Opportunity To Comment on Applicants for the West Lafayette, Indiana U.S. Grain Standards Act Designation Area

CourtAgricultural Marketing Service
Citation86 FR 68625
Publication Date03 December 2021
Record Number2021-26262
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public. Notices of hearings and investigations,
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Notices Federal Register
Vol. 86, No. 230
Friday, December 3, 2021
Agricultural Marketing Service
[Doc. No AMS–FGIS–21–0043]
Opportunity To Comment on
Applicants for the West Lafayette,
Indiana U.S. Grain Standards Act
Designation Area
: Agricultural Marketing Service,
: Notice and request for
: In the June 28, 2021, Federal
Register, AMS asked persons interested
in providing official U.S. Grain
Standards Act services in the West
Lafayette, Indiana designation area to
submit an application. There are two
applicants for the West Lafayette,
Indiana area: Champaign-Danville Grain
Inspection Departments, Inc.
(Champaign) and North Dakota Grain
Inspection Service, Inc. (North Dakota).
Both applicants are currently designated
official agencies and applied for
designation to provide official services
for the entire area formerly assigned to
Titus Grain Inspection, Inc. Each
applicant is also currently serving in an
interim designation capacity. The
geographic area is described in the
below. We
are asking for comments on these
: Comments must be received by
January 3, 2022.
: Submit comments
concerning this Notice using any of the
following methods:
To submit Comments: Go to
Regulations.gov (http://
www.regulations.gov). Instructions for
submitting and reading comments are
detailed on the site. Interested persons
are invited to submit written comments
concerning this notice. All comments
must be submitted through the Federal
e-rulemaking portal at http://
www.regulations.gov and should
reference the document number and the
date and page number of this issue of
the Federal Register. All comments
submitted in response to this notice will
be included in the record and will be
made available to the public. Please be
advised that the identity of the
individuals or entities submitting
comments will be made public on the
internet at the address provided above.
Read Applications and Comments: If
you would like to view the applications,
please contact us at FGISQACD@
usda.gov. All comments will be
available for public inspection online at
Austyn Hughes at FGISQACD@usda.gov
or 816–266–5066.
: The area,
in the State of Indiana, includes Benton
(east of U.S. Route 41), Carroll (north of
State Route 25), Fountain (east of U.S.
Route 41), Jasper (south of U.S. Route
24), Newton (east of State Route 55 and
south of U.S. Route 24), Pulaski,
Tippecanoe, Warren (east of U.S. Route
41), and White Counties.
The following grain elevators are part
of this interim geographic area
assignment. In Champaign-Danville
Grain Inspection Department, Inc.’s
area: Boswell Chase Grain, Inc.,
Boswell, Benton County, Indiana. In
North Dakota Grain Inspection Service,
Inc.’s area: The Andersons, Delphi,
Carroll County; Frick Services, Inc.,
Leiters Ford, Fulton County; and Cargill,
Inc., Linden, Montgomery County,
Request for Comments
We are publishing this Notice to
provide interested persons the
opportunity to comment on the quality
of services provided by the Champaign
and North Dakota official agencies. In
the designation process, we are
particularly interested in receiving
comments citing reasons and pertinent
data supporting or objecting to the
designation of the applicant(s). Such
comments should be submitted through
the Federal e-rulemaking portal at
We consider applications, comments,
and other available information, such as
audit reports, when determining which
applicants will be designated.
Authority: 7 U.S.C. 71–87k.
Melissa Bailey,
Associate Administrator, Agricultural
Marketing Service.
[FR Doc. 2021–26262 Filed 12–2–21; 8:45 am]
Forest Service
Information Collection: Workforce
Development Participant Tracking
Form Formerly Public Lands Corps
Tracking Sheet
: Forest Service, USDA.
: Notice; request for comment.
: In accordance with the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the
USDA Forest Service is seeking
comments from all interested
individuals and organizations on the
renewal of a currently approved
information collection, currently titled
the Public Lands Corps Tracking Sheet
and proposed to change to Workforce
Development Participant Tracking
: Comments must be received in
writing on or before February 1, 2022 to
be assured of consideration. Comments
received after that date will be
considered to the extent practicable.
: You may submit comments
by any of the following methods; email
is encouraged:
Email: 21CSC@fs.fed.us.
Mail: Merlene Mazyck, Civilian
Climate Corps Coordinator, USDA
Forest Service, Attn: Recreation,
Heritage and Volunteer Resources, 1400
Independence Ave. SW, Mailstop Code:
1125, Washington, DC 20250–1125.
Hand Delivery/Courier: USDA
Forest Service, Attn: Recreation,
Heritage and Volunteer Resources, 1400
Independence Ave. SW, Mailstop Code:
1125, Washington, DC 20250–1125.
The public may inspect comments
received at the Office of the Director,
Recreation, Heritage and Volunteer
Resources, 5th Floor South West,
Sidney R. Yates Federal Building, 201
14th Street SW, Washington, DC, during
normal business hours. Visitors are
encouraged to call ahead to 202–205–
0560 to facilitate entry to the building.
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