Secretarial determinations: Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Nigeria; notification of effective security measures,


[Federal Register: December 30, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 250)]


[Page 73596]

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Office of the Secretary

Lagos Airport Now Meets International Security Standards

SUMMARY: The Secretary of Transportation has now determined that Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria, maintains and carries out effective security measures.


By Orders 92-10-17, issued October 8, 1992, and 93-8-15, issued August 11, 1993, the Secretary of Transportation made public his determinations that Murtala Mohammed International Airport did not maintain and carry out effective security measures. I now find that Murtala Mohammed International Airport maintains and carries out effective security measures. My determination is based on a recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assessment which reveals that security measures used at the airport now meet or exceed the Standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Accordingly, I am removing the prohibition on services between the United States and Murtala Mohammed International Airport imposed by Order 93-8-15 and the public notification requirements imposed by Order 92-10-17.

I have directed that a copy of this notice be published in the Federal Register and that the news media be notified of my determination. As a result of this determination, the FAA will direct that signs posted in the U.S. airports relating to the 1992 determination be removed.

Dated: December 22, 1999. Rodney E. Slater, Secretary of Transportation.

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