New Outbound Commercial Provider Initiative (OCPI) Program Information; Opportunity for Comments; Correction

Cited as86 FR 8722
CourtPostal Service
Publication Date09 Feb 2021
Record Number2021-02602
Federal Register / Vol. 86, No. 25 / Tuesday, February 9, 2021 / Proposed Rules
The proposed regulations that are the
subject of this correction are under
section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Need for Correction
As published, the notice of proposed
regulations (REG–119890–18) contains
an error that needs to be corrected.
Correction of Publication
Accordingly, the proposed rule;
notice of hearing (REG–119890–18) that
was the subject of FR Doc. 2021–02146,
published at 86 FR 7986 (Wednesday,
February 3, 2021), is corrected to read
as follows:
1. On page 7986, the third column,
under the caption RIN, the language
‘‘1545–BP92’’ is corrected to read
Crystal Pemberton,
Senior Federal Register Liaison, Publications
and Regulations Branch, Legal Processing
Division, Associate Chief Counsel (Procedure
and Administration).
[FR Doc. 2021–02653 Filed 2–8–21; 8:45 am]
39 CFR Part 20
New Outbound Commercial Provider
Initiative (OCPI) Program Information;
Opportunity for Comments; Correction
: Postal Service
: Advance notice of proposed
rulemaking; invitation to comment;
: The Postal Service published
a document in the Federal Register of
February 1, 2021, concerning an
advance notification of and introduction
to the Outbound Commercial Provider
Initiative (OCPI) program. This
document updates the expected
implementation date of the OCPI
program and adds an item to the list of
examples of products that are not within
the scope of the OCPI program.
: February 9, 2021.
Frank Cebello, 202–268–8058; or
: Due to the current COVID–
19 pandemic, comments in response to
this document will only be accepted via
email—any comments or
communications sent via fax or mail
will not be accepted.
When sending communication and
comments related to the OCPI program,
the following instructions and
guidelines apply:
All comments and questions should
be sent to the Manager, International
Products and Major Accounts, Global
Business, at the following email
address: ProductClassification@
Communications must also include
the following:
ÆSubject Line: OCPI Program
Advanced Notice Comments
ÆName of Sender
All submitted comments and
attachments are part of the public record
and subject to disclosure. Do not
enclose any material in your comments
that you consider to be confidential or
inappropriate for public disclosure.
You may inspect and photocopy all
written comments, by appointment
only, at USPS
Headquarters Library,
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, 11th Floor
North, Washington, DC 20260. These
records are available for review Monday
through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., by
calling 202–268–2906.
In the advance notice of proposed
rulemaking FR Doc. 2020–28968,
beginning on page 7659 of the issue of
February 1, 2021, make the following
correction in the Supplementary
Information section:
1. On page 7659, in the 3rd column,
the date in the first sentence in the
subsection labeled ‘‘Overview’’ is
corrected to read ‘‘April 30, 2021’’.
2. On page 7660, in the first column,
in the paragraph under the subsection
labeled ‘‘OCPI Program Country-Product
Service Enhancements,’’ the 3rd-from-
last sentence is corrected to read
‘‘Products such as FCMI letters and
Flats, Military Mail, IPA, ISAL, and CeP
are not within the scope of the OCPI
Dated: February 3, 2021.
Joshua J. Hofer,
Attorney, Federal Compliance.
[FR Doc. 2021–02602 Filed 2–8–21; 8:45 am]
40 CFR Part 52
[EPA–R03–OAR–2020–0553; FRL–10017–
24–Region 3]
Air Plan Approval; Pennsylvania; 1997
8-Hour Ozone National Ambient Air
Quality Standard Second Maintenance
Plan for the Erie Area
: Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA).
: Proposed rule.
: The Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) is proposing to approve a
state implementation plan (SIP) revision
submitted by the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania. This revision pertains to
the Commonwealth’s plan, submitted by
the Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection (PADEP), for
maintaining the 1997 8-hour ozone
national ambient air quality standard
(NAAQS) (referred to as the ‘‘1997
ozone NAAQS’’) in the Erie County,
Pennsylvania Area (Erie Area). This
action is being taken under the Clean
Air Act (CAA).
: Written comments must be
received on or before March 11, 2021.
: Submit your comments,
identified by Docket ID No. EPA–R03–
OAR–2020–0553 at https://, or via email to For comments
submitted at, follow the
online instructions for submitting
comments. Once submitted, comments
cannot be edited or removed from For either manner of
submission, EPA may publish any
comment received to its public docket.
Do not submit electronically any
information you consider to be
confidential business information (CBI)
or other information whose disclosure is
restricted by statute. Multimedia
submissions (audio, video, etc.) must be
accompanied by a written comment.
The written comment is considered the
official comment and should include
discussion of all points you wish to
make. EPA will generally not consider
comments or comment contents located
outside of the primary submission (i.e.,
on the web, cloud, or other file sharing
system). For additional submission
methods, please contact the person
identified in the
section. For the
full EPA public comment policy,
information about CBI or multimedia
submissions, and general guidance on
making effective comments, please visit
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