Negotiability Proceedings; Correction

Published date18 October 2023
Record Number2023-22975
Citation88 FR 71731
CourtFederal Labor Relations Authority
SectionRules and Regulations
Federal Register, Volume 88 Issue 200 (Wednesday, October 18, 2023)
[Federal Register Volume 88, Number 200 (Wednesday, October 18, 2023)]
                [Rules and Regulations]
                [Page 71731]
                From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office []
                [FR Doc No: 2023-22975]
                Rules and Regulations
                 Federal Register
                This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER contains regulatory documents
                having general applicability and legal effect, most of which are keyed
                to and codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, which is published
                under 50 titles pursuant to 44 U.S.C. 1510.
                The Code of Federal Regulations is sold by the Superintendent of Documents.
                Federal Register / Vol. 88, No. 200 / Wednesday, October 18, 2023 /
                Rules and Regulations
                [[Page 71731]]
                5 CFR Part 2424
                Negotiability Proceedings; Correction
                AGENCY: Federal Labor Relations Authority.
                ACTION: Correcting amendment.
                SUMMARY: The Federal Labor Relations Authority is correcting its
                regulations regarding negotiability proceedings.
                DATES: Effective October 18, 2023.
                FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Thomas Tso at [email protected] or at
                (771) 444-5779.
                SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In FR Doc. 2023-19269, appearing in the
                Federal Register of Tuesday, September 12, 2023, on page 62445,
                instruction 10 revised paragraphs (a) through (c) of Sec. 2424.25, but
                regulatory text was set out for paragraphs (a) through (d). The
                revision of paragraph (d) wasn't incorporated into the CFR because it
                wasn't included in the instruction. This correcting amendment revises
                paragraph (d) of Sec. 2424.25.
                List of Subjects in 5 CFR Part 2424
                 Administrative practice and procedure, Government employees, Labor
                management relations.
                 For the reasons set out in the preamble, the Federal Labor
                Relations Authority corrects 5 CFR part 2424 by making the following
                correcting amendment:
                1. The authority citation for part 2424 continues to read as follows:
                 Authority: 5 U.S.C. 7134.
                2. Amend Sec. 2424.25 by revising paragraph (d) to read as follows:
                Sec. 2424.25 Response of the exclusive representative; purpose; time
                limits; content; severance; service.
                * * * * *
                 (d) Severance. The exclusive representative may, of its own accord,
                accomplish the severance of a previously submitted proposal or
                provision. To accomplish severance, the exclusive representative must
                identify the proposal or provision that the exclusive representative is
                severing and set forth the exact wording of the newly severed
                portion(s). Further, as part of the exclusive representative's
                explanation and argument about why the newly severed portion(s) are
                within the duty to bargain or not contrary to law, the exclusive
                representative must explain how the severed portion(s) stand alone with
                independent meaning, and how the severed portion(s) would operate. The
                explanation and argument in support of the severed portion(s) must meet
                the same requirements for specific information set forth in paragraph
                (c) of this section, and must satisfy the exclusive representative's
                burdens under Sec. 2424.32.
                * * * * *
                 Dated: October 13, 2023.
                Rebecca J. Osborne,
                Director of Legislative Affairs and Program Planning.
                [FR Doc. 2023-22975 Filed 10-17-23; 8:45 am]
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