. 2023–17734 Filed 8–16–23; 8:45 am]
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