Proposed Collection; Comment Request

Federal Register, Volume 84 Issue 112 (Tuesday, June 11, 2019)
[Federal Register Volume 84, Number 112 (Tuesday, June 11, 2019)]
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Department of the Army
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Proposed Collection; Comment Request
AGENCY: United States Army Corps of Engineers, DoD.
ACTION: Information collection notice.
SUMMARY: In compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the
United States Army Corps of Engineers announces a proposed public
information collection and seeks public comment on the provisions
thereof. Comments are invited on: Whether the proposed collection of
information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of
the agency, including whether the information shall have practical
utility; the accuracy of the agency's estimate of the burden of the
proposed information collection; ways to enhance the quality, utility,
and clarity of the information to be collected; and ways to minimize
the burden of the information collection on respondents, including
through the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of
information technology.
DATES: Consideration will be given to all comments received by August
12, 2019.
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, identified by docket number and
title, by any of the following methods:
     Federal eRulemaking Portal:
Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
     Mail: Department of Defense, Office of the Chief
Management Officer, Directorate for Oversight and Compliance, 4800 Mark
Center Drive, Mailbox #24, Suite 08D09, Alexandria, VA 22350-1700.
    Instructions: All submissions received must include the agency
name, docket number, and title for this Federal Register document. The
general policy for comments and other submissions from members of the
public is to make these submissions available for public viewing on the
internet at as they are received without
change, including any personal identifiers or contact information.
    Any associated form(s) for this collection may be located within
this same electronic docket and downloaded for review/testing. Follow
the instructions at for submitting comments.
Please submit comments on any given form identified by docket number,
form number, and title.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: To request more information on this
proposed information collection or to obtain a copy of the proposal and
associated collection instruments, please write to the Waterborne
Commerce Statistics Center, P.O. Box 60267, New Orleans, Louisiana
70160, John Dubberley or call the Waterborne Statistics Center at (504)
    Title; Associated Forms; and OMB Number: Vessel Operation
Reporting; ENG Form 3926, ENG Form 3925, ENG Form 3925B, ENG Form
3925C, ENG Form 3925P; OMB Control Number 0710-0006.
    Needs and Uses: The information collection requirement is necessary
to determine usage on the nation's waterway network. The WCSC and the
LPMS databases are the sole government sources for information in the
United States on domestic waterborne commerce and lock or canal
operation. The Army Corps of Engineers is the agency charged with the
collection of this data due to its responsibility for the planning,
design, construction, rehabilitation, operation, and maintenance of the
inland waterway systems, the Great Lakes, and the channels of the
coastal ports.
    The aggregate data collected under these programs are published in
the annual publications, Waterborne Commerce of the United States,
Parts 1-5, Lock Performance Monitoring System Quarterly Reports, and
Waterborne Transportation Lines of the United States. Each data base
and publication provide essential information for an understanding of
the utilization of our Nation's navigation systems and the fleet using
these systems. The data bases provide essential information to those
with the responsibilities over the physical system or to those involved
in shipping or moving commodities on the Nation's waterways.'' [River
and Harbor Act of September 22, 1922 (42 Stat. 1043)].
    Affected Public: Individuals or Households.
    Annual Burden Hours: 10,800.
    Number of Respondents: 840.
    Responses per Respondent: 12.
    Annual Responses: 10,080.
    Average Burden per Response: 1 hour.
    Frequency: Monthly.
    The end result of using both the 3925 series and ENG Form 3926,
despite collecting very similar data, is to ensure WCSC is able to
paint a complete picture of vessel movements and cargo carried on U.S.
waterways. Each set of data produced from the forms allows WCSC to
ensure accuracy and completeness. The data are used to annually publish
Waterborne Commerce of the United States (WCUS) Ports and Waterways
which presents detailed data on the movements of vessels and
commodities at the ports and harbors and on the waterways and canals of
the United States and its territories. It also provides statistics on
the foreign and domestic waterborne commerce moved through the U.S.
waters. Congress receives this annual report, and the data contained
therein are used in cost-benefit analyses for new projects,
rehabilitation projects, and operations and maintenance of existing
projects. It is also used by other Federal agencies involved in
transportation and security. Researchers and private organizations also
use the data regularly to help decide on which locales are best models
for their studies/needs.
    Dated: June 5, 2019.
Aaron T. Siegel,
Alternate OSD Federal Register Liaison Officer, Department of Defense.
[FR Doc. 2019-12124 Filed 6-10-19; 8:45 am]