Antidumping and countervailing duties: Administrative review requests,


[Federal Register: July 3, 2006 (Volume 71, Number 127)]


[Page 37892-37901]

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International Trade Administration

Initiation of Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Administrative Reviews

AGENCY: Import Administration, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce.

ACTION: Notice of initiation of antidumping and countervailing duty administrative reviews.

SUMMARY: The Department of Commerce (``the Department'') has received requests to conduct administrative reviews of various antidumping and countervailing duty orders and findings with May anniversary dates. In accordance with the Department's regulations, we are initiating those administrative reviews.

DATES: Effective Date: July 3, 2006.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Sheila E. Forbes, Office of AD/CVD Operations, Office 4, Import Administration, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230, telephone: (202) 482- 4697.



The Department has received timely requests, in accordance with 19 CFR 351.213(b), for administrative reviews of various antidumping and countervailing duty orders and findings with May anniversary dates.

Initiation of Reviews

In accordance with 19 CFR 351.221(c)(1)(i), we are initiating administrative reviews of the following antidumping and countervailing duty orders and findings. We intend to issue the final results of these reviews not later than May 31, 2007.

Period to be reviewed

Antidumping Duty Proceedings

Belgium: Stainless Steel Plate in Coils, A-423-808... 5/1/05-4/30/06

Ugine & ALZ Belgium Canada: Certain Softwood Lumber \1\, A-122-838....... 5/1/05-4/30/06

465016 BC Ltd. (aka 465016 Ltd.)

582912 BC Ltd. (dba Paragon Wood Products Lumby)

582912 BC Ltd. (dba Paragon Wood-Lumby Div.)

Abitibi-Consolidated Company of Canada

Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.

Abitibi-LP Engineered Wood II Inc.

Abitibi-LP Engineered Wood Inc.

AJ Forest Products Ltd.

Alberta Spruce Industries, Ltd.

Alexandre Cote Ltee.

Allmac Lumber Sales Ltd.

Allmar International

Alpa Lumber Mills Inc.

Alpine Forest Trading Inc.

American Bayridge Corporation

Anderson Pacific Forest Products Ltd.

Apollo Forest Products Ltd.

Aquila Cedar Products Ltd.

Arbec Forest Products Inc.

Arbutus Manufacturing Ltd.

Armand Duhamel & Fils Inc.

Aspen Planers Ltd.

Atco Lumber Ltd.

Atikokan Forest Products Ltd.

Atlantic Warehousing Ltd.

Atlas Lumber Alberta Ltd.

[[Page 37893]]

AWL Forest Products

B & L Forest Products Ltd.

Bakerview Forest Products Inc.

Bardeaux et Cedres St-Honore Inc.

Barette-Chapais Ltee.

Barrett Lumber Company (Barrett Lumber Company Limited)

Barry Maedel Woods & Timber

Bathurst Lumber

Bathurst Lumber, Division of UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc.

Bayside Reman Services, Ltd.

Beaubois Coaticook Inc.

Bel Air Forest Products Inc.

Bel Air Lumber Mills, Inc.

Bermorg LLC

Bishop Lumber Co. Ltd.

Blackville Lumber

Blackville Lumber, Division of UPM Miramichi

Blackville Lumber, Division of UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc.

Blanchette et Blanchette Inc. (Blanchette & Blanchette Inc.)

Bois Bonsai Inc.

Bois BSL Inc.

Bois Cobodex (1995) Inc.

Bois De L'est FB Inc.

Bois d'oeuvre Cedrico inc. (Cedrico Lumber Inc.)

Bois Fontaine Inc.

Bois Granval G.D.S. Inc.

Bois Kheops Inc.

Bois Marsoui G.D.S. Inc.

Bois Neos Inc.

Bois Nor Que Wood Inc.

Bois Omega Ltee.

Boisaco Inc.

Bonnyman & Byers Limited (Bonnyman & Byers Ltd.)

Boscus Canada Inc.

Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.

Bowater Canadian Forest Products Incorporated

Bowater Incorporated

Bridgeside Forest Industries Ltd. (Bridgeside Higa Forest Industries, Ltd.)

Brink Forest Products Ltd.

Brittania Lumber Company Limited

Brown & Rutherford Co. Ltd.

Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc. (Brunswick Valley Lumber)

Buchanan Distribution Inc.

Buchanan Forest Products Ltd.

Buchanan Lumber

Buchanan Lumber Sales Inc.

Buchanan Northern Hardwoods Inc.

Burrows Lumber Inc.

Burrows Lumber (US) Inc.

Busque & Laflamme Inc.

BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd.

Byrnexco Inc.

C & C Lath Mill Ltd.

C&C Wood Products Ltd.

C.E. Harrison & Sons Limited (C. Ernest Harrison & Sons Ltd.)

Caledonia Forest Products Ltd.

Cambie Cedar Products Ltd.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Uneeda Wood Products Division

Canadian Lumber Company Ltd.

Canadian Overseas Log & Lumber, Ltd.

Canasia Forest Industries Ltd

Canfor Corporation

Canfor Uneeda/Uneeda Wood Products

Canfor Wood Products Marketing Ltd.

CanWel Building Materials Ltd.

Canyon Lumber Company Ltd.

Cardinal Lumber Manufacturing and Sales Inc.

Careau Bois Inc.

Carrier & Begin Inc.

Carrier Forest Products Ltd.

Carrier Lumber Ltd.

Carson Lake Lumber Limited

[[Page 37894]]

Cascadia Forest Products Ltd.

Cattermole Timber

CDS Lumber Products Ltd.

Cedartone Specialties Ltd.

Central Cedar Ltd.

Centurion Lumber Manufacturing (1983) Ltd.

Chaleur Sawmills Associes (Chaleur Sawmills, Chaleur Sawmills Associates, Scierie Chaleur Associes)

Chasyn Wood Technologies Inc.

Cheslatta Forest Products Ltd.

Chipman Sawmill Inc.

Choicewood Products Inc.

City Lumber Sales & Services Limited

Clair Industrial Development Corp. Ltd.

Claude Forget Inc.

Clermond Hamel Ltee.

Clotures Rustiques L.g. Inc.

Coast Clear Wood Ltd.

Colonial Fence MFG. Ltd. (Colonial Fence Mfg. Ltd.)

Comeau Lumber Ltd. (Comeau Lumber Limited)

Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd. (dba Bois Clo-Val, Les Entreprises Atlas, and W.C. Edwards Lumber)

Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd.

Cottle's Island Lumber Co. Ltd. (Cottles Island Lumber Company Limited)

Coulsen Manufacturing Ltd.

Cowichan Lumber Ltd.

Crystal Forest Industries Ltd.

Cushman Lumber Company Inc.

Cushman Lumber Company Ltd.

D.S. Lumber Sales Ltd.

Daaquam Lumber Inc. (aka Bois Daaquam Inc.)

Dakeryn Industries Ltd.

Davron Forest Products Ltd.

Deep Cove Forest Products

Deep Cove Lumber

Delco Forest Products Ltd.

Delta Cedar Products

Delta Pacific Lumber Sales, Inc.

Deniso Lebel Inc.

Devon Lumber Co. Ltd.

Doman Forest Products Limited

Doman Industries Limited

Doman-western Lumber Ltd.

Domexport, Inc.

Domino Forest Products Inc.

Domtar Inc.

Doubletree Forest Products Company Ltd.

Downie Timber Ltd.

Dubreuil Forest Products Limited

Dunkley Lumber Ltd.

E. Stirling Wood Products Ltd.

E. Tremblay et fils ltee. (aka Scierie Tremblay)

Eacan Timber Canada Ltd.

Eacan Timber Ltd. (Eacan Timber Limited)

Eacan Timber USA Ltd.

East Fraser Fiber Co., Ltd.

Eastwood Forest Products Inc.

Ed Bobcel Lumber 1993 Ltd.

Edwin Blaikie Lumber Ltd.

Elmira Wood Products

Elmsdale Lumber Co., Ltd. (Elmsdale Lumber Company)

ER Probyn Export Ltd.

Errington Cedar Products Ltd.

Excel Forest Products

F W Taylor Lumber Company

F.L. Bodogh Lumber Co. Ltd.

Falcon Lumber Limited

Faulkener Wood Specialties Ltd.

Fawcett Lumber Co.

Fawcett Quality Lumber Products

Federated Co-operatives Limited

Felix Wood Products of Canada

Fenclo Ltee.

Finmac Lumber Limited

Fletcher Lumber

[[Page 37895]]

Fontaine Inc. (dba J.A. Fontaine et fils Incorporee)

Foothills Forest Products Inc.

Forest Products Northwest, Inc.

Forex Log & Lumber, Ltd.

Fort St. James Forest Products Ltd.

Forwest Wood Specialties Inc.

Forwood Forest Products Inc.

FPS Canada Inc.

Fraser Pacific Forest Products Inc.

Fraser Pacific Lumber Company

Fraser Papers Inc.

Fraser Plaster Rock

Fraser Pulp Chips Ltd.

Fraser Timber Limited

Fraserview Cedar Products Ltd.

Fraserwood Industries Ltd.

G.A. Grier (1991) Inc. (G.A. Grier 1991 Inc.)

G.A.G. Sales, Inc. (G.A.G. Sales Inc.)

G.D.S. Valoribois Inc.

G.L. Sawmill Ltd.

Galloway Lumber Co. Ltd.

Gerard Crete & Fils Inc. (aka Gerard Crete & Sons Inc.)

Gestion Natanis Inc.

Gestion S. Crete Inc.

Gestofor, Inc.

Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.

Goldwood Industries Ltd.

Goodfellow Inc.

Gordon Buchanan Enterprises Ltd.

Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.

Great Lakes MSR Lumber Ltd.

Great West Timber Limited

Greenwood Forest Products (1983) Ltd.

Groupe Lebel (2004) Inc.

H.A. Fawcett & Son Limited

H.J. Crabbe & Sons Ltd.

H.S. Bartram (1984) LTD

Haida Forest Products Ltd.

Hainesville Sawmill Ltd.

Halo Sawmill Limited Partnership

Halo Sawmills

Hanson's Sawmill

Harry Freeman & Son Limited (Harry Freeman and Son Limited, Harry Freeman & Son Ltd., Harry Freeman & Sons Ltd.)

Hawk Brothers Lumber Co., Ltd.

Hefler Forest Products Ltd.

Herridge Trucking & Sawmilling Ltd.

Hi-Knoll Cedar Inc.

Hilmoe Forest Products Ltd.

Holdright Lumber Products Limited

Howe Sound Forest Products (2005) Ltd.

Hudson Mitchell & Sons Lumber Inc.

Hughes Lumber Specialties Inc.

Hy Mark Wood Products Inc.

Hyak Specialty Wood Products Ltd.

Industrie Bois Lamontagne Inc.

Industries G.D.S. Inc.

Industries P.F. Inc.

Industries Perron Inc.

International Forest Products Ltd.

International Forest Products Ltd. (Interfor), MacKenzie Sezai Division

Interpac Log & Lumber Ltd.

Iron Mountain Trading Inc.

Ivor Forest Products Ltd.

J&G Log and Lumber Ltd.

J&G Log Works Ltd.

J.A. Turner & Sons (1987) Limited (J.A. Turner & Sons (1987) Ltd.)

J.D. Irving, Limited

J.H. Huscroft Ltd.

J.S. Jones Timber

Jackpine Engineered Wood Products

Jackpine Forest Products Ltd.

Jackpine Group of Companies

[[Page 37896]]

Jamestown Lumber Company Limited (Jamestown Lumber Company Ltd., Jamestown Lumber Co. Ltd.)

Jasco Forest Products Ltd.

Jeffrey Hanson

John W. Jamer Ltd.

JR Remanufacturing Inc.

Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.

Kebois Limited (Kebois Ltee)

Kenora Forest Products Ltd.

Kenwood Lumber Ltd.

Kermode Forest Products Ltd.

Kispiox Forest Products Ltd.

Kitwanga Lumber Company

Kitwanga Mills Ltd

Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd.

KP Wood Ltd.

Kruger, Inc.

Krystal Klear Marketing Inc.

L&M Lumber Ltd.

La Crete Sawmills Ltd.

Lafontaine Lumber Inc.

Lakeland Mills Ltd.

Lakeside Timber Ltd.

Lamco Forest Products

Landmark Truss & Lumber Inc.

Langevin Forest Products, Inc.

Langley Timber Ltd

Lattes Waska Laths Inc.

Lawsons Lumber Company Ltd.

Lecours Lumber Co. Limited

Ledwidge Lumber Co., Ltd.

Leggett & Platt (B.C.) Ltd.

Leggett & Platt Canada Co.

Leggett & Platt Ltd.

Leggett & Platt, Inc.


Leonard Ellen Canada (1991) Inc.

Les Bois d'Oeuvre Beaudoin & Gauthier

Les Bois Indifor Lumber Inc.

Les Bois K-7 Lumber Inc.

Les Bois Lac Frontiere Inc.

Les Bois S&P Grondin Inc. (aka Les Bois Grondin Inc.)

Les Chantiers Chibougamau Ltee

Les Pallettes BB Inc. (aka B.B. Pallets Inc.)

Les Placements Jean-paul Fontaine Ltee

Les Produits Forestiers D.G. Ltee

Les produits forestiers Dube inc. (Dube Forest Products)

Les Produits Forestiers F.B.M. Inc.

Les Produits Forestiers Miradas Inc. (aka Miradas Forest Products Inc.)

Les Scieries du Lac St-Jean Inc.

Les Scieries J. Lavoie Inc.

Leslie Forest Products Ltd.

Ligni Bel Ltd.

Lignum Ltd.

Lindal Cedar Homes Company

Lindsay Lumber Ltd.

Liskeard Lumber Limited

Long Lake Forest Products Inc.

Long Lake Forest Products Inc. (Nakina Division)

Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.

Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Lulumco inc.

LumberPlus Industries Inc.

Lyle Forest Products Ltd.

M & G Higgins Lumber Ltd.

M.L. Wilkins & Son Ltd. (M.L. Wilkins and Son Ltd.)

MacTara Limited

Maedel Wood & Timber Sales (div. of T.S.P. Systems Ltd.)

Maher Forest Products, Ltd.

Maibec Industries Inc. (aka Industries Maibec Inc.)

Mainland Sawmill

Mainland Sawmill (Division of Terminal Forest Products)

Manitou Forest Products Ltd.

Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd.

[[Page 37897]]

Maple Creek Saw Mills Inc.

Marcel Lauzon Inc.

Marine Way Industries Inc.

Marwood Ltd.

Marwood Ltd.--Central Blissville

Materiaux Blanchet Inc.

Max Meilleur et fils ltee

McKenzie Forest Products Inc.

MDFP Sales

MF Bernard Inc.

Mid America Lumber

Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.

Midway Lumber Mills Ltd.

Mill & Timber Products Ltd.

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

Millco Wood Products Ltd.

Miramichi Lumber Products

Mirax Lumber Products Ltd.

Mobilier Rustique (Beauce) Inc.

Monterra Lumber Mills Limited

Mountain View Specialties

Mountain View Specialty Products Inc.

MPH Forest Products Ltd.

Murray Bros. Lumber Company Limited

N.F. Douglas Lumber Ltd. (N.F. Douglas Lumber Limited)

Nechako Lumber Co., Ltd.

Newcastle Lumber Co., Inc.

Nexfor Inc.

Nicholson and Cates Limited

Nickel Lake Lumber

Noble Custom Cut Ltd.

Norbord Industries Inc.

NorSask Forest Products Inc

North American Forest Products Ltd.

North American Forest Products Ltd. (Belanger Division)

North American Hardwoods Ltd.

North Atlantic Lumber Inc.

North Enderby Distribution Ltd.

North Enderby Timber Ltd.

North Mitchell Lumber Company Ltd.

North of 50

North Shore Timber Ltd.

North Star Wholesale Lumber Ltd.

Northern Sawmills Inc.

Northland Forest Products Ltd.

Northwest Specialty Lumber

Olav Haavaldsrud Timber Company Limited

Olympic Industries Inc.

Optibois Inc.

Oregon Canadian Forest Products

P. Proulx Forest Products Inc. (aka Proulx, Proulx Forest Products Inc., and Produits Forestiers P. Proulx Inc.)

Pacific Coast Timber Inc.

Pacific Lumber Company

Pacific Lumber Remanufacturing Inc.

Pacific Specialty Wood Products Ltd. (Clearwood Industries Inc.)

Pallan Timber Products (2000) Ltd.

Pallan Timber Products Ltd.

Palliser Lumber Sales Ltd.

Parallel Wood Products, Ltd.

Pat Power Forest Products Corporation

Patrick Lumber Company

Paul Vallee Inc.

Peak Forest Products Ltd.

Pharlap Forest Products Inc.

Phoenix Forest Products Inc.

Pope & Talbot Inc. (and its wholly owned subsidiary Pope & Talbot Ltd.)

Porcupine Wood Products Ltd.

Port Moody Timber Ltd.

Portbec Forest Products Ltd. (aka Les Produits Forestiers Portbec Ltee.)

Power Wood Corp.

Precibois Inc.

Preparabois Inc.

Produits Forestiers Berscifor Inc.

[[Page 37898]]

Produits Forestiers La Tuque Inc.

Produits Forestiers Petit-Paris Inc.

Produits Forestiers Saguenay Inc.

PRO-Lumber Inc. (Pro-Lumber Inc., Pro Lumber Inc.)

Promobois G.D.S. Inc.

Prudential Forest Products Limited

Quadra Wood Products Ltd.

R. Fryer Forest Products Limited

Raintree Lumber Specialties Ltd.

Ratcliff Forest Products Inc.

Redtree Cedar Products Ltd.

Redwood Value Added Products, Inc.

Rembos Inc.

Rene Bernard Inc.

RichWood Trading Ltd.

Ridge Cedar Ltd.



Ridgewood Forest Products Limited

Rielly Industrial Lumber Inc.

Riverside Forest Products Ltd.

Riverside Marketing and Sales

Rojac Cedar Products Inc.

Rojac Enterprises Inc.

Roland Boulanger & Cie Ltee

Russell White Lumber Limited

S&R Sawmills Ltd.

Salmon Arm

Saran Cedar

Sauder Industries Limited

Sauder Industries Ltd.--Cowichan Division

Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.

Scierie A&M St-Pierre Inc.

Scierie Adrien Arseneault Ltee.

Scierie Alexandre Lemay et fils inc.

Scierie Dion et fils Inc.

Scierie Duhamel Sawmill Inc.

Scierie Gallichan

Scierie Gauthier Ltee

Scierie La Patrie, Inc.

Scierie Landrienne, Inc.

Scierie Lapointe & Roy Ltee

Scierie Leduc, Division of Stadacona L.P.

Scierie Leduc, Division of Stadaconia Inc.

Scierie Norbois Inc.

Scierie Nord-Sud (North-South Sawmill Inc.)

Scierie St-Elzear Inc.

Scierie Tech

Scierie West Brome Inc.

Scieries du Lac St. Jean Inc.

Seed Timber Co. Ltd.

Selkirk Specialty Wood Ltd.

Sexton Lumber Co. Limited

Seycove Forest Products Limited

Seymour Creek Cedar Products Ltd.

Shawood Lumber Inc.

Sigurdson Bros. Logging Company Ltd. (aka Sigurdson Brothers Logging Company Ltd.)

Silvermere Forest Products Inc.

Sinclar Enterprises Ltd.

Skagit Industries

Skaha Forest Products Ltd.

Skana Forest Products Ltd.

Slocan Forest Products Ltd.

Societe en Commandite Scierie Opitciwan

Solid Wood Products Inc.

South Beach Trading Inc.

South-East Forest Products Ltd.

Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd.

Spray Lake Sawmills Ltd.

Springer Creek Forest Products Ltd.

Spruce Forest Products Ltd.

Spruce Products

Spruceland Millworks (Alberta)

[[Page 37899]]

Spruceland Millworks Inc.

St. Anthony Lathing Ltd.

Stag Timber

Stuart Lake Lumber Co. Ltd.

Stuart Lake Marketing Co. Ltd.

Stuart Lake Marketing Corporation (aka Stuart Lake Marketing Inc.)

Suncoast Lumber & Milling

Suncoast Lumber & Milling (div. of 407 Holdings Ltd.)

Sundance Forest Industries Ltd.

Swiftwood Forest Products Limited

Sylvanex Lumber Products Inc.

Synergy Pacific Engineered Timber Ltd.

T.F. Specialty Sawmill

T.P. Downey & Sons Ltd.

Taiga Building Products

Taiga Forest Products

Tall Tree Lumber Co.

Taylor Lumber Company Ltd. (Taylor Lumber Co. Ltd., Taylor Lumber Company Limited)

Teal Cedar Products Ltd.

Teal-Jones Group

Teal-Jones Sales Ltd.

Teeda Corp

Tembec Inc.

Tembec Industries Inc.

Terminal Forest Products (Terminal Sawmill Division)

Terminal Forest Products Ltd.

TFL Forest Ltd. (aka TimberWest Forest Corp. and Timber West Forest Company)

The Pas Lumber Co. Ltd.

The Teal Jones Group-Stag Timber Division

Timber Ridge Forest Products Inc.

Timberworld Forest Products Inc.

T'loh Forest Products Limited Partnership

Tolko Industries Ltd.

Tolko Marketing & Sales Ltd.

Top Quality Lumber Ltd.

TPI Timber Products International (1975) Ltd.

Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd.

Treeline Wood Products Ltd.

Triad Forest Products, Ltd.

Triple Five Quality Wood Inc.

Twin Rivers Cedar Products Ltd.

Tyee Timber Products Ltd.

Uniforet Inc.

Uniforet Scierie-Pate Inc.

Uphill Wood Supply Inc.

UPM Bathurst

UPM Blackville

UPM Miramichi

UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc.

Usine Sartigan Inc.

Vancouver Specialty Cedar Products Ltd.

Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products Inc.

Vandermeer Forest Products (Canada) Ltd.

Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.

Vanport Canada, Co.

Velcan Forest Products Inc.

Vernon Kiln and Millwork Ltd.

Visscher Lumber Inc.

W.I. Woodtone Industries Inc.

Wakefield Cedar Ltd.

Wakefield Cedar Products Ltd.

Welco Lumber Corporation

Weldwood of Canada Ltd.

Wentworth Lumber Ltd.

West Bay Forest Products and Manufacturing Ltd.

West Chilcotin Forest Products Ltd.

West Fraser Mills Ltd.

Western Forest Products Inc.

Western Forest Products Limited

Westex Timber Mills Ltd

Westmark Products Ltd.

Weston Forest Corp.

Westshore Specialties Ltd. (dba Sunbury Cedar Sales)

[[Page 37900]]

West-Wood Industries Ltd.

Westwood Manufacturing Ltd.

Weyerhaeuser Company

Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Weyerhaeuser Saskatchewan Limited

WFP Forest Products Limited

WFP Lumber Sales Limited

WFP Western Lumber Ltd.

Wilfrid Paquet & Fils Ltee

Williams Brothers Limited

Williamsburg Woods & Garden Inc.

Winnipeg Forest Products, Inc.

Winton Global Lumber Ltd.

Woodko Enterprises, Ltd.

Woodline Forest Products Ltd.

Woodtone Industries Inc.

Woodwise Lumber Limited

Wynndel Box & Lumber Co. Ltd. Republic of Korea: Certain Polyester Staple Fiber, A- 5/1/05-4/30/06. 580-839.............................................

Huvis Corporation

Dongwoo Industry Company Taiwan: Polyester Staple Fiber, A-583-833............ 5/1/05-4/30/06.

Far Eastern Textile Ltd.

Period/class or kind

Antifriction Bearings Proceedings and Firms Period/Class or Kind

France: A-427-801........................... 5/1/05-4/30/06

SKF France S.A. and SKF Aerospace France Ball

SNR Roulements.......................... Ball

Alcatel Vacuum Technology............... Ball

INA..................................... Ball Germany: A-428-801.......................... 5/1/05-4/30/06

ABB Turbo Systems Limited............... Ball

Gabreuder Reinfort GmbH & Co., KG....... Ball

INA-Schaeffler KG....................... Ball

NTN Kugellagerfabrik (Deutschland) Gmbh. Ball

SKF GmbH................................ Ball Italy: A-475-801............................ 5/1/05-4/30/06

FAG Italia S.p.A........................ Ball

SKF Industrie S.p.A..................... Ball Japan: A-588-804............................ 5/1/05-4/30/06

Aisin Seiki Company, Ltd................ Ball

Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd.................... Ball

Canon, Inc.............................. Ball

JTEKT Corporation (formerly known as Ball Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd).

Minebea Co., Ltd........................ Ball

Mori Seiki Co., Ltd..................... Ball

Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation............. Ball

Nankai Seiko Co., Ltd................... Ball

Nippon Pillow Block Company, Ltd........ Ball

NSK Ltd................................. Ball

NTN Corporation......................... Ball

Osaka Pump Co., Ltd..................... Ball

Takeshita Seiko, Co., Ltd............... Ball

Tottori Yamakai Bearing Seisakusho, Ltd. Ball

Sapporo Precision, Inc.................. Ball

Toyota Industries Corporation........... Ball Singapore: A-599-801........................ 5/1/05-4/30/06

NMB/Pelmec.............................. Ball United Kingdom: A-412-801................... 5/1/05-4/30/06

Alcatel Vacuum Technology............... Ball

NSK Bearings Europe..................... Ball

The Barden Corporation (U.K.), Ltd...... Ball

SKF Aeoengine Bearings UK............... Ball

Countervailing Duty Proceedings

Canada: Certain Softwood Lumber, C-122-839.. 4/1/05-3/31/06

[[Page 37901]]

Suspension Agreements

None ...................................

\1\ For the antidumping duty review of certain softwood lumber from Canada (A-122-838), firms should be advised that they have 30 days from the date of publication of this notice to make the Department of Commerce (the Department) aware of any corrections that need to be made to their company's name. The names appear here exactly as they will be identified to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Corrections may include alternative spellings, and any additional names which a company uses to identify itself to CBP. This is not, however, an opportunity to include in the review additional firms for which a review was not requested. The Department may not be able to consider changes requested after the 30 day period has elapsed, and under no circumstances will any such changes result in a change to the automatic liquidation instructions.

During any administrative review covering all or part of a period falling between the first and second or third and fourth anniversary of the publication of an antidumping duty order under 19 CFR 351.211 or a determination under 19 CFR 351.218(f)(4) to continue an order or suspended investigation (after sunset review), the Secretary, if requested by a domestic interested party within 30 days of the date of publication of the notice of initiation of the review, will determine, consistent with FAG Italia v. United States, 291 F.3d 806 (Fed. Cir. 2002), as appropriate, whether antidumping duties have been absorbed by an exporter or producer subject to the review if the subject merchandise is sold in the United States through an importer that is affiliated with such exporter or producer. The request must include the name(s) of the exporter or producer for which the inquiry is requested.

Interested parties must submit applications for disclosure under administrative protective orders in accordance with 19 CFR 351.305.

These initiations and this notice are in accordance with section 751(a) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1675(a)), and 19 CFR 351.221(c)(1)(i).

Dated: June 28, 2006. Thomas F. Futtner, Acting Office Director, AD/CVD Operations, Office 4, Import Administration.

[FR Doc. E6-10381 Filed 6-30-06; 8:45 am]