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National Energy Technology Laboratory; Notice of Financial Assistance Solicitation Availability

AGENCY: Department of Energy.

ACTION: Solicitation Available Notice.

SUMMARY: The U.S. Department of Energy is announcing its issuance of program solicitation number DE-PS26-00FT40776, entitled ``Energy and Environmental Solutions.'' The areas of interest defined in the solicitation are: (1) Biomass and/or biosolids, and (2) Environmental Management Program. The Environmental Management Program area of interest is further separated into sub-areas as follows: (2A) Inner Layer Confinement Reduction Program, (2B) Technology Deployment Assistance, (2C) Technology Acceptance, (2D) Technology Evaluation, (2E) International Technology Studies, and (2F) Long-Term Stewardship.

DATES: The solicitation was issued on December 21, 1999, with the first application due date on February 2, 2000. Subsequent application due dates are May 3, 2000, and August 30, 2000. All requests for explanation or interpretation of any part of the solicitation shall be submitted in writing to the Contract Specialist at the mailing address or E-mail address provided below. For each application submission cycle, your written questions must be received by the Contract Specialist no later than 25 calendar days prior to the due date for submission of applications to allow sufficient time for a reply to reach all prospective applicants before the submission of their application. The Government reserves the right not to respond to questions submitted after this period, nor to respond to questions submitted by telephone or in person at any time. If the Government elects to answer the questions, the questions will be answered via an amendment to the solicitation, with copies of both questions and answers included in the amendment, without reference to the originating sources.

ADDRESSES: The solicitation is available for viewing and downloading from NETL's Internet site at Solicitations will not be distributed on diskette or in paper form. DOE anticipates multiple financial assistance awards, grants or cooperative agreements, resulting from this solicitation. All amendments will be posted on the NETL Internet Homepage; therefore, applicants are encouraged to periodically check the NETL Homepage to ascertain the status of any amendments as hard copies will not be distributed.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: D. Denise Riggi, I-07, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), P.O. Box 880, Morgantown, West Virginia 26507-0880; Telephone: (304) 285-4241; Telefax: (304) 285-4683; E-mail:

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The objective of this program solicitation is to provide financial support to develop cost effective, environmentally sound technologies and analytical capabilities needed to solve environmental problems from the cold war and alternative uses of biomass. Developing the technologies will assist in reducing the radioactive and hazardous waste risk at DOE sites and provide pollution prevention opportunities for biomass. The Program Areas of Interest are:

  1. Biomass and/or Biosolids

    NETL is seeking to obtain general technical information, research and development in the following area relating to Biomass and/or Biosolids. Biomass is defined as ``plant materials and animal waste used as a source of fuel.'' Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: co-firing of bio-material with coal and other fossil fuel; stand alone combustion; gasification; digestion and advanced research on components, controls and systems utilizing bio-material for power production; and, co-products and other gaseous, liquid or solid fuels derived from Biomass. Research, development and demonstration activities can be directed at solving energy and/or environmental problems. Opportunities can be in general economy or those of specialty markets and industries.

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  2. Environmental Management Program

    The Office of Environmental Management (EM) is the Department of Energy (DOE) organization responsible for the cleanup of the DOE sites contaminated during operations during the cold war. The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) provides technical and management support to the DOE EM and specifically implements activities in support of the EM Office of Science and Technology (OST). The mission of the OST is to manage and direct a national, solution-oriented program that provides scientific foundation, new approaches, and new technologies to bring about significant reductions in risk, cost, and schedule in completing the EM cleanup mission. NETL's role is to implement programs to foster private sector companies to develop, demonstrate, and deploy cost- effective technologies that will be used to solve problems at multiple DOE sites. The private sector includes large and small businesses, private research institutes, and colleges and universities. To implement the overall science and technology program, EM has established ``Focus Areas'' to coordinate and focus technology development activities on the major problem areas that exist at the DOE sites. Specific areas of interest are defined by each of the Focus Areas and can be identified through the information sources provided in the solicitation. Significant areas of emphasis in the near term are defined in the solicitation.

    Issued in Morgantown, WV, on December 22, 1999. Randolph L. Kesling, Director, Acquisition and Assistance Division, National Energy Technology Laboratory.

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