Agenda and Notice of a Public Meeting of the Maine Advisory Committee

CourtCommission On Civil Rights
Citation86 FR 56886
Record Number2021-22256
Publication Date13 Oct 2021
Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 195 / Wednesday, October 13, 2021 / Notices
Agencies be certain that decent, safe,
and sanitary dwelling or other adequate
structures were being provided to rural
residents as required by the different
Estimate of Burden: RD is requesting
approval for one respondent and a one-
hour place holder in order for OMB to
issue a control number for these forms.
The burden for each of the forms will
be accounted for within the individual
Rural Development program collection
packages using the form(s).
Respondents: Individuals or private
entities; businesses or other for profit;
not-for profit; small businesses; Federal,
state, local or tribal governments;
institutions of higher education or other
research organizations and others.
Estimated Number of Responses per
Respondent per Form in Package:
Form No. Responses
1924–1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,
11, 19 and 25 ........................ 1
1924–13 .................................... 1.25
1924–18 .................................... 1.75
Comments from interested parties are
invited on: (1) Whether the proposed
collection of information is necessary
for the proper performance of the
functions of the agency, including
whether the information will have
practical utility; (2) the accuracy of the
agency’s estimate of the burden of the
proposed collection of information
including the validity of the
methodology and assumptions used; (3)
ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
clarity of the information to be
collected; and (4) ways to minimize the
burden of the collection of information
on those who are to respond, including
the use of appropriate automated,
electronic, mechanical, or other
technological collection techniques or
other forms of information technology.
All responses to this notice will be
summarized and included in the request
for OMB approval. All comments will
become a matter of public record.
Chadwick Parker,
Acting Administrator, Rural Housing Service.
[FR Doc. 2021–22215 Filed 10–12–21; 8:45 am]
Agenda and Notice of a Public Meeting
of the Maine Advisory Committee
: Commission on Civil Rights.
: Announcement of a public
: Notice is hereby given,
pursuant to the provisions of the rules
and regulations of the U.S. Commission
on Civil Rights (Commission), and the
Federal Advisory Committee Act
(FACA), that the Maine State Advisory
Committee to the Commission will hold
a virtual meeting on Thursday, October
14, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. (ET) for the
Committee to review and vote on a
statement of concern regarding the use
of General Assistance Funds.
: October 14, 2021, Thursday at
10:00 a.m. (ET).
To join by web conference: https://
To join by phone only, dial 1–800–
360–9505; Access code: 2764 156 5198#.
Barbara de La Viez at bdelaviez@ or by phone at (202) 539–
: These
meetings are available to the public
through the WebEx link above. If joining
only via phone, callers can expect to
incur charges for calls they initiate over
wireless lines, and the Commission will
not refund any incurred charges.
Individuals who are deaf, deafblind and
hard of hearing. may also follow the
proceedings by first calling the Federal
Relay Service at 1–800–877–8339 and
providing the Service with the call-in
number found through registering at the
web link provided for these meetings.
Members of the public are entitled to
make comments during the open period
at the end of the meetings. Members of
the public may also submit written
comments; the comments must be
received in the Regional Programs Unit
within 30 days following the meeting.
Written comments may be emailed to
Barbara de La Viez at bdelaviez@ Persons who desire
additional information may contact the
Regional Programs Unit at (202) 539–
8246. Records and documents discussed
during the meetings will be available for
public viewing as they become available
at Persons
interested in the work of this advisory
committee are advised to go to the
Commission’s website,,
or to contact the Regional Programs Unit
at the above phone number or email
Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 10:00
a.m. (ET)
I. Roll Call
II. Review and Vote on Statement of
III. Open Comment
IV. Adjourn
Dated: October 7, 2021.
David Mussatt,
Supervisory Chief, Regional Programs Unit.
[FR Doc. 2021–22256 Filed 10–12–21; 8:45 am]
Economic Development Administration
Notice of Petitions by Firms for
Determination of Eligibility To Apply
for Trade Adjustment Assistance
: Economic Development
Administration, Department of
: Notice and opportunity for
public comment.
: The Economic Development
Administration (EDA) has received
petitions for certification of eligibility to
apply for Trade Adjustment Assistance
from the firms listed below.
Accordingly, EDA has initiated
investigations to determine whether
increased imports into the United States
of articles like or directly competitive
with those produced by each of the
firms contributed importantly to the
total or partial separation of the firms’
workers, or threat thereof, and to a
decrease in sales or production of each
petitioning firm.
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