Consolidation of Redundant Coast Guard Boat Stations

CourtCoast Guard,Homeland Security Department
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[FR Doc. 2021–12092 Filed 6–8–21; 8:45 am]
Coast Guard
[Docket Number USCG–2021–0238]
Consolidation of Redundant Coast
Guard Boat Stations
: Coast Guard, DHS.
: Request for comments.
: We are requesting your
comments on the planned consolidation
of redundant Coast Guard boat stations.
Many stations were established at a time
when boats lacked engines and were
powered by oars and paddles. With
modern boat operating speeds and
improved direction finding technology,
many calls for Coast Guard assistance
can be responded to by multiple units
significantly faster than when these boat
stations were first established. The
combination of significantly improved
response times, along with an overall
reduction in rescue calls due to boating
safety improvements throughout the
nation, has resulted in a number of boat
stations becoming redundant. This
consolidation will result in a more
robust response system by increasing
staffing levels and capacity at select
nearby boat stations. Such a
consolidation creates synergy and more
opportunities for boat operators to
properly train instead of missing
training opportunities while standing
ready to respond to calls that do not
: Written comments and related
material may be submitted to the Coast
Guard personnel specified below. Your
comments and related material must
reach the Coast Guard on or before
August 3, 2021.
: You may submit comments
identified by docket number USCG–
2021–0238 using the Federal
rulemaking portal at https:// See the ‘‘Public
Participation and Request for
Comments’’ portion of the
section for
further instructions on submitting
: For
information about this document, please
call or email Todd Aikins, Coast Guard
Office of Boat Forces, 202–372–2463,
I. Table of Abbreviations
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
DHS Department of Homeland Security
GAO Government Accountability Office
II. Background and Purpose
In October of 2017, the GAO issued
report GAO–18–9, titled ‘‘Actions
Needed to Close Stations Identified as
Overlapping and Unnecessarily
Duplicative.’’ This GAO report, a copy
of which is in the docket for this notice,
recommends the consolidation of 18
boat stations. Due to environmental and
operational factors, the Coast Guard is
not considering all 18 boat stations
identified in the GAO report for
consolidation this year. Instead, we
anticipate consolidating four stations,
with implementation notionally
scheduled for fiscal year 2022. These
stations have been identified because
there are other units nearby capable of
responding to cases in these areas, and
because these four stations respond to a
low number of cases. We do not
anticipate any adverse effect on Coast
Guard response capability. We expect
enhanced proficiency of boat operators
as well as a less complicated response
III. Discussion
The following seasonal stations,
Stations-Small Scituate, MA; Holland,
MI; North Superior, MN; and Beach
Haven, NJ; have been identified for
consolidation with neighboring stations.
These are seasonal stations are detached
subunits of larger parent stations.
This consolidation is expected to
result in a more robust response system
by increasing staffing levels and
capacity at select nearby boat stations.
Such a consolidation creates synergy
and more opportunities for boat
operators to properly train.
IV. Public Participation and Request for
We encourage you to submit
comments through the Federal portal at If your
material cannot be submitted using, contact the
person in the
section of this document for
alternate instructions. In your
submission, please include the docket
number for this notice and provide a
reason for each suggestion or
recommendation. We will review all
comments received, but we may choose
not to post off-topic, inappropriate, or
duplicate comments that we receive.
We accept anonymous comments.
Comments we post to https:// will include any
personal information you have
provided. For more about privacy and
submissions in response to this
document, see DHS’s eRulemaking
System of Records notice (85 FR 14226,
March 11, 2020).
Documents mentioned in this notice
as being available in the docket, and
public comments, will be in our online
docket at
and can be viewed by following that
website’s instructions.
John W. Mauger,
Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Assistant
Commandant for Capability.
[FR Doc. 2021–12105 Filed 6–8–21; 8:45 am]
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