Sunshine Act Meeting


Federal Register, Volume 81 Issue 230 (Wednesday, November 30, 2016)

Federal Register Volume 81, Number 230 (Wednesday, November 30, 2016)


Pages 86340-86341

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FR Doc No: 2016-28898




Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

F.C.S.C. Meeting and Hearing Notice No. 10-16

Sunshine Act Meeting

The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, pursuant to its regulations (45 CFR part 503.25) and the Government in the Sunshine Act (5 U.S.C. 552b), hereby gives notice in regard to the scheduling of open meetings as follows:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016: 10:00 a.m.--Consolidated oral hearing on Objection to Commission's Proposed Decisions in Claim Nos. LIB-III-

036, LIB-III-037, LIB-III-038, LIB-III-039, LIB-III-040, LIB-III-041, LIB-III-042, LIB-III-043, LIB-III-044, LIB-III-045, LIB-III-046, LIB-

III-047, LIB-III-048, LIB-III-049, LIB-III-050, LIB-III-051, LIB-III-

052, LIB-III-053, LIB-III-054, LIB-III-055, LIB-III-056, LIB-III-057, LIB-III-058, LIB-III-059, LIB-III-060, LIB-III-061, LIB-III-062, LIB-

III-063, LIB-III-064, LIB-III-065, LIB-III-066, LIB-III-068, LIB-III-

069, LIB-III-070, LIB-III-071, LIB-III-072, LIB-III-073, LIB-III-074, LIB-III-075, LIB-III-076, LIB-III-077, LIB-III-078, LIB-III-079, LIB-

III-080, LIB-III-081, LIB-III-082, LIB-III-083, LIB-III-084, LIB-III-

086 and LIB-III-087.

Status: Open.

Page 86341

All meetings are held at the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, 600 E Street NW., Washington, DC. Requests for information, or advance notices of intention to observe an open meeting, may be directed to: Patricia M. Hall, Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, 600 E Street NW., Suite 6002, Washington, DC 20579. Telephone: (202) 616-6975.

Brian M. Simkin,

Chief Counsel.

FR Doc. 2016-28898 Filed 11-28-16; 4:15 pm