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[Federal Register: November 25, 1998 (Volume 63, Number 227)]


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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

[Project No. 2634-007]

Great Northern Paper, Inc.; Notice Establishing Procedures for Relicensing and a Deadline for Submission of Final Amendments

November 19, 1998.

The license for the Storage Project, FERC No. 2634, located on Ragged Stream, Caucomgomoc Stream, and the West Branch and South Branch of the Penobscot River in Somerset and Piscataquis Counties, Maine, will expire on April 30, 2000. On April 28, 1998, an application for new major license was filed. The following is an approximate procedural schedule that will be followed in processing the application:



November 30, 1998................. Commission notifies applicant that its application has been accepted and specifies the need for additional information and due date. November 30, 1998................. Commission issues public notice of the accepted application establishing dates for filing motions to intervene and protests. March 31, 1999.................... Commission's deadline for applicant for filing a final amendment, if any, to its application. September 30, 1999................ Commission notifies all parties and agencies that the application is ready for environmental analysis.

Upon receipt of all additional information and the information filedin response to the public notices of the application, the Commission will evaluate the application in accordance with applicable statutory requirements and take appropriate action on the application.

Any questions concerning this notice should be directed to William Diehl, P.E. at (202) 219-2813, or his e-mail address, Linwood A. Watson, Jr., Acting Secretary.

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