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[Federal Register: April 14, 2005 (Volume 70, Number 71)]


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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Sunshine Act Notice

April 6, 2005.

The following notice of meeting is published pursuant to section 3(a) of the government in the Sunshine Act (Pub. L. No. 94-409), 5 U.S.C 552b:

AGENCY HOLDING MEETING: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

DATE AND TIME: April 13, 2005. 10 a.m.

PLACE: Room 2C, 888 First Street NE., Washington DC 20426.



*Note--Items listed on the agenda may be deleted without further notice.

CONTACT PERSON FOR MORE INFORMATION: Magalie R. Salas, Secretary, Telephone (202) 502-8400. For a recorded listing of items stricken from or added to the meeting, call (202) 502-8627.

This is a list of matters to be considered by the Commission. It does not include a listing of all papers relevant to the items on the agenda; however, all public documents may be examined in the Public Reference Room.

886th--Meeting; April 13, 2005; Regular Meeting; 10 a.m.

Administrative Agenda


DocketAD02-1-000, Agency Administrative Matters A-2.

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DocketAD02-7-000, Customer Matters, Reliability, Security and Market Operations A-3.

M005-2-000, State of Market Presentations A-4.

Long Term Transmission Rights in Organized Electricity Markets A-5.

Report on Information Technology Guidelines for Power System Operations Organizations

Markets, Tariffs, and Rates--Electric


Omitted E-2.

Omitted E-3.

Omitted E-4.

DocketRM05-10-000, Imbalance Provisions for Intermittent Resources

DocketAD04-13-000, Assessing the State of Wind Energy in Wholesale Electricity Markets E-5.

DocketTX05-1-001, TX05-1-002, TX05-1-000, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. E-6.

DocketER03-753-000, ER03-753-003, Entergy Services, Inc E-7.

DocketER02-2458-002, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-8.

Omitted E-9.

DocketEL00-95-000, et al., San Diego Gas and Electric Company v. Sellers of Energy and Ancillary Services Into Markets Operated by the California Independent System Operator Corporation and the California Power Exchange

DocketEL00-98-000, et al., Investigation of Practices of the California Independent System Operator Corporation and the California Power Exchange

DocketER01-889-000, ER01-3013-000, ER03-746-000, California Independent System Operator Corporation

DocketER01-1455-000, Mirant California, LLC, Mirant Delta, LLC and Mirant Potrero, LLC

DocketEL02-60-000, Public Utilities Commission of the State of California v. Sellers of Long Term Contracts to the California Department of Water Resources

DocketEL02-62-000, California Electricity Oversight Board v. Sellers of Energy and Capacity Under Long-Term Contracts with the California Department of Water Resources

DocketEL03-158-000, Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, LP, Mirant California, LLC, Mirant Delta, LLC and Mirant Potrero, LLC

DocketEL03-180-000, Enron Power Marketing, Inc., and Enron Energy Services Inc., et al.

DocketER98-495-000, ER98-1614-000, ER98-2145-000, ER99-3603-000, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

DocketER03-215-000, ER04-227-000, ER05-343-000, Mirant Delta, LLC and Mirant Potrero, LLC

DocketER07-4166-000, Southern Company Energy Marketing, Inc., and Southern Company Services, Inc.

DocketER99-1841-000, Southern Energy California, L.L.C.

DocketER99-1842-000, Southern Energy Delta, L.L.C.

DocketER99-1833-000, Southern Energy Potrero, L.L.C.

DocketER01-1265-000, Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, LP

DocketER01-1267-000, Mirant California, LLC

DocketER01-1270-000, Mirant Delta, LLC

DocketER01-1278-000, Mirant Potrero, LLC

DocketEL02-71-000, State of California ex rel. Bill Lockyer, Attorney General of the State of California v. British Columbia Power Exchange Corp., Coral Power, LLC, Dynegy Power Marketing, Inc., Enron Power Marketing, Inc., Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, Inc., Reliant Energy Services, Inc., Williams Energy Marketing & Trading Co.

DocketEL01-10-000, Puget Sound Energy, Inc., v. All Jurisdictional Sellers of Energy and/or Capacity in the Pacific Northwest

DocketPA02-2-000, Fact-Finding Investigation of Potential Manipulation of Electric and Natural Gas Prices

DocketPA03-8-000, Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, Inc.

DocketIN03-10-000, Investigation of Anomalous Bidding Behavior and Practices in the Western Markets E-10.

DocketER05-572-000, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

DocketEL05-84-000, New York Independent System Operator, Inc. E-11.

DocketER05-598-000, Dartmouth PPA Holdings LLC

DocketER05-599-000, Dartmouth Power Associates L.P. E-12.

DocketER05-595-000, California Independent System Operator Corporation E-13.

DocketER05-597-000, Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative E-14.

Omitted E-15.

DocketER05-617-000, El Segundo Power, LLC E-16.

DocketER05-416-000, ER05-416-001, ER05-416-002, ER05- 416-003, California Independent System Operator Corporation E-17.

DocketER02-600-003, Delta Energy Center, LLC E-18.

Omitted E-19.

DocketER05-613-000, Southern Company Services, Inc. E-20.

DocketER05-581-000, ER05-581-001, Virginia Electric and Power Company E-21.

DocketER01-174-002, ER05-655-000, Lighthouse Energy Trading Company, Inc. E-22.

DocketER01-2636-002, ER01-2636-001, ALLETE, Inc., dba Minnesota Power

DocketER00-2177-001, Rainy River Energy Corporation E-23.

DocketER01-2262-005, Frederickson Power L.P.

DocketER02-783-003, EPCOR Merchant and Capital (US) Inc.

DocketER02-852-003, EPCOR Power Development, Inc.

DocketER02-855-003, EPDC, Inc. E-24.

DocketER01-1403-002, FirstEnergy Operating Companies

DocketER01-2968-003, ER01-2968-002, FirstEnergy Solutions Corporation

DocketER01-845-002, ER01-845-001, FirstEnergy Generation Corporation

DocketER04-366-002, Jersey Central Power & Light Company

DocketER04-372-002, Metropolitan Edison Company and Pennsylvania Electric Company

DocketER99-2330-001, ER99-2330-002, ER99-2330-004, FirstEnergy Corporation E-25.

Omitted E-26.

DocketER97-324-007, ER97-324-004, ER97-324-008, Detroit Edison Company.

DocketER97-3834-010, ER97-3834-012, ER97-3834-013, ER97-3834-014, DTE Energy Trading, Inc.

DocketER98-3026-007, ER98-3026-008, ER98-3026-009, DTE Edison America, Inc.

DocketER99-3368-004, ER99-3368-003, ER99-3368-005, DTE Energy Marketing, Inc.

DocketER00-1746-001, ER00-1746-002, ER00-1746-003, DTE Georgetown, L.P.

DocketER00-1816-002, ER00-1816-003, ER00-1816-004, DTE River Rouge No. 1, L.L.C.

DocketER02-963-002, ER02-963-004, ER02-963-005, Crete Energy Venture, L.L.C. E-27.

DocketER01-1302-004, American Ref-Fuel Company of Niagara, L.P. E-28.

DocketER00-2173-003, ER00-2173-002, ER00-2173-004, Northern Indiana Public Service Company

DocketER00-3219-003, ER00-3219-002, ER00-3219-004, EnergyUSA--TPC Corporation

DocketER01-1300-004, ER01-1300-003, ER01-1300-005, Whiting Clean Energy, Inc. E-29.

Omitted E-30.

DocketER04-1255-001, New England Power Pool and ISO New England Inc.

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DocketER04-539-005, ER04-539-006, ER04-539-007, EL04- 121-001, EL04-121-002, EL04-121-000, PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. E-32.

Omitted E-33.

DocketER02-2595-006, ER02-2595-007, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-34.

DocketER02-237-002, ER02-237-003, J. Aron & Company

DocketER95-1739-022, Cogentrix Energy Power Marketing, Inc.

DocketER03-1151-002, ER03-1151-003, Power Receivable Finance, LLC

DocketER01-1819-003, ER01-1819-004, ER05-630-000, Cogentrix Lawrence County, LLC

DocketER99-2984-004, Green Country Energy, LLC

DocketER02-2026-002, Quachita Power, LLC

DocketER99-3320-002, Rathdrum Power, LLC

DocketER03-922-003, Southaven Power, LLC E-35.

DocketER04-106-005, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-36.

DocketER03-1079-002, ER03-1079-003, Aquila, Inc.

DocketER02-47-003, Aquila Long Term, Inc.

DocketER95-216-021, ER95-216-022, ER95-216-023, Aquila Merchant Services, Inc.

DocketER03-725-003, Aquila Piatt County L.L.C.

DocketER02-309-003, MEP Clarksdale Power, LLC

DocketER02-1016-001, MEP Flora Power, LLC

ER99-2322-001, ER99-2322-002, ER99-2322-003, MEP Investments, LLC

DocketER01-905-001, ER01-905-002, ER01-905-003, MEP Pleasant Hill Operating, LLC

DocketER00-1851-001, ER00-1851-002, ER00-1851-003, Pleasant Hill Marketing, LLC

DocketEL05-83-000 Aquila, Inc., Aquila Long Term, Inc., Aquila Merchant Services, Inc., Aquila Piatt County L.L.C., MEP Clarksdale Power, LLC, MEP Flora Power, LLC, MEP Investments, LLC, MEP Pleasant Hill Operating, LLC, and Pleasant Hill Marketing, LLC E-37.

DocketER99-3693-002, ER99-3693-001, Midwest Generation, LLC

DocketER99-666-003, ER99-666-002, EME Homer City Generation, L.P.

DocketER99-852-007, ER99-852-006, Edison Mission Marketing & Trading, Inc.

DocketER03-30-001, Midwest Generation Energy Services, LLC

DocketER99-893-008, ER99-893-007, CP Power Sales Twelve, L.L.C.

DocketER99-4229-006, ER99-4229-005, CP Power Sales Seventeen, L.L.C.

DocketER99-4228-006, ER99-4228-005, CP Power Sales Nineteen, L.L.C

DocketER99-4231-005, ER99-4231-004, CP Power Sales Twenty, L.L.C. E-38.

DocketER98-1150-003, ER98-1150-002, EL05-87-000, Tucson Electric Power Company E-39.

DocketER98-2184-007, AES Huntington Beach, LLC

DocketER98-2185-007, AES Alamitos, LLC

DocketER98-2186-007, AES Redondo Beach, LLC

DocketER00-33-005, AES Placerita, Inc.

DocketER00-1026-008, ER00-1026-006, ER00-1026-010, Indianapolis Power & Light Company

DocketER02-305-004, Condon Wind Power, LLC

DocketER01-2401-002, AES Red Oak, L.L.C. E-40.

DocketER99-830-009, Merrill Lynch Capital Services, Inc. E-41.

DocketER99-845-008 ER99-845-007, ER99-845-006, ER99- 845-005, ER99-845-004, EL05-37-001, EL05-37-000, Puget Sound Energy, Inc. E-42.

DocketEC04-121-000, American Electric Power Services Corporation and AEP Texas Central Company E-43.

DocketTX04-4-000, PacifiCorp E-44.

DocketEF04-3031-000, United States Department of Energy--Southeastern Power Administration E-45.

Omitted E-46.

DocketEL05-49-000, Exelon Corporation v. PPL Electric Utilities Corporation and PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. E-47.

DocketEL05-65-000, ExxonMobil Chemical Company and ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company v. Entergy Services, Inc., and Entergy Operating Companies E-48.

DocketEL05-55-000, City of Holland, Michigan v. Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-49.

DocketEL05-63-000, DTE Energy Trading, Inc. v. Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-50.

DocketEL00-105-007, City of Vernon, California

DocketER00-2019-007, California Independent System Operator Corporation E-51.

DocketER04-810-000, Transalta Centralia Generating, L.L.C. E-52.

DocketER05-123-000, Duke Energy Vermillion, LLC E-53.

DocketER04-377-006, ER04-743-004, Pacific Gas and Electric Company E-54.

Omitted E-55.

Omitted E-56.

DocketER99-230-007 DocketER03-762-007

DocketEL05-5-001, Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc. E-57.

Omitted E-58.

DocketRM00-7-011, Revision of Annual Charges to Public Utilities (Westar Energy, Inc., and Kansas Gas and Electric Company) E-59.

DocketER05-167-001, California Power Exchange Corporation

DocketER02-2234-011, California Power Exchange Corporation

DocketER03-139-007, California Power Exchange Corporation

DocketER03-791-004, California Power Exchange Corporation

DocketER04-111-004, California Power Exchange Corporation

DocketER04-785-003, California Power Exchange Corporation E-60.

DocketER05-134-002 DocketER05-134-001, ISO New England Inc. E-61.














DocketEL05-2-002, Public Service Company of New Mexico E-62.

Omitted E-63.

Omitted E-64.

Omitted E-65.

Omitted E-66.

DocketEL05-20-002, Buckeye Power, Inc. E-67.

DocketEL04-135-002, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc., PJM Interconnection, L.L.C., and All Transmission Owners Providing Access to Their Transmission Facilities under Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. or PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. Tariffs and All Other Public Utility Transmission Owners in These Regions E-68.

DocketEL02-45-001, California Independent System Operator Corporation E-69.

DocketEC04-81-001, Ameren Corporation, Dynegy Inc., Illinova

[[Page 19756]]

Corporation and Illinova Generating Company

DocketER04-673-001, Dynegy Midwest Generation, Inc. and Dynegy Power Marketing, Inc.

DocketER04-711-001, Dynegy Power Marketing, Inc. E-70.

DocketEC03-131-001, DocketEC03-131-002, Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company and NRG McClain LLC E-71.

DocketEL00-66-003, Louisiana Public Service Commission and the Council of the City of New Orleans v. Entergy Corporation

DocketER00-2854-004, Entergy Services, Inc.

DocketEL95-33-005, Louisiana Public Service Commission v. Entergy Services Inc. E-72.

DocketEL02-115-009, Avista Corporation, Avista Energy, Inc., Enron Power Marketing, Inc., and Portland General Electric Company E-73.

Omitted E-74.

Omitted E-75.


DocketE-76 ER04-691-001







DocketER04-106-005, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.



DocketEL04-104-008 DocketEL04-104-009

DocketEL04-104-018, Public Utilities With Grandfathered Agreements in the Midwest ISO Region E-77.



DocketER04-691-017, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.


DocketEL04-104-015 DocketEL04-104-016, Public Utilities With Grandfathered Agreements in the Midwest ISO Region E-78.


DocketER04-691-019, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.


DocketEL04-104-018, Public Utilities With Grandfathered Agreements in the Midwest ISO Region E-79.

Omitted E-80.

Omitted E-81.

DocketER02-2595-005, Midwest Independent Transmission System Inc. E-82.

DocketER04-1165-003, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.

DocketEL04-43-004, Tenaska Power Services Company v. Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc.

DocketEL04-46-004, Cargill Power Markets, LLC v. Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-83.

DocketER03-683-006, ER03-683-007, California Independent System Operator Corporation E-84.

Omitted E-85.

DocketER04-458-004, ER04-458-006, Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. E-86.

DocketER98-4400-008, ER98-4400-003, ER05-685-000, Pittsfield Generating Company E-87.

DocketER97-2846-003, ER97-2846-004, Progress Energy, Inc.

DocketER99-2311-005, Progress Energy Carolina

DocketER03-1383-002, DeSoto County Generating Co. LLC

DocketER01-2928-005, Progress Ventures Inc.

DocketER01-1418-002, Effingham County Power, LLC

DocketER02-1238-002, MPC Generating, LLC

DocketER01-1419-002, Rowan County Power, LLC

DocketER01-1310-003, Walton County Power, LLC

DocketER03-398-003, Washington County Power, LLC E-88.

DocketPA04-10-000 Florida Power Corporation

DocketPA04-12-000, Carolina Power & Light Company

Miscellaneous Agenda


DocketRM04-9-001, Electronic Notification of Commission Issuances

Markets, Tariffs, and Rates--Gas


Omitted G-2.

DocketPR05-3-000, Enogex, Inc. G-3.

DocketRP03-604-003, RP03-604-002, RP05-70-001, RP05- 70-002, LSP-Cottage Grove, L.P. and LSP-Whitewater Limited Partnership v. Northern Natural Gas Company G-4.

DocketRP05-25-001, RP05-25-002, North Baja Pipeline, LLC G-5.

DocketRP04-51-001, RP04-51-002, Paiute Pipeline Company G-6.

Omitted G-7.

DocketRP00-107-005, RP00-107-006, Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company G-8.

DocketRP03-64-003, RP03-64-004, Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP G-9.

DocketRP05-105-001, RP04-97-006, RP04-203-003, Equitrans, L.P. G-10.

DocketRP02-114-007, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company G-11.

DocketTS05-1-000, Florida Power & Light Company

DocketTS04-207-001, Guardian Pipeline, Company

DocketTS04-257-001, Honeoye Storage Corporation

DocketTS04-209-001, MidWestern Gas Transmission Company

DocketTS04-62-000, NewCorp Resources Electric Cooperative, Inc.

DocketTS04-208-001, Northern Border Pipeline Company

DocketTS04-212-001, Viking Gas Transmission Company

DocketTS04-253-001, Texas Gas Transmission, L.L.C.

DocketTS04-249-001, Kinder Morgan Pipelines

DocketTS04-271-001, Kinder Morgan Pipelines

DocketTS04-272-001, Kinder Morgan Pipelines

DocketTS04-107-001, Algonquin Gas Transmission, L.L.C.

DocketTS04-242-002, Dauphin Island Gathering Partners

DocketTS04-106-001, East Tennessee Natural Gas, L.L.C.

DocketTS04-05-001, Egan Hub Storage, L.L.C.

DocketTS04-161-001, Gulfstream Natural Gas System, L.L.C.

DocketTS04-159-001, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.

DocketTS04-259-001, Missouri Interstate Gas, LLC

DocketTS04-154-001, Texas Eastern Transmission, L.P.

DocketTS04-279-000, Union Gas Limited G-12.

DocketIS05-117-000, Enterprise Lou-Tex Propylene Pipeline L.P. G-13.

DocketRP04-276-000, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. G-14.

Omitted G-15.

DocketRP02-335-003, RP02-335-004, ANR Pipeline Company

Energy Projects--Hydro


DocketP-10371-008, CPS Products, Inc. H-2.

Omitted H-3.

DocketP-2232-479, Duke Energy Corporation H-4.

DocketP-2004-075, Holyoke Gas and Electric Department

[[Page 19757]]

DocketP-11607-002, Holyoke Gas and Electric Department, Ashburnham Municipal Light Plant, and Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company H-5.

DocketP-12454-002, Energie Group LLC H-6.

DocketP-12178-001, Verdant Power, LLC H-7.

DocketP-2177-056, Georgia Power Company H-8.

DocketP-2612-019, FPL Energy Maine Hydro, LLC H-9.

DocketP-10482-065, Mirant NY-GEN LLC.

Energy Projects--Certificates


DocketCP05-8-000, CP05-9-000, CP05-10-000, Starks Gas Storage LLC. C-2.

DocketCP01-368-004, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation

DocketCP01-369-002, Williams Gas Processing--Gulf Coast Company, LP. C-3.

DocketCP05-37-000, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation C-4.

DocketCP05-29-000, CP05-30-000, CP05-31-000, Freebird Gas Storage, LLC C-5.

DocketCP05-15-000, CP05-16-000, CP05-17-000, Caledonia Energy Partners, L.L.C. C-6.

DocketCP02-378-002, Cameron LNG, LLC C-7.

DocketCP04-37-000, Corpus Christi LNG, L.P.

DocketCP04-44-000, CP04-45-000, CP04-46-000, Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipeline Company C-8.

DocketCP04-76-001, Equitrans, L.P. C-9.

DocketCP04-396-001, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation C-10.

DocketCP04-121-001, El Paso Natural Gas Company C-11.

DocketCP04-60-001, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company

The Capitol Connection offers the opportunity for remote listening and viewing of the meeting. It is available for a fee, live over the Internet, via C-Band Satellite. Persons interested in receiving the broadcast, or who need information on making arrangements should contact David Reininger or Julia Morelli at the Capitol Connection (703-993-3100) as soon as possible or visit the Capitol Connection Web site at and click on ``FERC''

Immediately following the conclusion of the Commission Meeting, a press briefing will be held in Hearing Room 2. Members of the public may view this briefing in the Commission Meeting overflow room. This statement is intended to notify the public that the press briefings that follow Commission meetings may now be viewed remotely at Commission headquarters, but will not be telecast through the Capitol Connection service.

Magalie R. Salas, Secretary.

[FR Doc. 05-7554 Filed 4-12-05; 11:15 am]