Regional Food Business Centers; Request for a New Information Collection

Citation87 FR 13961
Published date11 March 2022
Record Number2022-05170
CourtAgricultural Marketing Service
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Vol. 87, No. 48
Friday, March 11, 2022
Agricultural Marketing Service
[Doc. No. AMS–TM–22–0017]
Regional Food Business Centers;
Request for a New Information
: Agricultural Marketing Service,
: Notice and request for
: In accordance with the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this
notice announces the Agricultural
Marketing Service’s (AMS) intention to
seek approval from the Office of
Management and Budget to collect
information related to the new Regional
Food Business Centers created by the
AMS Transportation and Marketing
: Comments on this notice must be
received by May 10, 2022 to be assured
of consideration.
: Interested persons are
invited to submit comments concerning
this information collection notice.
Comments should be submitted online
at or sent to
Christina Conell, Marketing Services
Division Deputy Director, AMS
Transportation and Marketing Program,
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Stop
0269, Washington, DC 20250–0264, Fax:
(202) 690–0338. All comments should
reference the document number and the
date and page number of this issue of
the Federal Register. All comments
submitted in response to this notice will
be posted without change, including
any personal information provided, at and will be
included in the record and made
available to the public. All comments
received will also be available for public
inspection during regular business
hours at the address above.
Christina Conell, Marketing Services
Division Deputy Director, AMS
Transportation and Marketing Program,
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Stop
0269, Washington, DC 20250–0264,
Telephone: (202) 657–8647 or Email:
Overview of This Information
Agency: USDA, AMS.
Title: Regional Food Business Centers
OMB Number: 0581–NEW.
Type of Request: New Information
Abstract: The Regional Food Business
Centers are authorized and funded by
Section 1001(b)(4) of the American
Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Pub. L. 117–
2). Under Section 1001(b)(4), the
Secretary is directed to provide
assistance for maintaining and
improving food and agricultural supply
chain resiliency. AMS will enter into
cooperative agreements with the RFBCs.
The Regional Food Business Centers
will be the backbone for local and
regional supply chain development and
will offer coordination, technical
assistance, and capacity building
support to small and mid-sized food and
farm businesses which will lead to more
resilient, diverse, and connected supply
chains. This program will provide a way
for geographic regions to tailor
development and investment to fit their
needs, while recognizing that resilient
supply chains are built upon strong
relationships between individuals,
communities, regions, sectors, and
institutions. The RFBCs will support
coordination in their region, fund
technical assistance (TA) providers to
offer business technical assistance to
food and farm businesses and provide
small grants to food businesses looking
to expand or start in their region.
Because these programs are voluntary,
respondents apply for the specific
program, and in doing so, they provide
information. AMS is the primary user of
the information. The information
collected is needed to certify that RFBCs
are complying with applicable program
regulations, and the data collected is the
minimum information necessary to
effectively carry out the requirements of
the program. The information collection
requirements in this request are
essential to administer and evaluate the
program and to provide the necessary
technical assistance to RFBCs and their
The data collection will include the
collection of application information,
quarterly reports, in addition to
biannual interviews and quantitative
information related to RFBCs
(awardees), the TA providers (sub-
awardees) and the businesses they fund.
Estimate of Burden: Public reporting
burden for this collection of information
is estimated to total 1,508.33 hours.
Respondents: Peer reviewers, RFBC
applicants, RFBCs (awardees).
Estimated Number of Respondents:
460 respondents.
Estimated Total Annual Responses
including Recordkeeping: 591 annual
Estimated Number of Responses per
Respondent: 34.76 annual responses per
respondent (591 annual responses/17
responses per respondent).
Estimated Total Annual Burden on
Respondents and Recordkeepers: 119.87
total hours per respondent (1508.33
hours/12.583 hours per response).
Comments are invited on: (a) Whether
the proposed collection of information
is necessary for the proper performance
of the functions of the agency, including
whether the information shall have
practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the
agency’s estimate of the burden of the
proposed collection of information,
including the validity of the
methodology and assumptions that were
used; (c) ways to enhance the quality,
utility, and clarity of the information to
be collected; and (d) ways to minimize
the burden of the collection of
information on those who are to
respond, including use of appropriate
automated, electronic, mechanical, or
other technological collection
techniques or other forms of information
All responses to this notice will be
summarized and included in the request
for OMB approval. All comments will
become a matter of public record.
Melissa R. Bailey,
Associate Administrator, Agricultural
Marketing Service.
[FR Doc. 2022–05170 Filed 3–10–22; 8:45 am]
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