Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission for Office of Management and Budget Review; Comment Request; Reporting Associated With Designated New Animal Drugs for Minor Use and Minor Species

Federal Register, Volume 84 Issue 238 (Wednesday, December 11, 2019)
[Federal Register Volume 84, Number 238 (Wednesday, December 11, 2019)]
[Pages 67745-67746]
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Food and Drug Administration
[Docket No. FDA-2016-N-2474]
Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission for Office
of Management and Budget Review; Comment Request; Reporting Associated
With Designated New Animal Drugs for Minor Use and Minor Species
AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS.
ACTION: Notice.
SUMMARY: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing that a
proposed collection of information has been submitted to the Office of
Management and Budget (OMB) for review and clearance under the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
DATES: Fax written comments on the collection of information by January
10, 2020.
ADDRESSES: To ensure that comments on the information collection are
received, OMB recommends that written comments be faxed to the Office
of Information and Regulatory Affairs, OMB, Attn: FDA Desk Officer,
Fax: 202-395-7285, or emailed to [email protected]. All
comments should be identified with the OMB control number 0910-0605.
Also include the FDA docket number found in brackets in the heading of
this document.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Amber Sanford, Office of Operations,
Food and Drug Administration, Three White Flint North, 10A-12M, 11601
Landsdown St., North Bethesda, MD 20852, 301-796-8867,
[email protected].
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In compliance with 44 U.S.C. 3507, FDA has
submitted the following proposed collection of information to OMB for
review and clearance.
Reporting Associated With Designated New Animal Drugs for Minor Use and
Minor Species--21 CFR Part 516
OMB Control Number 0910-0605--Extension
    The Minor Use and Minor Species (MUMS) Act (Pub. L. 108-282)
amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to authorize FDA to
establish new regulatory procedures intended to make more medications
legally available to veterinarians and animal owners for the treatment
of minor animal species as well as uncommon diseases in major animal
species. This legislation provides incentives designed to help
pharmaceutical companies overcome the financial burdens they face in
providing limited-demand animal drugs. These incentives are only
available to sponsors whose drugs are ``MUMS-designated'' by FDA. Minor
use drugs are drugs for use in major species (e.g., cattle, horses,
swine, chickens, turkeys, dogs, and cats) that are needed for diseases
that occur in only a small number of animals either because they occur
infrequently or in limited geographic areas. Minor species are all
animals other than the major species (e.g., zoo animals, ornamental
fish, parrots, ferrets, and guinea pigs). Some animals of agricultural
importance are also minor species. These include animals such as sheep,
goats, catfish, and honeybees. Participation in the MUMS program is
completely optional for drug sponsors, so the associated reporting only
applies to those sponsors who request and are subsequently granted
``MUMS designation.''
    Our regulations in 21 CFR part 516 specify the criteria and
procedures for requesting MUMS designation as well as the annual
reporting requirements for MUMS designees. Section 516.20 provides
requirements on the content and format of a request for MUMS-drug
designation; Sec.  516.26 provides requirements for amending MUMS-drug
designation; Sec.  516.27 provides for change in sponsorship of MUMS-
drug designation; Sec.  516.29 provides for termination of MUMS-drug
designation; Sec.  516.30 contains the requirements for annual reports
from sponsor(s) of MUMS-designated drugs; and Sec.  516.36 sets forth
consequences for insufficient quantities of MUMS-designated drugs.
    Description of Respondents: The respondents to this information
collection are pharmaceutical companies that sponsor new animal drugs.
    In the Federal Register of June 12, 2019 (84 FR 27333), FDA
published a 60-day notice requesting public comment on the proposed
collection of
[[Page 67746]]
information. No comments were received.
    FDA estimates the burden of this collection of information as
                                     Table 1--Estimated Annual Reporting \1\
                                                     Number of                        Average
         21 CFR Section              Number of     responses per   Total annual     burden per      Total hours
                                    respondents     respondent       responses       response
516.20; content and format of                 15               5              75              16           1,200
 MUMS request...................
516.26; requirements for                       3               1               3               2               6
 amending MUMS designation......
516.27; change in sponsorship...               1               1               1               1               1
516.29; termination of MUMS                    2               1               2               1               2
516.30; requirements of annual                15               5              75               2             150
516.36; insufficient quantities.               1               1               1               3               3
    Total.......................  ..............  ..............  ..............  ..............           1,362
\1\ There are no capital costs or operating and maintenance costs associated with this collection of
    The burden estimate for this reporting requirement was derived in
our Office of Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Drug Development by
extrapolating the investigational new animal drug/new animal drug
application reporting requirements for similar actions by this same
segment of the regulated industry and from previous interactions with
the minor use/minor species community, and has not changed since the
last OMB approval.
    Dated: December 2, 2019.
Lowell J. Schiller,
Principal Associate Commissioner for Policy.
[FR Doc. 2019-26682 Filed 12-10-19; 8:45 am]