Submission of Information Collection for OMB Review; Comment Request; Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback on Agency Service Delivery

CourtPension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Citation88 FR 58623
Published date28 August 2023
Record Number2023-18458
Federal Register / Vol. 88, No. 165 / Monday, August 28, 2023 / Notices
20555, at 301–415–1969, or by email at
Week of August 28, 2023
There are no meetings scheduled for
the week of August 28, 2023.
Week of September 4, 2023—Tentative
There are no meetings scheduled for
the week of September 4, 2023.
Week of September 11, 2023—Tentative
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
10:00 a.m. All Employees Meeting
(Public Meeting), (Contact: Anthony
de Jesus: 301–287–9219; Adrienne
Brown: 301–415–3764)
Additional Information: The meeting
will be held in the Two White Flint
North auditorium, 11555 Rockville Pike,
Rockville, Maryland. The public is
invited to attend the Commission’s
meeting live by webcast at the Web
Thursday, September 14, 2023
10:00 a.m. Briefing on NRC
International Activities (Closed—
Ex. 1 & 9)
Week of September 18, 2023—Tentative
There are no meetings scheduled for
the week of September 18, 2023.
Week of September 25, 2023—Tentative
There are no meetings scheduled for
the week of September 25, 2023.
Week of October 2, 2023—Tentative
There are no meetings scheduled for
the week of October 2, 2023.
For more information or to verify the
status of meetings, contact Wesley Held
at 301–287–3591 or via email at
The NRC is holding the meetings
under the authority of the Government
in the Sunshine Act, 5 U.S.C. 552b.
Dated: August 24, 2023.
For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Monika G. Coflin,
Technical Coordinator, Office of the
[FR Doc. 2023–18610 Filed 8–24–23; 4:15 pm]
Notice of Public Meeting by the Public
Buildings Reform Board
: Public Buildings Reform Board.
: Notice of public meeting.
: As provided by the Federal
Assets Sale and Transfer Act of 2016
(FASTA), the Public Buildings Reform
Board (PBRB) is holding its eighth
public meeting. At this meeting, the
Board will discuss the progress of past
rounds and well as plans for the second
round to be submitted in late 2024.
: The meeting is scheduled for
Thursday, September 28, 2023 from 11
a.m. to 12 noon (eastern daylight time).
: The meeting will be held at
the JLL offices at 2020 K St. NW,
Washington, DC 20006. Registration for
the meeting is required: https://
: Paul
Walden, PBRB, at (202) 716–8165, or
questions and comments can be
forwarded to the PBRB Team by email
Background: FASTA created the
PBRB as an independent Board to
identify opportunities for the Federal
government to significantly reduce its
inventory of civilian real property and
thereby reduce costs. The Board is
directed, within 6 months of its
formation, to recommend to the Office
of Management and Budget (OMB) the
sale of not fewer than five properties not
on the list of surplus or excess with a
fair market value of not less than $500
million and not more than $750 million.
In two subsequent rounds over a five-
year period, the Board is responsible for
making recommendations for other
sales, consolidations, property disposals
or redevelopment of up to $7.25 billion.
Format and Registration: The format
for the meeting will be panel
discussions with appropriate time
allowed for a Q&A segment. Interested
participants must register for the public
meeting via this link:
Individuals wishing to attend who
require special assistance or
accommodations must contact the PBRB
Team at at least 12
days prior to the event.
Portions of the meeting may be held
in executive session if the Board is
considering issues involving classified
or proprietary information.
A transcript of the public meeting will
be uploaded to shortly after the
session. If you have any additional
questions, please email fastainfo@
Authority: Public Law 114–287, 130
Stat 1463.
Paul Walden,
Executive Director, Federal Register Liaison,
Public Buildings Reform Board.
[FR Doc. 2023–17586 Filed 8–25–23; 8:45 am]
Submission of Information Collection
for OMB Review; Comment Request;
Generic Clearance for the Collection of
Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback
on Agency Service Delivery
: Pension Benefit Guaranty
: Notice of request for extension
of OMB approval.
: The Pension Benefit Guaranty
Corporation is requesting that the Office
of Management and Budget (OMB)
extend approval, under the Paperwork
Reduction Act, of the collection of
information on qualitative and
quantitative feedback on PBGC’s service
delivery (OMB Control Number 1212–
0066; expires October 31, 2023). This
notice informs the public of PBGC’s
request and solicits comments on the
proposed information collection. This
collection of information was developed
as part of a Federal Government-wide
effort to streamline the process for
seeking feedback from the public on
service delivery.
: Comments must be received on
or before September 27, 2023 to be
assured of consideration.
: Written comments and
recommendations for the proposed
information collection should be sent
within 30 days of publication of this
notice to
PRAMain. Find this particular
information collection by selecting
‘‘Currently under 30-day Review—Open
for Public Comments’’ or by using the
search function. All comments received
will be posted without change to
PBGC’s website,,
including any personal information
provided. Do not submit comments that
include any personally identifiable
information or confidential business
A copy of the request will be posted
on PBGC’s website at https://
for-comment. It may also be obtained
without charge by writing to the
Disclosure Division, disclosure@, Office of the General Counsel
of PBGC, 445 12th Street SW,
Washington, DC 20024–2101; or, calling
202–229–4040 during normal business
hours. If you are deaf or hard of hearing
or have a speech disability, please dial
7–1–1 to access telecommunications
relay services.
Melissa Rifkin (rifkin.melissa@, Attorney, Regulatory Affairs
VerDate Sep<11>2014 15:55 Aug 25, 2023 Jkt 259001 PO 00000 Frm 00082 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\28AUN1.SGM 28AUN1
lotter on DSK11XQN23PROD with NOTICES1
Federal Register / Vol. 88, No. 165 / Monday, August 28, 2023 / Notices
Division, Office of the General Counsel,
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation,
445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC
20024–2101; 202–229–6563. (If you are
deaf or hard of hearing, or have a speech
disability, please dial 7–1–1 to access
telecommunications relay services.)
: This
information collection activity will
gather qualitative and quantitative
customer and stakeholder feedback in
an efficient, timely manner, in
accordance with PBGC’s commitment to
improving service delivery. By
qualitative feedback we mean
information that provides useful
insights on the public’s perceptions and
opinions. By quantitative feedback we
mean numeric scores evaluating PBGC
services and customer satisfaction using
the American Customer Satisfaction
Index (ACSI) methodology. This
feedback provides insights into
customer or stakeholder perceptions,
experiences and expectations, provides
early warnings of issues with service,
and focuses attention on areas where
changes in PBGC’s communication with
the public, in training of staff, or in
operations might improve the delivery
of products or services. These
collections will allow for ongoing,
collaborative and actionable
communications between PBGC and its
customers and stakeholders. These
collections also allow feedback to
contribute directly to the improvement
of program management.
The solicitation of feedback targets
areas such as: timeliness,
appropriateness, accuracy of
information, courtesy, efficiency of
service delivery, and resolution of
issues with service delivery. Responses
will be assessed to plan and inform
efforts to improve or maintain the
quality of service offered to the public.
If this information were not collected,
vital feedback from customers and
stakeholders on PBGC’s services would
be unavailable.
PBGC only submits a collection for
approval under this generic clearance if
it meets the following conditions:
The collections are voluntary;
The collections are low-burden for
respondents (based on considerations of
total burden hours, total number of
respondents, or burden-hours per
respondent) and are low-cost for both
the respondents and the Federal
The collections are non-
controversial and do not raise issues of
concern to other Federal agencies;
Any collection is targeted to the
solicitation of opinions from
respondents who have experience with
the program or may have experience
with the program in the near future;
Personally identifiable information
(PII) is collected only to the extent
necessary and is not retained;
Except for information that will be
included in PBGC’s annual report,
information gathered will be used only
internally for general service
improvement and program management
purposes and is not intended for release
outside of the agency;
Information gathered will not be
used for the purpose of substantially
informing influential policy decisions;
Information from qualitative
surveys gathered will yield qualitative
results; the collections will not be
designed or expected to yield
statistically reliable results or be used as
though the results are generalizable to
the population of interest;
Information from quantitative
surveys will be based on statistical
methods and will yield quantitative
results, such as satisfaction scores that
can be generalized to the population.
As a general matter, these information
collections will not result in any new
system of records containing privacy
information and will not ask questions
of a sensitive nature, such as sexual
behavior and attitudes, religious beliefs,
and other matters that are commonly
considered private.
Annually, over the next three years,
PBGC estimates that it will conduct
three activities involving about 2,430
respondents, each of whom will provide
one response. The number of
respondents will vary by activity: 80 for
usability testing, 50 for focus groups (5
groups of 10 respondents), and 2,300 for
customer satisfaction surveys.
PBGC estimates the annual burden of
this collection of information as 755
hours: one hour per response for
usability testing (total 80 hours); 2 hours
per response for focus groups (total 100
hours); and 15 minutes per response for
customer satisfaction surveys (total 575
hours). No cost burden to the public is
The existing collection of information
was approved under OMB control
number 1212–0066 (expires October 31,
2023). On May 16, 2023, PBGC
published in the Federal Register a
notice at 88 FR 31289 informing the
public of its intent to request an
extension of this collection of
information and solicited public
comment. No comments were received.
An agency may not conduct or sponsor,
and a person is not required to respond
to, a collection of information unless it
displays a currently valid OMB control
Issued in Washington, DC.
Stephanie Cibinic,
Deputy Assistant General Counsel for
Regulatory Affairs, Pension Benefit Guaranty
[FR Doc. 2023–18458 Filed 8–25–23; 8:45 am]
[Docket Nos. MC2023–235 and CP2023–238;
MC2023–236 and CP2023–239; MC2023–238
and CP2023–241]
New Postal Products
: Postal Regulatory Commission.
: Notice.
: The Commission is noticing a
recent Postal Service filing for the
Commission’s consideration concerning
a negotiated service agreement. This
notice informs the public of the filing,
invites public comment, and takes other
administrative steps.
: Comments are due: August 29,
: Submit comments
electronically via the Commission’s
Filing Online system at http:// Those who cannot submit
comments electronically should contact
the person identified in the
section by
telephone for advice on filing
David A. Trissell, General Counsel, at
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Docketed Proceeding(s)
I. Introduction
The Commission gives notice that the
Postal Service filed request(s) for the
Commission to consider matters related
to negotiated service agreement(s). The
request(s) may propose the addition or
removal of a negotiated service
agreement from the Market Dominant or
the Competitive product list, or the
modification of an existing product
currently appearing on the Market
Dominant or the Competitive product
Section II identifies the docket
number(s) associated with each Postal
Service request, the title of each Postal
Service request, the request’s acceptance
date, and the authority cited by the
Postal Service for each request. For each
request, the Commission appoints an
officer of the Commission to represent
the interests of the general public in the
VerDate Sep<11>2014 15:55 Aug 25, 2023 Jkt 259001 PO 00000 Frm 00083 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\28AUN1.SGM 28AUN1
lotter on DSK11XQN23PROD with NOTICES1

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