Rural Innovation Stronger Economy Grant Program

CourtRural Business-cooperative Service
Citation86 FR 60753
Published date04 November 2021
SectionRules and Regulations
Record Number2021-23986
This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER
contains regulatory documents having general
applicability and legal effect, most of which
are keyed to and codified in the Code of
Federal Regulations, which is published under
50 titles pursuant to 44 U.S.C. 1510.
The Code of Federal Regulations is sold by
the Superintendent of Documents.
Rules and Regulations Federal Register
Vol. 86, No. 211
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Rural Business—Cooperative Service
7 CFR Part 4284
[Docket No. RBS–21–BUSINESS–0033]
RIN 0570–AB06
Rural Innovation Stronger Economy
Grant Program
: Rural Business—Cooperative
Service, USDA.
: Final rule, confirmation
: The Rural Business-
Cooperative Service, a Rural
Development agency of the United
States Department of Agriculture
(USDA), hereinafter referred to as
‘‘RBCS’’ or ‘‘the Agency,’’ published in
the Federal Register on June 15, 2021,
a final rule with request for comments.
The Agency received no substantiative
comments, so this document confirms
the final rule as published.
: November 4, 2021.
David Chestnut, Program Management
Division, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue
SW, Washington, DC 20250–3201;
telephone: (202) 692–5233; email:
published a final rule with request for
comments in the Federal Register on
June 15, 2021, at 86 FR 31585. The final
rule implemented a newly authorized
program enacted under the authority of
Section 6424 of the Agriculture
Improvement Act of 2018 (Pub. L. 115–
334) (Farm Bill).
Within the preamble to the final rule,
the Agency addressed each of the 11
substantive public comments received
from the request for comments
published on July 22, 2020, in the
Federal Register (85 FR 44273) as well
as two public listening sessions held on
July 28 and July 30, 2020, and one
listening session held on July 21, 2020,
to receive comments from Agency staff.
The final rule allowed the Agency: (a)
To address comments received from the
request for comments and the listening
sessions and (b) to implement the final
The Agency did not receive any
substantiative or negative comments
during the public comment period on
the final rule and therefore confirms the
rule without change.
Karama Neal,
Administrator, Rural Business—Cooperative
[FR Doc. 2021–23986 Filed 11–3–21; 8:45 am]
Federal Aviation Administration
14 CFR Part 39
[Docket No. FAA–2021–0884; Project
Identifier AD–2021–00998–A; Amendment
39–21785; AD 2021–22–12]
RIN 2120–AA64
Airworthiness Directives; Honda
Aircraft Company LLC Airplanes
: Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA), DOT.
: Final rule; request for
: The FAA is adopting a new
airworthiness directive (AD) for certain
Honda Aircraft Company LLC (Honda)
Model HA–420 airplanes. This AD was
prompted by a report that the flap
pushrod assemblies are susceptible to
corrosion. This AD requires removing
and cleaning the inner diameter of the
flap control pushrods and repetitively
applying corrosion inhibiting
compound (CIC) to this area. The FAA
is issuing this AD to address the unsafe
condition on these products.
: This AD is effective November
19, 2021.
The Director of the Federal Register
approved the incorporation by reference
of a certain publication listed in this AD
as of November 19, 2021.
The FAA must receive comments on
this AD by December 20, 2021.
: You may send comments,
using the procedures found in 14 CFR
11.43 and 11.45, by any of the following
Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to Follow the
instructions for submitting comments.
Fax: (202) 493–2251.
Mail: U.S. Department of
Transportation, Docket Operations, M–
30, West Building Ground Floor, Room
W12–140, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE,
Washington, DC 20590.
Hand Delivery: Deliver to Mail
address above between 9 a.m. and 5
p.m., Monday through Friday, except
Federal holidays.
For service information identified in
this final rule, contact Honda Aircraft
Company LLC, 6430 Ballinger Road,
Greensboro, NC 27410; phone: (336)
662–0246; website: https:// You may view this
service information at the FAA,
Airworthiness Products Section,
Operational Safety Branch, 901 Locust,
Kansas City, MO 64106. For information
on the availability of this material at the
FAA, call (816) 329–4148. It is also
available at
by searching for and locating Docket No.
Examining the AD Docket
You may examine the AD docket at by
searching for and locating Docket No.
FAA–2021–0884; or in person at Docket
Operations between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.,
Monday through Friday, except Federal
holidays. The AD docket contains this
final rule, any comments received, and
other information. The street address for
the Docket Operations is listed above.
Samuel Kovitch, Aviation Safety
Engineer, Atlanta ACO Branch, FAA,
1701 Columbia Avenue, College Park,
GA 30337; phone: (404) 474–5570;
The FAA was informed by Honda that
the inner diameter of the flap control
pushrod assemblies for certain Honda
Model HA–420 airplanes are susceptible
to corrosion, reducing the capability of
the flap control pushrod to withstand
normal operating conditions and
resulting in its eventual failure. The
corrosion was initially discovered
during scheduled maintenance when a
visual inspection of the flap control
pushrod assemblies revealed signs of
corrosion at the drain holes of the
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