American Workforce Policy Advisory Board; Meeting

Federal Register / Vol. 84, No. 216 / Thursday, November 7, 2019 / Notices
Marketing Service’s (AMS) intention to
request approval, from the Office of
Management and Budget, for an
extension and revision of the currently
approved information collection for
Tobacco Report (OMB No. 0581–0004).
: Comments received by January 6,
2020 will be considered.
: Written comments may be
submitted to the addresses specified
below. All comments will be made
available to the public. Please do not
include personally identifiable
information (such as name, address, or
other contact information) or
confidential business information that
you do not want publically disclosed.
All comments may be posted on the
internet and can be retrieved by most
internet search engines. Comments may
be submitted anonymously.
Comments, identified by AMS–CN–
19–0086, may be submitted
electronically through the Federal
eRulemaking Portal at http:// Please follow the
instructions for submitting comments.
In addition, comments may be
submitted by mail or hand delivery to
Cotton Research and Promotion, Cotton
and Tobacco Program, AMS, USDA, 100
Riverside Parkway, Suite 101,
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406.
Comments should be submitted in
triplicate. All comments received will
be made available for public inspection
at Cotton and Tobacco Program, AMS,
USDA, 100 Riverside Parkway, Suite
101, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406. A
copy of this document may be found at:
Shethir M. Riva, Director, Research and
Promotion, Cotton and Tobacco
Program, AMS, USDA, 100 Riverside
Parkway, Suite 101, Fredericksburg,
Virginia, 22406, telephone (540) 361–
2726, facsimile (540) 361–1199, or email
Title: Tobacco Report.
OMB Number: 0581–0004.
Expiration Date of Approval: March
31, 2020.
Type of Request: Extension of a
Currently Approved Information
Abstract: The Tobacco Statistics Act
of 1929 (7 U.S.C. 501–508) provides for
the collection and publication of
tobacco statistics by USDA with regard
to quantities of leaf tobacco in all forms
in the United States and Puerto Rico,
owned by or in the possession of
dealers, manufacturers, and others, with
the exception of the original growers of
the tobacco.
Inventory information about different
tobacco products is reported on a
quarterly basis, as of January 1, April 1,
July 1, and October 1 of each year, and
is due within 15 days of those dates.
The information furnished under the
provisions of this Act is used only for
the statistical purposes for which it is
supplied. No publication shall be made
by USDA whereby the data furnished by
any particular establishment can be
identified, nor shall anyone other than
the sworn employees of USDA be
allowed to examine the individual
The regulations governing the
Tobacco Stocks and Standards Act (7
CFR part 30) issued under the Tobacco
Statistics Act (7 U.S.C. 501–508)
specifically address the reporting
requirements. Tobacco in leaf form or
stems is reported by types of tobacco
and whether it is stemmed or
unstemmed. Tobacco in sheet form is
segregated as to whether it is to be used
for cigar wrappers, cigar binders, for
cigarettes, or for other products.
Tobacco stocks reporting is
mandatory. The basic purpose of the
information collection is to ascertain the
total supply of unmanufactured tobacco
available to domestic manufacturers and
to calculate the amount consumed in
manufactured tobacco products.
The Quarterly Report of Manufacture
and Sales of Snuff, Smoking and
Chewing Tobacco is voluntary.
Information on the manufacture and
sale of snuff, smoking and chewing
tobacco products is available from
Treasury Department publications based
on the collection of taxes, but not in the
detail desired by the industry. All major
tobacco manufacturers agreed to furnish
information to AMS for this report.
The Agricultural Marketing Act of
1946 (7 U.S.C. 1621–1627) directs and
authorizes USDA to collect, tabulate and
disseminate statistics on marketing
agricultural products including market
supplies, storage stocks, quantity,
quality, condition of such products in
various positions in the marketing
channel, utilization of sub-products,
shipments, and unloads.
Estimate of Burden: Public reporting
burden for this collection of information
is estimated to average 0.88 hours per
Respondents: Primarily tobacco
dealers and manufacturers, including
small businesses or organizations.
Estimated Number of Respondents:
Estimated Total Annual Responses:
Estimated Number of Responses per
Respondent: 4.
Estimated Total Annual Burden on
Respondents: 166.
Comments are invited on: (1) Whether
the proposed collection of information
is necessary for the proper performance
of the functions of the agency, including
whether the information will have
practical utility; (2) the accuracy of the
agency’s estimate of the burden of the
proposed collection of information,
including the validity of the
methodology and assumptions used; (3)
ways to enhance the quality, utility, and
clarity of the information to be
collected; and (4) ways to minimize the
burden of the collection of information
on those who are to respond, including
the use of appropriate automated,
electronic, mechanical, or other
technological collection techniques or
other forms of information technology.
Comments may be sent to Shethir M.
Riva, Director, Research and Promotion,
Cotton and Tobacco Program, AMS,
USDA, 100 Riverside Parkway, Suite
101, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406,
telephone (540) 361–2726, facsimile
(540) 361–1199, or email at
All responses to this notice will be
summarized and included in the request
for OMB approval. All comments will
become a matter of public record.
Dated: November 1, 2019.
Bruce Summers,
[FR Doc. 2019–24249 Filed 11–6–19; 8:45 am]
Office of the Under Secretary for
Economic Affairs
RIN 0691–XC108
American Workforce Policy Advisory
Board; Meeting
: Office of the Under Secretary
for Economic Affairs, Department of
: Notice of public meeting.
: The Office of the Under
Secretary for Economic Affairs
announces the fourth meeting of the
American Workforce Policy Advisory
Board (Advisory Board). Discussions of
the Advisory Board will include its
progress toward achieving the goals set
at its inaugural meeting on March 6,
2019, as well as other Advisory Board
matters. The meeting will take place in
Indianapolis, IN on December 5, 2019.
: The Advisory Board will meet on
December 5, 2019; the meeting will
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Federal Register / Vol. 84, No. 216 / Thursday, November 7, 2019 / Notices
begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at
approximately 12:00 p.m. (EST).
: The meeting will be held at
the Indiana Women’s Prison, 2596 N
Girls School Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46214.
The meeting is open to the public via
audio conference technology. Audio
instructions will be prominently posted
on the Advisory Board homepage at:
policy-advisory-board. Please note: The
Advisory Board website will maintain
the most current information on the
meeting agenda, schedule, and location.
These items may be updated without
further notice in the Federal Register.
The public may also submit
statements or questions via the Advisory
Board email address, American
WorkforcePolicyAdvisoryBoard@ (please use the subject line
‘‘December 2019 Advisory Board
Meeting Public Comment’’), or by letter
to Sabrina Montes, c/o Office of Under
Secretary for Economic Affairs,
Department of Commerce, 1401
Constitution Avenue NW, Washington,
DC 20230. If you wish the Advisory
Board to consider your statement or
question during the meeting, we must
receive your written statement or
question no later than 5 p.m. (EST) four
business days prior to the meeting. We
will provide all statements or questions
received after the deadline to the
members; however, they may not
consider them during the meeting.
Sabrina Montes, c/o Office of Under
Secretary for Economic Affairs,
Department of Commerce, 1401
Constitution Avenue NW, Washington,
DC 20230, (301) 278–9268, or
: The
Secretary of Commerce and the Advisor
to the President overseeing the Office of
Economic Initiatives serve as the co-
chairs of the Advisory Board. In
addition to the co-chairs, the Advisory
Board comprises 25 members that
represent various sectors of the
economy. The Board advises the
National Council for the American
The December meeting will include
updates on implementation of
recommendations from the September
meeting and discussions of new
recommendations under each of the four
main goals of the Advisory Board:
Develop a Campaign to Promote
Multiple Pathways to Career Success.
Companies, workers, parents, and
policymakers have traditionally
assumed that a university degree is the
best, or only, path to a middle-class
career. Employers and job seekers
should be aware of multiple career
pathways and skill development
opportunities outside of traditional 4-
year degrees.
Increase Data Transparency to
Better Match American Workers with
American Jobs. High-quality,
transparent, and timely data can
significantly improve the ability of
employers, students, job seekers,
education providers, and policymakers
to make informed choices about
education and employment—especially
for matching education and training
programs to in-demand jobs and the
skills needed to fill them.
Modernize Candidate Recruitment
and Training Practices. Employers often
struggle to fill job vacancies, yet their
hiring practices may actually reduce the
pool of qualified job applicants. To
acquire a talented workforce, employers
must better identify the skills needed for
specific jobs and communicate those
needs to education providers, job
seekers, and students.
Measure and Encourage Employer-
led Training Investments. The size,
scope, and impacts of education and
skills training investments are still not
fully understood. There is a lack of
consistent data on company balance
sheets and in federal statistics. Business
and policy makers need to know how
much is spent on training, the types of
workers receiving training, and the long-
term value of the money and time spent
in classroom and on-the-job training.
Sabrina L. Montes,
Designated Federal Official, American
Workforce Policy Advisory Board, Bureau of
Economic Analysis.
[FR Doc. 2019–24282 Filed 11–6–19; 8:45 am]
Economic Development Administration
Notice of Petitions by Firms for
Determination of Eligibility To Apply
for Trade Adjustment Assistance
: Economic Development
Administration, U.S. Department of
: Notice and opportunity for
public comment.
: The Economic Development
Administration (EDA) has received
petitions for certification of eligibility to
apply for Trade Adjustment Assistance
from the firms listed below.
Accordingly, EDA has initiated
investigations to determine whether
increased imports into the United States
of articles like or directly competitive
with those produced by each of the
firms contributed importantly to the
total or partial separation of the firms’
workers, or threat thereof, and to a
decrease in sales or production of each
petitioning firm.
10/17/2019 through 10/28/2019
Firm name Firm address Date accepted for
investigation Product(s)
Pacific Wire Group, Inc .......................... 2201 R Street NW, Auburn, WA
98001. 10/25/2019 The firm manufactures wire products,
primarily of steel wire.
Hillside Custom Machining, Welding &
Fabrication, LLC. 130 Morgan Way, Morgantown, PA
19543. 10/28/2019 The firm manufactures machinery that
produces cartons for packaging
goods. The firm also manufactures
metal parts.
SI Systems, LLC .................................... 101 Larry Holmes Drive, Easton, PA
18042. 10/28/2019 The firm manufacturers equipment for
handling and conveying goods and
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