Air pollutants, hazardous; national emission standards: Commercial aircraft gas turbine engines Correction,


[Federal Register: November 25, 2005 (Volume 70, Number 226)]


[Page 71191]

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40 CFR Part 87

[OAR-2002-0030; FRL-7997-3]

RIN 2060-AK01

Control of Air Pollution From Aircraft and Aircraft Engines; Emission Standards and Test Procedures


In rule document 05-22704 beginning on page 69664 in the issue of Thursday, November 17, 2005 make the following corrections:

  1. On page 69679, the following text which should have made up footnote 90's second and third paragraphs was mistakenly inserted in the first and second columns:

    (The above reference for the fleet fraction is BACK Aviation Solutions, The domestic flight information is based on SAGE, the

    System for Assessing Aviation Emissions. SAGE is an FAA model that estimates aircraft emissions through the full flight profile using non- proprietary input data, such as BACK, FAA's Enhanced Traffic Management System (ETMS), and the Official Airline Guide (OAG). The year 2000 air traffic movements database portion of SAGE was used to estimate the number of flights using the subject engines.)

  2. On page 69680, the following footnotes were omitted from the table:

    \a\119 out of 159 (75 percent) of the in-production engines have greater than 10 percent margin to the proposed (or CAEP/4) NOxstandards. 78 (49 percent) of the engines have more than 20 percent margin. 24 (15 percent) of the engines have greater than 30 percent margin. (120 of 159 (75 percent) of the in-production engines have margin to the CAEP/6 NOxstandards, which generally represent about a 12 percent increase in stringency from today's standards.)

    \b\Source: International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Aircraft Engine Exhaust Emissions Data Bank, July 26 2004. This data bank is available at

    &pagetype=90. In addition, a copy of tables including data of engine NOxemissions from the ICAO data bank and their margin to today's NOxstandards and the CAEP/6 NOx standards can be found in Docket OAR-2002-0030.

    [FR Doc. C5-22704 Filed 11-23-05; 8:45 am]

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