Formations of, Acquisitions by, and Mergers of Bank Holding Companies

CourtFederal Reserve System
Citation86 FR 70495
Record Number2021-26778
Publication Date10 December 2021
Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 235 / Friday, December 10, 2021 / Notices
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Observers requiring auxiliary aids
(e.g., sign language interpretation) for
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to make necessary arrangements.
: Open.
: Pursuant to
the provisions of the ‘‘Government in
the Sunshine Act’’ (5 U.S.C. 552b),
notice is hereby given that the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Board
of Directors will meet in open session to
consider the following matters:
Summary Agenda
No substantive discussion of the
following items is anticipated. These
matters will be resolved with a single
vote unless a member of the Board of
Directors requests that an item be
moved to the discussion agenda.
Disposition of Minutes of a Board of
Directors’ Meeting Previously
Memorandum and resolution re:
Credit Risk Retention Rule
Determination—Qualified Residential
Mortgage and Related Exemptions.
Memorandum and resolution re:
Designated Reserve Ratio for 2022.
Memorandum and resolution re: FDIC
Strategic Plan, 2022–2026.
Status report of actions taken
pursuant to authority delegated by the
Board of Directors.
Discussion Agenda
Memorandum and resolution re:
Proposed 2022 FDIC Operating Budget.
Briefing: Restoration Plan Semiannual
Requests for further information
concerning the meeting may be directed
to Debra A. Decker, Deputy Executive
Secretary of the Corporation, at 202–
Dated at Washington, DC, on December 7,
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
James P. Sheesley,
Assistant Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. 2021–26865 Filed 12–8–21; 11:15 am]
Formations of, Acquisitions by, and
Mergers of Bank Holding Companies
The companies listed in this notice
have applied to the Board for approval,
pursuant to the Bank Holding Company
Act of 1956 (12 U.S.C. 1841 et seq.)
(BHC Act), Regulation Y (12 CFR part
225), and all other applicable statutes
and regulations to become a bank
holding company and/or to acquire the
assets or the ownership of, control of, or
the power to vote shares of a bank or
bank holding company and all of the
banks and nonbanking companies
owned by the bank holding company,
including the companies listed below.
The public portions of the
applications listed below, as well as
other related filings required by the
Board, if any, are available for
immediate inspection at the Federal
Reserve Bank(s) indicated below and at
the offices of the Board of Governors.
This information may also be obtained
on an expedited basis, upon request, by
contacting the appropriate Federal
Reserve Bank and from the Board’s
Freedom of Information Office at
request.htm. Interested persons may
express their views in writing on the
standards enumerated in the BHC Act
(12 U.S.C. 1842(c)).
Comments regarding each of these
applications must be received at the
Reserve Bank indicated or the offices of
the Board of Governors, Ann E.
Misback, Secretary of the Board, 20th
Street and Constitution Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20551–0001, not later
than January 10, 2022.
A. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
(Holly A. Rieser, Manager) P.O. Box 442,
St. Louis, Missouri 63166–2034.
Comments can also be sent
electronically to
1. Cross County Bancshares, Inc.,
Wynne, Arkansas; to acquire Central
Bank, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
System, December 7, 2021.
Michele Taylor Fennell,
Deputy Associate Secretary of the Board.
[FR Doc. 2021–26778 Filed 12–9–21; 8:45 am]
Agency Information Collection
Activities: Announcement of Board
Approval Under Delegated Authority
and Submission to OMB
: Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System.
: The Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System (Board) is
adopting a proposal to extend for three
years, with revision, the Reporting and
Recordkeeping Requirements
Associated with Regulation W (FR W;
OMB No. 7100–0304).
Federal Reserve Board Clearance
Officer—Nuha Elmaghrabi—Office of
the Chief Data Officer, Board of
Governors of the Federal Reserve
System, Washington, DC 20551, (202)
Office of Management and Budget
(OMB) Desk Officer for the Federal
Reserve Board, Office of Information
and Regulatory Affairs, Office of
Management and Budget, New
Executive Office Building, Room 10235,
725 17th Street NW, Washington, DC
20503, or by fax to (202) 395–6974.
: On June
15, 1984, OMB delegated to the Board
authority under the Paperwork
Reduction Act (PRA) to approve and
assign OMB control numbers to
collections of information conducted or
sponsored by the Board. Board-
approved collections of information are
incorporated into the official OMB
inventory of currently approved
collections of information. The OMB
inventory, as well as copies of the PRA
Submission, supporting statements, and
approved collection of information
instrument(s) are available at https://
These documents are also available on
the Federal Reserve Board’s public
website at https://
reportforms/review.aspx or may be
requested from the agency clearance
officer, whose name appears above.
Final Approval Under OMB Delegated
Authority of the Extension for Three
Years, With Revision, of the Following
Information Collection
Report title: Reporting and
Recordkeeping Requirements
Associated with Regulation W.
Agency form number: FR W.
OMB control number: 7100–0304.
Effective Date: December 10, 2021.
Frequency: Event generated.
Respondents: Insured depository
institutions and uninsured member
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