Agency Information Collection Proposed Extension

CourtEnergy Department,Energy Information Administration
Citation88 FR 63098
Published date14 September 2023
Record Number2023-19929
Federal Register, Volume 88 Issue 177 (Thursday, September 14, 2023)
[Federal Register Volume 88, Number 177 (Thursday, September 14, 2023)]
                [Pages 63098-63099]
                From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office []
                [FR Doc No: 2023-19929]
                DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
                Energy Information Administration
                Agency Information Collection Proposed Extension
                AGENCY: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Department of
                Energy (DOE).
                ACTION: Notice and request for comments.
                SUMMARY: EIA invites public comment on the proposed three-year
                extension, with changes, to the Natural Gas Data Collection Program,
                OMB Control Number 1905-0175, as required under the Paperwork Reduction
                Act of 1995. The surveys covered by this request include; Form EIA-176,
                Annual Report of Natural and Supplemental Gas Supply and Disposition;
                Form EIA-191, Monthly Underground Natural Gas Storage Report; Form EIA-
                191L, Monthly Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Report; Form EIA-757,
                Natural Gas Processing Plant Survey; Form EIA-857, Monthly Report of
                Natural Gas Purchases and Deliveries to Consumers; Form EIA-910,
                Monthly Natural Gas Marketer Survey; and Form EIA-912, Weekly Natural
                Gas Storage Report. The Natural Gas Data Collection Program provides
                information on natural gas storage, supply, processing, distribution,
                consumption, and prices, by sector, within the United States.
                DATES: EIA must receive all comments on this proposed information
                collection no later than November 13, 2023. If you anticipate any
                difficulties in submitting your comments by the deadline, contact the
                email address listed in the ADDRESSES section of this notice as soon as
                ADDRESSES: Written comments may be sent to: [email protected] with
                the subject line ``Regarding EIA's Natural Gas Data Collection Package
                60-Day FRN.''
                FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If you need additional information,
                contact Michael Kopalek, U.S. Energy Information Administration,
                telephone (202) 586-4001, or by email at [email protected]. The
                forms and instructions are available on EIA's website at
                SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This information collection request
                 (1) OMB No.: 1905-0175.
                 (2) Information Collection Request Title: Natural Gas Data
                Collection Program.
                 (3) Type of Request: Three-year extension with changes.
                 (4) Purpose: The surveys included in the Natural Gas Data
                Collection Program collect information on natural gas underground
                storage, supply, processing, transmission, distribution, consumption by
                sector, and consumer prices. The data collected supports public policy
                analyses and produces estimates of the natural gas industry. The
                statistics generated from these surveys are published on EIA's website,
      , and are used in various EIA information products,
                including the Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (WNGSR), Natural Gas
                Monthly (NGM), Natural Gas Annual (NGA), Monthly Energy Review (MER),
                Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), and Annual Energy Outlook (AEO).
                 (4a) Proposed Changes to Information Collection:
                Form EIA-176, Annual Report of Natural and Supplemental Gas Supply and
                 Form EIA-176 collects data on natural, synthetic, and other
                supplemental gas supplies, their disposition, and certain revenues by
                state. During the previous collection package, EIA modified the survey
                instructions to include Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) producers who
                inject high-Btu RNG into an interstate pipeline, intra-state pipeline,
                or natural gas distribution company system. As such, EIA requests an
                increase in respondent count and burden to accommodate additions of new
                respondents to the survey frame.
                Form EIA-757, Natural Gas Processing Plant Survey
                 Form EIA-757 collects information on the capacity, status, and
                operations of natural gas processing plants, and monitors their
                constraints to natural gas supplies during catastrophic events, such as
                hurricanes. Schedule A of Form EIA-757 collects baseline operating and
                capacity information from all respondents on a triennial basis or less
                frequently. Schedule B is used on an emergency standby basis and is
                activated during natural disasters or other energy disruptive events.
                Schedule B collects data from a sample of respondents in the affected
                 EIA proposes to discontinue collection of Form EIA-757 Schedule A,
                and burden hours have been adjusted downward accordingly. As part of
                the Terms of Clearance of the package prior to this, EIA has
                investigated potential consolidation of the EIA-757 Schedule A survey
                with another, more frequent natural gas processing plant survey, the
                EIA-64A Survey (OMB number 1905-0057). As a result of this research,
                EIA proposes that the EIA-64A Survey will absorb several key data items
                from the EIA-757 Schedule A Survey in order to reduce overall
                respondent burden and eliminate duplicative data collection efforts.
                This resolves the prior Terms of Clearance.
                 EIA-757 Schedule B, which is a standby survey, is active in
                instances of a natural disaster or incident resulting in widespread
                closures of natural gas processing plants. However, since the agency
                has not elected to activate the survey at any point in the last six
                years (two clearance cycles), EIA is reducing the requested burden
                hours by 50% to allow an activation once every three years, rather than
                twice every three years.
                Form EIA-857, Monthly Report of Natural Gas Purchases and Deliveries to
                 Form EIA-857 collects data on the quantity and cost of natural gas
                delivered to distribution systems and the quantity and revenue of
                natural gas delivered to consumers by end-use sector, on a monthly
                basis by state. EIA is increasing the requested burden to accommodate
                increased sample coverage, parallel to the increased scope of the EIA-
                176, the universe from which this survey's sample is drawn.
                Form EIA-912, Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report
                 Form EIA-912 collects information on weekly inventories of natural
                gas in underground storage facilities. EIA is slightly decreasing the
                requested burden to more accurately reflect demonstrated sample sizes
                over the past six years.
                Forms EIA-191, Monthly Underground Natural Gas Storage Report, EIA-
                191L, Monthly Underground Natural Gas Storage Report, and EIA-910,
                Monthly Natural Gas Marketer Survey, Have No Changes
                 (5) Annual Estimated Number of Respondents: 3,045;
                 (6) Annual Estimated Number of Total Responses: 15,993;
                 (7) Annual Estimated Number of Burden Hours: 56,776;
                 (8) Annual Estimated Reporting and Recordkeeping Cost Burden:
                [[Page 63099]]
                (56,776 burden hours times $87.36 per hour.)
                 EIA estimates that respondents will have no additional costs
                associated with the surveys other than the burden hours and the
                maintenance of the information during the normal course of business.
                 Comments are invited on whether or not: (a) The proposed collection
                of information is necessary for the proper performance of agency
                functions, including whether the information will have a practical
                utility; (b) EIA's estimate of the burden of the proposed collection of
                information, including the validity of the methodology and assumptions
                used, is accurate; (c) EIA can improve the quality, utility, and
                clarity of the information it will collect; and (d) EIA can minimize
                the burden of the collection of information on respondents, such as
                automated collection techniques or other forms of information
                 Statutory Authority: 15 U.S.C. 772(b) and 42 U.S.C. 7101 et seq.
                 Signed in Washington, DC, on September 11, 2023.
                Samson A. Adeshiyan,
                Director, Office of Statistical Methods and Research, U.S. Energy
                Information Administration.
                [FR Doc. 2023-19929 Filed 9-13-23; 8:45 am]
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