Ninth Summit of the Americas Leaders Meeting

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Citation86 FR 46900
Publication Date20 Aug 2021
Record Number2021-17852
Federal Register, Volume 86 Issue 159 (Friday, August 20, 2021)
[Federal Register Volume 86, Number 159 (Friday, August 20, 2021)]
                [Pages 46900-46901]
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                [FR Doc No: 2021-17852]
                DEPARTMENT OF STATE
                [Public Notice: 11505]
                Ninth Summit of the Americas Leaders Meeting
                 We are delighted to inform that U.S. cities are invited to present
                proposals to host the concluding week of high-level events and meetings
                of the Ninth Summit of the Americas (Summit) process to occur during
                summer 2022. Over the course of approximately two to five days, the
                United States Government will organize official and informal events,
                bilateral meetings, and media events that Chiefs of State and Heads of
                Government and senior officials of participating governments from the
                Western Hemisphere will attend.
                 As many as 10,000 participants, including support staff, security,
                media, and businesspersons may attend. Global media attention will
                focus on the leaders' meeting at the Summit. The President of the
                United States and up to 50 Chiefs of State, Heads of Government, and
                high-level participants from the governments of the Americas, regional
                and global international organizations, and other special guests are
                expected to attend. Each Summit delegation will likely be comprised of
                Cabinet Ministers, Senior Advisors, Security Officers, and members of
                the Foreign Media. The Summit's associated high-level stakeholder
                forums and events, which may include but are not limited to the CEO
                Summit of the Americas, Civil Society Forum, Young Americas Forum, and
                commercial exhibitions, will attract prominent business executives,
                local government and civil society leaders, and youth entrepreneurs
                from around the world. With this many high-profile visitors, security
                will be a major consideration for the selection of the city and
                conference venues. The following meetings could be held during the
                Summit week: (1) Concluding Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG)
                National Summit Coordinators Plenipotentiaries Meeting--2-3 days,
                approximately 200 delegates; (2) SIRG Ministerial Meeting--1 day,
                approximately 300 delegates; (3) CEO Summit--3 days, approximately
                1,000 to 5,000 attendees; (4) Civil Society Forum--2 days,
                approximately 1,000 to 1,200 attendees; (5) Young Americas Forum--2
                days, approximately 500 to 700 attendees; (6) Summit inaugural ceremony
                and dinner--half day, restricted attendance 1,000 to 3,000 delegates at
                the ceremony, and approximately two groups of 100 to 300 attendees each
                at separate receptions/dinners; (7) Summit Leaders Meeting--1 to 2
                days, restricted in-room attendance up to 300 delegates; approximately
                10,000 delegates in other venues. Additional stakeholder forums, events
                and meetings may take place throughout the week as well. The minimum
                requirements are as follows: An international airport with frequent and
                consistent connections to and from countries in the Western Hemisphere
                (further information about the Summit of the Americas can be found at
                the website for the Ninth Summit of the Americas:
      , or the Summits of the Americas Secretariat's
                website:; an identified Fixed Based Operator
                (FBO) for private aircraft arrivals/departures and adequate parking
                space for 30 private aircraft; approximately 20,000 hotel room nights
                of international standard including 100 suites for Heads of Government
                and cabinet-level Ministers; Conference facilities for multiple
                meetings; Political, business, and civic support; Local security
                capable of supporting delegates and VIPs.
                Preparation of Proposals
                 Deadline is September 3, 2021. Proposals must be submitted by email
                as a single PDF from a verified state/territory or municipal government
                email address to [email protected]. Items supporting
                proposals, including additional attachments, videos, or professional
                video presentations of the city and/or convention space, should
                identify complete URLs in the PDF. Questions about the proposal and
                submission process can be directed to [email protected].
                [[Page 46901]]
                will be responded to in a timely manner. All information in the
                proposal, including quoted prices, must be valid for 60 days after the
                due date. Proposals must have the following sections: (1) One-page
                executive summary of what the city offers. (2) General city
                description: (a) Letter of support from the mayor or city's senior
                elected official(s); (b) letter of support from the state governor; (c)
                letter of support from local civic and business groups; (d) a past
                performance statement which indicates the city's successful experience
                hosting large meetings and events; (e) description of the metropolitan
                area's ties to the Western Hemisphere; and (f) description and
                availability of venues that could be used for large events. (3) Hotel
                availabilities: (a) A list of three and four star hotels in proximity
                to the proposed primary venues including facility amenities such as
                high-speed wireless internet access, cell phone coverage for large
                groups, restaurants, and accommodations for VIPs; (4) Primary event
                venue facilities: (a) Catering, audio-visual, perimeter security, on-
                site maintenance, management, medical, cell phone coverage for large
                groups, and high speed internet access, including the relevant pricing
                schedule for internet provision within the primary event venue and a
                description of the agility of internet bandwidth infrastructure,
                including whether unencumbered connections are possible and including
                detail on any broadcast fiber connectivity between the primary venue
                and a major teleport; (b) dedicated entrance for Summit delegates, if
                any; (c) meeting rooms; (d) transportation between hotels and
                conference facilities; and (e) spreadsheet indicating costs and
                availabilities of primary event venues for timeframe indicated; within.
                Please address the following questions:
                 How will the city provide security for the delegates and VIPs
                including the U.S. President? Only the U.S. President and other Chiefs
                of State and Heads of Government will have United States Secret Service
                (USSS) protective details. Each will be eligible to receive a
                protective detail that include a vehicle package, the size of which is
                determined by threat level. The Secretary of State has 24/7 Diplomatic
                Security Service (DS) protection. Heads of Delegations who are not
                Chiefs of State or Heads of Government would NOT receive USSS
                protection, but, based on a threat assessment, might be eligible for DS
                protection. Local Police Departments (PD) normally provide route,
                motorcade, and intelligence support to the USSS. Local PDs historically
                have the lead responsibility for providing crowd control, demonstration
                control and riot response. If required, will the city block off streets
                around the conference venue and hotels for Heads of State and
                Government? The conference facility would have tight perimeter and
                access controls. Security arrangements for hotels are based on threat
                information relating to the Heads of State and Government and will be
                determined on a case-by-case basis by the USSS and Local PD. Not every
                hotel would necessarily have total perimeter controls. Conversely, a
                central hotel might meet criteria for closed streets and public access.
                 How will the city fund the extra security required for this
                conference? Cities that bid on such events must take into account and
                budget for the extensive costs of Security and Public Safety, as that
                responsibility lies solely with the host city. The USSS and DS do not
                reimburse local police for costs of supporting visiting foreign
                dignitaries. Some cities in the past have been able to obtain funding
                to offset security costs through Congress when requests for funding
                support have been initiated by their congressional representatives.
                This event would likely receive a Department of Homeland Security,
                Special Event Activity Report (SEAR) Level One. It could possibly
                receive designation as a National Security Special Event (NSSE), which
                may not be determined until approximately one year or less prior to the
                event. The SEAR and NSSE designations are made based on certain
                criteria by either the DHS Special Event Working Group or the NSSE
                Working Group (Interagency Security groups that use methodology to
                determine an event's rating.) Neither designation provides funding to
                local public safety agencies, but the ultimate SEAR level and, if
                applicable, NSSE designation, does outline the level of support that
                Federal agencies can provide.
                 What public safety infrastructure is available? Address the
                following: (1) Police: (a) Special operations capabilities; (b) VIP
                protection; (c) riot and crowd control response to incidents; (d)
                explosive detection and disposal; (e) traffic controls; (f)
                Intelligence Division; (g) mutual aid agreements/memorandum of
                understanding with surrounding jurisdictions/state police; (h)
                communication center and procedures; and (i) current emergency plan.
                (2) Fire/emergency medical service: (a) Chemical Biological
                Radiological and Nuclear detection/procedures; (b) first responders;
                (c) equipment/training and trained staff on hand. (3) Emergency
                Management: (a) Mass casualty; (b) terrorist attack; and (c) natural
                disaster. (4) Emergency Facilities: (a) Hospital/Medical Centers; (b)
                emergency backup communications; (c) emergency supplies; and (d)
                evacuation plans. (5) Public health: (a) measures used to mitigate the
                spread of viruses; (b) protocols for responding to outbreaks.
                Kevin E. Bryant,
                Deputy Director, Office of Directives Management, U.S. Department of
                [FR Doc. 2021-17852 Filed 8-19-21; 8:45 am]
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