Certain Softwood Lumber Products From Canada: Final Results of the Countervailing Duty Administrative Review, 2019

CourtCommerce Department,International Trade Administration
Citation86 FR 68467
Record Number2021-26152
Publication Date02 December 2021
Federal Register, Volume 86 Issue 229 (Thursday, December 2, 2021)
[Federal Register Volume 86, Number 229 (Thursday, December 2, 2021)]
                [Pages 68467-68471]
                From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]
                [FR Doc No: 2021-26152]
                International Trade Administration
                Certain Softwood Lumber Products From Canada: Final Results of
                the Countervailing Duty Administrative Review, 2019
                AGENCY: Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration,
                Department of Commerce.
                SUMMARY: The Department of Commerce (Commerce) determines that
                producers and exporters of certain softwood lumber products (softwood
                lumber) from Canada received countervailable subsidies during the
                period of review, January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019.
                DATES: Applicable December 2, 2021.
                FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jonathan Hall-Eastman (Canfor), John
                Hoffner (JDIL), Kristen Johnson/Samuel Brummitt (Resolute), and Laura
                Griffith (West Fraser), AD/CVD Operations, Office III, Enforcement and
                Compliance, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of
                Commerce, 1401
                [[Page 68468]]
                Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20230; telephone: (202) 482-
                1468, (202) 482-3315, (202) 482-4793/(202) 482-7851, and (202) 482-
                6430, respectively.
                 Commerce published the preliminary results of this countervailing
                duty (CVD) administrative review of softwood lumber from Canada on May
                27, 2021, and invited interested parties to comment.\1\ For a summary
                of the events that occurred since the Preliminary Results and a full
                discussion of the issues raised by parties for the final results, see
                the Issues and Decision Memorandum.\2\
                 \1\ See Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada:
                Preliminary Results and Partial Rescission of the Countervailing
                Duty Administrative Review; 2019, 86 FR 28556 (May 27, 2021)
                (Preliminary Results).
                 \2\ See Memorandum, ``Issues and Decision Memorandum for the
                Final Results of the Administrative Review of the Countervailing
                Duty Order on Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada; 2019,''
                dated concurrently with, and hereby adopted by, this notice (Issues
                and Decision Memorandum). The Issues and Decision Memorandum is a
                public document and is on file electronically via Enforcement and
                Compliance's Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Centralized
                Electronic Service System (ACCESS). ACCESS is available to
                registered users at https://access.trade.gov. In addition, members
                of the public may access the IDM at https://access.trade.gov/public/FRNoticesListLayout.aspx.
                Scope of the Order 3
                 \3\ See Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada: Amended
                Final Affirmative Countervailing Duty Determination and
                Countervailing Duty Order, 83 FR 347 (January 3, 2018) (Order).
                 The product covered by the Order is certain softwood lumber
                products from Canada. For a complete description of the scope of the
                Order, see the Issues and Decision Memorandum.
                Analysis of Subsidy Programs and Comments Received
                 Commerce conducted this CVD administrative review in accordance
                with section 751(a)(1)(A) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (the
                Act). The subsidy programs under review, and the issues raised in case
                and rebuttal briefs submitted by the interested parties, are discussed
                in the Issues and Decision Memorandum. A list of the issues that the
                parties raised, and to which we responded in the Issues and Decision
                Memorandum, is attached to this notice at Appendix I. Based on our
                analysis of the comments received from the interested parties, we made
                changes to the subsidy rates calculated for certain respondents. For a
                discussion of these changes, see the Issues and Decision Memorandum.
                Rate for Non-Selected Companies Under Review
                 Because the rates calculated for the companies selected for
                individual review are above de minimis and not based entirely on facts
                available, we applied a subsidy rate based on a weighted average of the
                subsidy rates calculated for the reviewed companies using sales data
                submitted by those companies to calculate a rate for the companies not
                selected for review. This is consistent with the methodology that we
                would use in an investigation to establish the all-others rate,
                pursuant to section 705(c)(5)(A) of the Act. A list of all non-selected
                companies is included in Appendix II.
                 For further information on the calculation of the non-selected
                rate, see ``Final Ad Valorem Rate for Non-Selected Companies under
                Review'' in the Issues and Decision Memorandum.
                Final Results of Administrative Review
                 In accordance with section 751(a)(1)(A) and of the Act and 19 CFR
                351.221(b)(5), we determine that the following total estimated
                countervailable subsidy rates exist for 2019:
                 rate 2019
                 Companies ad valorem
                Canfor Corporation and its cross-owned affiliates \4\....... 2.42
                J.D. Irving, Limited and its cross-owned affiliates \5\..... 3.41
                Resolute FP Canada Inc. and its cross-owned affiliates \6\.. 18.07
                West Fraser Mills Ltd. and its cross-owned affiliates \7\... 5.06
                Non-Selected Companies...................................... 6.31
                 \4\ Commerce finds the following companies to be cross-owned
                with Canfor Corporation: Canadian Forest Products., Ltd. and Canfor
                Wood Products Marketing, Ltd.
                 \5\ Commerce finds the following companies to be cross-owned
                with J.D. Irving, Limited: Miramichi Timber Holdings Limited, The
                New Brunswick Railway Company, Rothesay Paper Holdings Ltd., and St.
                George Pulp & Paper Limited.
                 \6\ Commerce finds the following companies to be cross-owned
                with Resolute: Resolute Growth Canada Inc., Produits Forestiers
                Maurice SEC., and Resolute Forest Products Inc.
                 \7\ Commerce finds the following companies to be cross-owned
                with West Fraser: West Fraser Timber Co., Ltd., Blue Ridge Lumber
                Inc., Sunpine Inc., Sundre Forest Products Inc., Manning Forest
                Products, and West Fraser Alberta Holdings.
                 Commerce intends to disclose the calculations performed for these
                final results of review within five days of the date of publication of
                this notice in the Federal Register, in accordance with 19 CFR
                Assessment Rates
                 Pursuant to section 751(a)(2)(C) of the Act and 19 CFR
                351.212(b)(2), Commerce will determine, and U.S. Customs and Border
                Protection (CBP) shall assess, countervailing duties on all appropriate
                entries of subject merchandise covered by this review.
                 Commerce intends to issue assessment instructions to CBP no earlier
                than 41 days after the date of publication of the final results of this
                review in the Federal Register, in accordance with 19 CFR 356.8(a).
                Cash Deposit Requirements
                 In accordance with section 751(a)(2)(C) of the Act, Commerce
                intends to instruct CBP to collect cash deposits of estimated
                countervailing duties in the amounts shown for the companies subject to
                this review. For all non-reviewed companies, we will instruct CBP to
                continue to collect cash deposits of estimated countervailing duties at
                the most recent company-specific or all-others rate applicable to the
                company, as appropriate. These cash deposits, when imposed, shall
                remain in effect until further notice.
                Administrative Protective Order (APO)
                 This notice also serves as a final reminder to parties subject to
                APO of their responsibility concerning the return or destruction of
                proprietary information disclosed under APO in accordance with 19 CFR
                351.305(a)(3). Timely written notification of the return or destruction
                of APO materials or conversion to judicial protective order is hereby
                requested. Failure to comply with the regulations and the terms of an
                APO is a sanctionable violation.
                Notification to Interested Parties
                 Commerce is issuing and publishing these final results of
                administrative review in accordance with sections 751(a)(1) and
                777(i)(1) of the Act, and 19 CFR 351.213(d)(4) and 351.221(b)(5).
                 Dated: November 23, 2021.
                Ryan Majerus,
                Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Negotiations, performing the
                non-exclusive functions and duties of the Assistant Secretary for
                Enforcement and Compliance.
                Appendix I
                List of Topics Discussed in the Issues and Decision Memorandum
                I. Summary
                II. List of Issues
                III. Case History
                IV. Period of Review
                V. Scope of the Order
                VI. Subsidies Valuation
                VII. Analysis of Programs
                VIII. Final Ad Valorem Rate for Non-Selected
                [[Page 68469]]
                Companies Under Review
                IX. Analysis of Comments
                 Comment 1: Whether Commerce Should Have Used a Sampling
                Methodology to Select Respondents for This Review
                 Comment 2: Whether Commerce Properly Required Respondents to
                Report ``Other Assistance''
                 Comment 3: Whether Electricity Is a Good or a Service
                 Comment 4: Whether Electricity Curtailment Programs Are
                 Comment 5: Whether Ontario and Qu[eacute]bec Agreements with
                Consumers to Reduce GHG Are Grants
                 Comment 6: Whether Commerce Should Include Fontaine and Mobilier
                Rustique in the Final Customs Instructions
                 Comment 7: Whether Various Grant Programs Are Government
                Purchases of Services
                 Comment 8: Whether Stumpage Is an Untied Subsidy
                 Comment 9: Whether to Compare Government Transaction-Specific
                Prices to an Average Benchmark Price
                 Comment 10: Whether Commerce Should Calculate Negative Benefits
                in the Stumpage for LTAR Program
                 Comment 11: Whether the Alberta Stumpage Market Is Distorted
                 Comment 12: Whether There Is a Useable Tier-One Benchmark in
                British Columbia
                 Comment 13: Whether There Is a Useable Tier-One Benchmark in
                British Columbia
                 Comment 14: Whether the Private Stumpage Market in New Brunswick
                Is Distorted and Should Be Used as a Tier-One Benchmark
                 Comment 15: Whether Ontario's Crown Stumpage Market Is Distorted
                 Comment 16: Whether Ontario's Stumpage Prices Distort the Log
                 Comment 17: Whether the Ontario Standing Timber Market Is
                Distorted and Whether the MNP Ontario Survey Prices May Serve as an
                Appropriate Tier One Benchmark
                 Comment 18: Whether Commerce Should Revise Resolute's Stumpage
                Benefit Calculation Regarding Corrected Transactions
                 Comment 19: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's Stumpage Market Is Distorted
                 Comment 20: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's Auction Prices are an
                Appropriate Tier-One Benchmark to Measure Whether the GOO sold
                Crown-Origin Standing Timber for LTAR
                 Comment 21: Whether Commerce Should Use F2M Pricing Data for a
                U.S. PNW Log Benchmark
                 Comment 22: Whether Commerce Should Continue to Use a Beetle-
                Killed Benchmark Price for the Final Results
                 Comment 23: Whether Commerce's Selection of a Log Volume
                Conversion Factor Was Appropriate
                 Comment 24: Whether Commerce Should Adjust for Tenure Security
                in British Columbia
                 Comment 25: Whether Commerce Should Adjust the BC Log Benchmark
                Price for Scaling and G&A Costs
                 Comment 26: Whether to Account for BC's ``Stand-as-a-whole''
                Stumpage Pricing
                 Comment 27: Whether the 2017-2018 Private Stumpage Survey Is
                Sufficiently Contemporaneous for Use as a Tier-One Benchmark
                 Comment 28: Whether Nova Scotia Is Comparable to Qu[eacute]bec,
                Ontario, and Alberta in Terms of Haulage Costs and Whether to
                Otherwise Adjust the Nova Scotia Benchmark to Account for Such
                 Comment 29: Whether to Revise the Conversion Factor Used in
                Calculation of the Nova Scotia Benchmark
                 Comment 30: Whether Commerce Should Adjust the Method Used to
                Index the Nova Scotia Benchmark
                 Comment 31: Whether to Adjust the Nova Scotia Benchmark to
                Account for Fire-Killed Timber Harvested in Alberta
                 Comment 32: Whether to Adjust the Nova Scotia Benchmark to
                Account for Beetle-Killed-Timber Harvested in Alberta
                 Comment 33: Whether to Adjust the Nova Scotia Benchmark to
                Account for Beetle Killed-Timber Harvested in Qu[eacute]bec
                 Comment 34: Whether Commerce Should Adjust the Nova Scotia
                Benchmark to Account for Log Product Characteristics
                 Comment 35: Whether SPF Tree Species in Nova Scotia Are
                Comparable to SPF Tree Species in Qu[eacute]bec, Ontario, and
                 Comment 36: Whether to Adjust the Nova Scotia Benchmark to
                Account for Species Differences
                 Comment 37: Whether Log Pricing Differences Between Nova Scotia
                and New Brunswick Require an Adjustment to the Nova Scotia Benchmark
                Utilized in JDIL's Stumpage Benefit Analysis
                 Comment 38: Whether Commerce Should Adjust the Nova Scotia
                Benchmark for Regional Price Disparities Within Nova Scotia
                 Comment 39: Whether Private Standing Timber Prices in Nova
                Scotia Are Available in the Provinces at Issue
                 Comment 40: Whether the Tree Size in Nova Scotia, as Measured by
                Diameter, Is Comparable to Tree Size in Qu[eacute]bec, Ontario, and
                 Comment 41: Whether Nova Scotia's Forest Is Comparable to the
                Forests of New Brunswick, Qu[eacute]bec, Ontario, and Alberta
                 Comment 42: Whether Pulpmill Consumption of Standing Timber in
                Nova Scotia Creates Unique Market Conditions that Are Not Comparable
                to Market Conditions in Qu[eacute]bec, Ontario, and Alberta
                 Comment 43: Whether There Is a Fragmented and Shrinking Market
                for Private Timber in Nova Scotia That Has Caused Standing Timber
                Prices to Increase
                 Comment 44: Reliability of Nova Scotia Private-Origin Standing
                Timber Benchmark
                 Comment 45: Whether Commerce Should Publicly Disclose the
                Anonymized Data that Comprise the 2017-2018 Private Market Survey
                and the Price Index Used to Calculate the Nova Scotia Benchmark
                 Comment 46: Whether Commerce Should Make Adjustments to Stumpage
                Rates Paid by the Respondents to Account for ``Total Remuneration''
                in Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Qu[eacute]bec
                 Comment 47: Whether Commerce Should Find Restrictions on Log
                Exports in Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Qu[eacute]bec to Be
                Countervailable Subsidies
                 Comment 48: Whether the LER in British Columbia Results in a
                Financial Contribution
                 Comment 49: Whether Log Export Restraints Have an Impact in
                British Columbia
                 Comment 50: Whether Commerce Correctly Calculated a Benefit for
                BC Hydro EPAs
                 Comment 51: Whether Benefits Under the BC Hydro EPA Program Are
                Tied to Electricity Production and Not Lumber Products
                 Comment 52: Whether Resolute's Ontario and Qu[eacute]bec
                Electricity PPAs Are Tied to Non-Subject Merchandise
                 Comment 53: Whether Commerce's Specificity and Benchmark
                Analyses Were Inconsistent for Ontario's and Qu[eacute]bec's
                Electricity PPA Programs
                 Comment 54: Whether Commerce Applied the Correct Benchmark to
                Calculate the Benefit Under IESO's CHP III Program
                 Comment 55: Whether IESO's CHP III Program Is Specific
                 Comment 56: Whether Commerce Applied the Correct Benchmark to
                Calculate the Benefit Under Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's PAE 2011-01
                 Comment 57: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's PAE 2011-01 Program Is
                 Comment 58: Whether the Payments Made from AESO to West Fraser
                for Load Shedding Constitute a Financial Contribution
                 Comment 59: Whether the AESO Load Shedding Program Is a Grant
                 Comment 60: Whether the Benefit for Load Shedding Payments to
                West Fraser Should Be Adjusted for West Fraser's Costs Incurred
                 Comment 61: Whether the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Is Regionally
                 Comment 62: Whether the CES Program Is Specific
                 Comment 63: Whether the BC Hydro PowerSmart Incentives
                Subprogram Is Specific
                 Comment 64: Whether the Purchase of Carbon Offsets from Canfor
                Is Countervailable
                 Comment 65: Whether Payments Made to West Fraser for Cruising
                and Block Layout Are Countervailable
                 Comment 66: Whether Commerce Should Continue to Find the
                Silviculture and License Management Programs Countervailable
                 Comment 67: Whether Commerce Should Find LIREPP Countervailable
                 Comment 68: Whether Disaster Relief Provided to JDIL to Repair
                Roads Is Countervailable
                 Comment 69: Whether the DTI Settlement with JDIL Was
                 Comment 70: Whether the OFRFP Is Countervailable
                 Comment 71: Whether the TargetGHG Program Is Specific
                 Comment 72: Whether the TargetGHG Is Tied to Non-Subject
                 Comment 73: Whether the IESO Retrofit Program Is Specific
                [[Page 68470]]
                 Comment 74: Whether the IESO IEI Is Specific
                 Comment 75: Whether the IESO Demand Response Is Countervailable
                 Comment 76: Whether the PCIP Is Countervailable
                 Comment 77: Whether the Paix des Braves Is Countervailable
                 Comment 78: Whether the C[ocirc]te-Nord Wood Residue Program Is
                 Comment 79: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's Investment Program in Public
                Forests Affected by Natural or Anthropogenic Disturbances Is
                 Comment 80: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's MCRP Is Countervailable
                 Comment 81: Whether Road Clearing Contracts with Hydro-
                Qu[eacute]bec Are Countervailable
                 Comment 82: Whether the PAMVFP Is Countervailable
                 Comment 83: Whether the Formabois/FDRCMO Is Countervailable
                 Comment 84: Whether the MFOR Is De Facto Specific
                 Comment 85: Whether the MFOR Is a Non-Recurring Subsidy
                 Comment 86: Whether the PIB Is Countervailable
                 Comment 87: Whether the SOPFEU/SOPFIM Is Countervailable
                 Comment 88: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's IRR Program Is
                 Comment 89: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's ISEE Program Is
                 Comment 90: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's EDL Is Countervailable
                 Comment 91: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's Special L Rate Is Tied
                to Pulp and Paper
                 Comment 92: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's Special L Rate Confers
                a Benefit
                 Comment 93: Whether Hydro-Qu[eacute]bec's IEO Is Countervailable
                 Comment 94: Whether the Federal and Provincial SR&ED Tax Credits
                Are Specific
                 Comment 95: Whether Class 43.2 Assets Are Tied to Non-Subject
                 Comment 96: Whether the Class 43.2 Assets Program Is De Facto
                 Comment 97: Whether the ACCA for Class 29 and Class 53 Assets
                Program Is Specific
                 Comment 98: Whether Commerce Was Correct to Treat the Both the
                ACCA and Class 1 Additional CCA as Individual Programs
                 Comment 99: Whether the Class 1 Additional CCA Program Provides
                a Financial Contribution that Confers a Benefit
                 Comment 100: Whether the Class 1 Additional CCA Program Is
                 Comment 101: Whether the FLTC and PLTC Are Countervailable
                 Comment 102: Whether Alberta's TEFU and British Columbia's
                Coloured Fuel Program Are Countervailable
                 Comment 103: Whether the Benefit Calculation for Tax Savings
                Under Alberta's TEFU Is Correct
                 Comment 104: Whether the EOA Property Tax Is Countervailable
                 Comment 105: Whether Tax Savings Under Alberta's Schedule D Are
                 Comment 106: Whether the IPTC Is Countervailable
                 Comment 107: Whether Class 7 Managed Forest Lands Assessment
                Rates Constitute a Financial Contribution
                 Comment 108: Whether the CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program Is
                 Comment 109: Whether Commerce Should Find New Brunswick's
                Property Tax Incentives for Private Forest Producers Program
                 Comment 110: Whether the Gasoline and Fuel Tax Program Provides
                a Financial Contribution in the Form of Revenue Forgone or Can Be
                Found Specific
                 Comment 111: Whether Ontario's Tax Credit for Manufacturing and
                Processing Is De Jure Specific
                 Comment 112: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's Refund of Fuel Tax Paid on
                Fuel Used for Stationary Purposes Is Specific
                 Comment 113: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's Research Consortium Tax
                Credit Is De Facto Specific
                 Comment 114: Whether Qu[eacute]bec's Tax Credit for Investments
                Relating to Manufacturing and Processing Equipment Is Specific
                 Comment 115: Whether Commerce Should Include HST in JDIL's
                Benefit Calculations
                 Comment 116: Whether Sales of By-products in the Stumpage for
                LTAR Sales Denominator Were in the Proper Currency
                 Comment 117: Whether Countervailing Road Credit Reimbursements
                Imposes a Double Remedy on Resolute
                 Comment 118: Whether the Benefits of Certain Tax Credits
                Received by Resolute Were Extinguished In the AbitibiBowater
                 Comment 119: Whether Commerce Should Reconsider if the GOO
                Forgave Debt Owed by Resolute
                 Comment 120: Whether Payments Made by the GOO to Resolute Based
                on Gaming the IESO System Constitute a Countervailable Subsidy
                 Comment 121: Whether Commerce Should Correct the Benefit
                Calculation for Certain Non-Stumpage Programs Used by Resolute
                 Comment 122: Whether Commerce Properly Calculated West Fraser's
                Benefit Under the Class 1 CCA and Class 29/53 ACCA
                X. Recommendation
                Appendix II
                Non-Selected Exporters/Producers
                1. 1074712 BC Ltd.
                2. 258258 B.C. Ltd., dba Pacific Coast Cedar Products
                3. 5214875 Manitoba Ltd.
                4. 752615 B.C Ltd., Fraserview Remanufacturing Inc., dba Fraserview
                Cedar Products.
                5. 9224-5737 Quebec Inc. (aka A.G. Bois)
                6. A.B. Cedar Shingle Inc.
                7. Absolute Lumber Products, Ltd.
                8. AJ Forest Products Ltd.
                9. Alberta Spruce Industries Ltd.
                10. Aler Forest Products, Ltd.
                11. Alpa Lumber Mills Inc.
                12. AM Lumber Brokerage
                13. American Pacific Wood Products
                14. Anbrook Industries Ltd.
                15. Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd.
                16. Anglo-American Cedar Products, Ltd.
                17. Antrim Cedar Corporation
                18. Aquila Cedar Products, Ltd.
                19. Arbec Lumber Inc.
                20. Aspen Planers Ltd.
                21. B&L Forest Products Ltd.
                22. B.B. Pallets Inc.
                23. Babine Forest Products Limited
                24. Bakerview Forest Products Inc.
                25. Bardobec Inc.
                26. BarretteWood Inc.
                27. Barrette-Chapais Ltee
                28. Benoit & Dionne Produits Forestiers Ltee
                29. Best Quality Cedar Products Ltd.
                30. Blanchet Multi Concept Inc.
                31. Blanchette & Blanchette Inc.
                32. Bois Aise de Montreal Inc.
                33. Bois Bonsai Inc.
                34. Bois Daaquam Inc.
                35. Bois D'oeuvre Cedrico Inc. (aka Cedrico Lumber Inc.)
                36. Bois et Solutions Marketing SPEC, Inc.
                37. Boisaco Inc.
                38. Boscus Canada Inc.
                39. BPWood Ltd.
                40. Bramwood Forest Inc.
                41. Brink Forest Products Ltd.
                42. Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc.
                43. Busque & Laflamme Inc.
                44. C&C Wood Products Ltd.
                45. Caledonia Forest Products Inc.
                46. Campbell River Shake & Shingle Co., Ltd.
                47. Canadian American Forest Products Ltd.
                48. Canadian Wood Products Inc.
                49. Canasia Forest Industries Ltd
                50. Canusa cedar inc.
                51. Canyon Lumber Company, Ltd.
                52. Careau Bois Inc.
                53. Carrier & Begin Inc.
                54. Carrier Forest Products Ltd.
                55. Carrier Lumber Ltd.
                56. Cedar Valley Holdings Ltd.
                57. Cedarline Industries, Ltd.
                58. Central Alberta Pallet Supply
                59. Central Cedar Ltd.
                60. Central Forest Products Inc.
                61. Centurion Lumber, Ltd.
                62. Chaleur Sawmills LP
                63. Channel-ex Trading Corporation
                64. Clair Industrial Development Corp. Ltd.
                65. Clermond Hamel Ltee
                66. CNH Products Inc.
                67. Coast Clear Wood Ltd.
                68. Coast Mountain Cedar Products Ltd.
                69. Columbia River Shake & Shingle Ltd./Teal Cedar Products Ltd.,
                dba The Teal Jones Group
                70. Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd.
                71. Comox Valley Shakes Ltd./Comox Valley Shakes (2019) Ltd.
                72. Conifex Fibre Marketing Inc.
                73. Cowichan Lumber Ltd.
                74. CS Manufacturing Inc., dba Cedarshed
                75. CWP--Industriel Inc.
                76. CWP--Montreal Inc.
                77. D & D Pallets, Ltd.
                78. Dakeryn Industries Ltd.
                79. Decker Lake Forest Products Ltd.
                80. Delco Forest Products Ltd.
                81. Delta Cedar Specialties Ltd.
                82. Devon Lumber Co. Ltd.
                83. DH Manufacturing Inc.
                [[Page 68471]]
                84. Direct Cedar Supplies Ltd.
                85. Doubletree Forest Products Ltd.
                86. Downie Timber Ltd.
                87. Dunkley Lumber Ltd.
                88. EACOM Timber Corporation
                89. East Fraser Fiber Co. Ltd.
                90. Edgewood Forest Products Inc.
                91. ER Probyn Export Ltd.
                92. Eric Goguen & Sons Ltd.
                93. Falcon Lumber Ltd.
                94. Fontaine Inc.
                95. Foothills Forest Products Inc.
                96. Fornebu Lumber Company Inc.
                97. Fraser Specialty Products Ltd.
                98. FraserWood Inc.
                99. FraserWood Industries Ltd.
                100. Furtado Forest Products Ltd.
                101. G & R Cedar Ltd.
                102. Galloway Lumber Company Ltd.
                103. Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.
                104. Glandell Enterprises Inc.
                105. Goat Lake Forest Products Ltd.
                106. Goldband Shake & Shingle Ltd.
                107. Golden Ears Shingle Ltd.
                108. Goldwood Industries Ltd.
                109. Goodfellow Inc.
                110. Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
                111. Groupe Crete Chertsey Inc.
                112. Groupe Crete Division St-Faustin Inc.
                113. Groupe Lebel Inc.
                114. Groupe Lignarex Inc.
                115. H.J. Crabbe & Sons Ltd.
                116. Haida Forest Products Ltd.
                117. Harry Freeman & Son Ltd.
                118. Hornepayne Lumber LP
                119. Imperial Cedar Products, Ltd.
                120. Imperial Shake Co. Ltd.
                121. Independent Building Materials Dist.
                122. Interfor Corporation
                123. Island Cedar Products Ltd
                124. Ivor Forest Products Ltd.
                125. J&G Log Works Ltd.
                126. J.H. Huscroft Ltd.
                127. Jan Woodlands (2001) Inc.
                128. Jasco Forest Products Ltd.
                129. Jazz Forest Products Ltd.
                130. Jhajj Lumber Corporation
                131. Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.
                132. Kan Wood, Ltd.
                133. Kebois Ltee/Ltd.
                134. Keystone Timber Ltd.
                135. Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd.
                136. L'Atelier de Readaptation au Travail de Beauce Inc.
                137. Lafontaine Lumber Inc.
                138. Langevin Forest Products Inc.
                139. Lecours Lumber Co. Limited
                140. Ledwidge Lumber Co. Ltd.
                141. Leisure Lumber Ltd.
                142. Les Bois d'oeuvre Beaudoin Gauthier inc.
                143. Les Bois Martek Lumber
                144. Les Bois Traites M.G. Inc.
                145. Les Chantiers de Chibougamau Ltd.
                146. Leslie Forest Products Ltd.
                147. Lignum Forest Products LLP
                148. Linwood Homes Ltd.
                149. Longlac Lumber Inc.
                150. Lulumco Inc.
                151. Magnum Forest Products, Ltd.
                152. Maibec inc.
                153. Manitou Forest Products Ltd.
                154. Marwood Ltd.
                155. Materiaux Blanchet Inc.
                156. Matsqui Management and Consulting Services Ltd., dba Canadian
                Cedar Roofing Depot
                157. Metrie Canada Ltd.
                158. Mid Valley Lumber Specialties, Ltd.
                159. Midway Lumber Mills Ltd.
                160. Mill & Timber Products Ltd.
                161. Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
                162. Mobilier Rustique (Beauce) Inc.
                163. MP Atlantic Wood Ltd.
                164. Multicedre ltee
                165. Murray Brothers Lumber Company Ltd
                166. Nakina Lumber Inc.
                167. National Forest Products Ltd.
                168. New Future Lumber Ltd.
                169. Nicholson and Cates Ltd
                170. Norsask Forest Products Limited Partnership
                171. North American Forest Products Ltd. (located in Abbotsford,
                British Columbia)
                172. North Enderby Timber Ltd.
                173. Oikawa Enterprises Ltd.
                174. Olympic Industries, Inc./Olympic Industries Inc-Reman Code/
                Olympic Industries ULC/Olympic Industries ULC-Reman/Olympic
                Industries ULC-Reman Code
                175. Oregon Canadian Forest Products
                176. Pacific Coast Cedar Products, Ltd.
                177. Pacific Pallet, Ltd.
                178. Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd.
                179. Parallel Wood Products Ltd.
                180. Pat Power Forest Products Corporation
                181. Phoenix Forest Products Inc.
                182. Pine Ideas Ltd.
                183. Pioneer Pallet & Lumber Ltd.
                184. Porcupine Wood Products Ltd.
                185. Power Wood Corp.
                186. Precision Cedar Products Corp.
                187. Prendiville Industries Ltd. (aka, Kenora Forest Products)
                188. Produits Forestiers Petit Paris Inc.
                189. Produits forestiers Temrex, s.e.c.
                190. Produits Matra Inc. and Sechoirs de Beauce Inc.
                191. Promobois G.D.S. inc.
                192. Quadra Cedar
                193. Rayonier A.M. Canada GP
                194. Rembos Inc.
                195. Rene Bernard Inc.
                196. Richard Lutes Cedar Inc.
                197. Rielly Industrial Lumber Inc.
                198. S & K Cedar Products Ltd.
                199. S&R Sawmills Ltd
                200. S&W Forest Products Ltd.
                201. San Industries Ltd.
                202. Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.
                203. Scierie P.S.E. lnc.
                204. Scierie St-Michel inc.
                205. Scierie West Brome Inc.
                206. Scotsburn Lumber Co. Ltd.
                207. Scott Lumber Sales
                208. Serpentine Cedar Ltd.
                209. Sexton Lumber Co. Ltd.
                210. Sigurdson Forest Products Ltd.
                211. Silvaris Corporation
                212. Silver Creek Premium Products Ltd.
                213. Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd.
                214. Skana Forest Products Ltd.
                215. Skeena Sawmills Ltd
                216. Sound Spars Enterprise Ltd.
                217. South Beach Trading Inc.
                218. Specialiste de Bardeau de Cedre Inc.
                219. Spruceland Millworks Inc.
                220. Star Lumber Canada Ltd.
                221. Sundher Timber Products Ltd.
                222. Surrey Cedar Ltd.
                223. T.G. Wood Products, Ltd.
                224. Taan Forest LP/Taan Forest Products
                225. Taiga Building Products Ltd.
                226. Tall Tree Lumber Company
                227. Tembec Inc.
                228. Temrex Produits Forestiers s.e.c.
                229. Terminal Forest Products Ltd.
                230. The Wood Source Inc.
                231. Tolko Industries Ltd. and Tolko Marketing and Sales Ltd.
                232. Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd.
                233. Triad Forest Products Ltd.
                234. Twin Rivers Paper Co. Inc.
                235. Tyee Timber Products Ltd.
                236. Universal Lumber Sales Ltd.
                237. Usine Sartigan Inc.
                238. Vaagen Fibre Canada, ULC
                239. Valley Cedar 2 Inc./Valley Cedar 2 ULC
                240. Vancouver Island Shingle, Ltd.
                241. Vancouver Specialty Cedar Products Ltd.
                242. Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products Ltd.
                243. Visscher Lumber Inc
                244. W.I. Woodtone Industries Inc.
                245. Waldun Forest Product Sales Ltd.
                246. Watkins Sawmills Ltd.
                247. West Bay Forest Products Ltd.
                248. West Wind Hardwood Inc.
                249. Western Forest Products Inc.
                250. Western Lumber Sales Limited
                251. Western Wood Preservers Ltd.
                252. Weston Forest Products Inc.
                253. Westrend Exteriors Inc.
                254. Weyerhaeuser Co.
                255. White River Forest Products L.P.
                256. Winton Homes Ltd.
                257. Woodline Forest Products Ltd.
                258. Woodstock Forest Products/Woodstock Forest Products Inc.
                259. Woodtone Specialties Inc.
                260. Yarrow Wood Ltd.
                [FR Doc. 2021-26152 Filed 12-1-21; 8:45 am]
                BILLING CODE 3510-DS-P

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