Notice of Public Meeting of the Washington Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Federal Register, Volume 85 Issue 3 (Monday, January 6, 2020)
[Federal Register Volume 85, Number 3 (Monday, January 6, 2020)]
[Pages 493-494]
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[FR Doc No: 2019-28452]
Notice of Public Meeting of the Washington Advisory Committee to
the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
AGENCY: U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
ACTION: Announcement of meeting.
SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the provisions of the
rules and regulations of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
(Commission) and the Federal Advisory Committee Act that the Washington
Advisory Committee (Committee) will hold a meeting via teleconference
on Thursday January 16, 2020 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Pacific Time for the
purpose of discussing the Committee's proposed forthcoming topic of
study: Voting Rights in Washington.
DATES: The meeting will be held on Thursday January 16, 2020, at 1:30
p.m. Pacific Time.
    Public Call Information: Dial: 800-353-6461, Conference ID:
[email protected] or 312-353-8311.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Members of the public may listen to the
discussion. This meeting is available to the public through the above
listed toll free number. An open comment period will be provided to
allow members of the public to make a statement as time allows. The
conference call operator will ask callers to identify themselves, the
organization they are affiliated with (if any), and an email address
prior to placing callers into the conference room. Callers can expect
to incur regular charges for calls they initiate over wireless lines,
according to their wireless plan. The Commission will not refund any
incurred charges. Callers will incur no charge for calls they initiate
over land-line connections to the toll-free telephone number. Persons
with hearing impairments may also follow the proceedings by first
calling the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339 and providing the
Service with the conference call number and conference ID number.
    Members of the public are also entitled to submit written comments;
the comments must be received in the regional office within 30 days
[[Page 494]]
the meeting. Written comments may be mailed to the Regional Programs
Unit Office, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 230 S Dearborn, Suite
2120, Chicago, IL 60604. They may also be faxed to the Commission at
(312) 353-8324, or emailed to Angelica Trevino at [email protected].
Persons who desire additional information may contact the Regional
Programs Unit Office at (312) 353-8311.
    Records generated from this meeting may be inspected and reproduced
at the Regional Programs Unit Office, as they become available, both
before and after the meeting. Records of the meeting will be available
via under the Commission on Civil Rights,
Washington Advisory Committee link. Persons interested in the work of
this Committee are also directed to the Commission's website,, or may contact the Regional Programs Unit office at the
above email or street address.
Welcome and Roll Call
Discussion: Voting Rights in Washington
Public Comment
    Dated: December 30, 2019
    Exceptional Circumstance: Pursuant to 41 CFR 102-3.150, the notice
for this meeting is given less than 15 calendar days prior to the
meeting because of the exceptional circumstances of committee
availability and preparations for upcoming hearing.
David Mussatt,
Supervisory Chief, Regional Programs Unit.
[FR Doc. 2019-28452 Filed 1-3-20; 8:45 am]