National cooperative research notifications: Optical Internetworking Forum,


[Federal Register: January 29, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 19)]


[Page 4709]

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Antitrust Division

Notice Pursuant To The National Cooperative Research and Production Act Of 1993--Optical Internetworking Forum

Notice is hereby given that, on October 5, 1998, pursuant to Section 6(a) of the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993, 15 U.S.C. 4301 et seq. (``the Act''), Optical Internetworking Forum has filedwritten notifications simultaneously with the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission disclosing (1) the identities of the parties and (2) the nature and objectives of the venture. The notifications were filedfor the purpose of invoking the Act's provisions limiting the recovery of antitrust plaintiffs to actual damages under specified circumstances. Pursuant to Section 6(b) of the Act, the identities of the parties are Dynarc, Kista, SWEDEN; E.O.S.T., Jerusalem, ISRAEL; Epitaxx, West Trenton, NJ; FORE Systems, Warrendale, PA; Furukawa Electric, Santa Clara, CA; Indiana University, Bloomington, IN; Net Insight AB, Stockholm, SWEDEN; New Focus, Santa Clara, CA; Open Networks Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI; PMC Sierra, Burnaby, CANADA; Ryan Hankin Kent, South San Francisco, CA; Stratum One Communications, Santa Clara, CA; Tektronix, Beaverton, OR; USC, Arlington, VA; 3 Com, Boxboro, MA; ADC Telecommunications, Minneapolis, MN; Allied Signal, Morristown, NJ; AMCC, San Diego, CA; America Online, Reston, VA; AMP, Harrisburg, PA; Applied Fiber Optics, Fremont, CA; Argon Networks, Littleton, MA; Artel Video Systems, Marlboro, MA; Ascend Communications, Waterford, MA; Astral Point Communications, North Reading, MA; AT&T, Holmdel, NJ; Atmosphere Networks, Cupertino, CA; Bay Networks, Billerica, MA; Bellcore, Red Bank, NJ; BNed, Inc., San Francisco, CA; Bookham Technology, Oxfordshire, ENGLAND; Cerent Corporation, Petaluma, CA; Chromatis Networks, Chevy Chase, MD; Ciena, Palo Alto, CA; Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA; Corning, Inc., Corning, NY; CSELT, Torino, Italy; Deutsche Telekom, Berlin, GERMANY; Ditech, Sunnyvale, CA; DSC Communications, Ballerup, DENMARK; Enron Communications, Portland, OR; Ericsson, Richardson, TX; Frances Telecom, Lannion, FRANCE; Frontier Corporation, Rochester, NY; Fujitsu Network Communication, Richardson, TX; GPT Ltd., Coventry, ENGLAND; Helsinki Telephone Corporation, Helsinki, FINLAND; Hermes Europe Railtel, Hoeilaart, BELGIUM; Hewlett-Packard, San Jose, CA; Hitachi, Ltd., Yokohama, JAPAN; JDS Fitel, Nepean, Ontario, CANADA; Juniper Networks, Mountain View, CA; Lightera Networks, Cupertino, CA; Lucent Technologies, Holmdel, NJ; LYNX, Rosh Haayin, ISRAEL; Marconi S.P.A., Genova, ITALY; Molecular OptoElectronics Corporation, Watervliet, NY; Monterey Networks, Richardson, TX; MRV Communications, Chatsworth, CA; NEC, Herndon, VA; Nexabit Networks, Marlborough, MA; Nokia Telecommunications, Espoo, FINLAND; Nortel, Nepean, Ontario, CANADA; Northchurch Communications, Andover, MA; NOVA Telecommunications, Columbia, MD; NTT, Tokyo, JAPAN; OKI Electric Industry, Tokyo, JAPAN; Optical Networks, Inc., San Jose, CA; Pipelinks, Santa Clara, CA; Pirelli Cables and Systems, Lexington, SC; Pluris, Inc., Cupertino, CA; Qwest Communications International, Denver, CO; RELTEC Corporation, Bedford, TX; Santec Corporation, Komaki, Aichi, JAPAN; Siemens AG, Muenchen, GERMANY; Sprint, Overland Parks, KS; Sumitomo Electric, Santa Clara, CA; Sycamore Networks, Tewksbury, MA; Tellabs, Lisle, IL; Tellium, Oceanport, NJ; Tyco Submarine Systems, Holmdel, NJ; Williams Network, Tulsa, OK; and Worldcom, Tulsa, OK. The nature and objectives of the venture are to promote the acceptance and implementation of interoperable products and services for data switching and routing using optical internetworking technologies and to support the rapid advancement of an efficient and compatible technology base that promotes a competitive marketplace. Constance K. Robinson, Director of Operations, Antitrust Division.

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