Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations


Federal Register, Volume 81 Issue 128 (Tuesday, July 5, 2016)

Federal Register Volume 81, Number 128 (Tuesday, July 5, 2016)


Pages 43618-43622

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Federal Emergency Management Agency

Docket ID FEMA-2016-0002

Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations

AGENCY: Federal Emergency Management Agency, DHS.

ACTION: Final notice.


SUMMARY: New or modified Base (1-percent annual chance) Flood Elevations (BFEs), base flood depths, Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) boundaries or zone designations, and/or regulatory floodways (hereinafter referred to as flood hazard determinations) as shown on the indicated Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for each of the communities listed in the table below are finalized. Each LOMR revises the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), and in some cases the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports, currently in effect for the listed communities. The flood hazard determinations modified by each LOMR will be used to calculate flood insurance premium rates for new buildings and their contents.

DATES: The effective date for each LOMR is indicated in the table below.

ADDRESSES: Each LOMR is available for inspection at both the respective Community Map Repository address listed in the table below and online through the FEMA Map Service Center at

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rick Sacbibit, Chief, Engineering Services Branch, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, FEMA, 500 C Street SW., Washington, DC 20472, (202) 646-7659, or (email); or visit the FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX) online at

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) makes the final flood hazard determinations as shown in the LOMRs for each community listed in the table below. Notice of these modified flood hazard determinations has been published in newspapers of local circulation and 90 days have elapsed since that publication. The Deputy Associate Administrator for Mitigation has resolved any appeals resulting from this notification.

The modified flood hazard determinations are made pursuant to section 206 of the Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973, 42 U.S.C. 4105, and are in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, 42 U.S.C. 4001 et seq., and with 44 CFR part 65.

For rating purposes, the currently effective community number is shown and must be used for all new policies and renewals.

The new or modified flood hazard information is the basis for the floodplain management measures that the community is required either to adopt or to show evidence of being already in effect in order to remain qualified for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

This new or modified flood hazard information, together with the floodplain management criteria required by 44 CFR 60.3, are the minimum that are required. They should not be construed to mean that the community must change any existing ordinances that are more stringent in their floodplain management requirements. The community may at any time enact stricter requirements of its own or pursuant to policies established by other Federal, State, or regional entities.

This new or modified flood hazard determinations are used to meet the floodplain management requirements of the NFIP and also are used to calculate the appropriate flood insurance premium rates for new buildings, and for the contents in those buildings. The changes in flood hazard determinations are in accordance with 44 CFR 65.4.

Interested lessees and owners of real property are encouraged to review the final flood hazard information available at the address cited below for each community or online through the FEMA Map Service Center at

(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance No. 97.022, ``Flood Insurance.'')

Dated: May 19, 2016.

Roy E. Wright,

Deputy Associate Administrator for Insurance and Mitigation, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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Chief executive Community map Effective date of Community

State and county Location and case No. officer of community repository modification No.



Jefferson (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Jimmie Jefferson County Land April 14, 2016......... 010217

1600). Jefferson County (15-04- Stephens, Chairman, Development

9295P). Jefferson County Department, 716

Commission, 716 Richard Arrington Jr.

Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard, North

Boulevard, North Birmingham, AL 35203.

Birmingham, AL 35203.


Denver (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600) City and County of Denver The Honorable Michael Department of Public April 15, 2016......... 080046

(15-08-0294P). B. Hancock, Mayor, Works, 201 West

City and County of Colfax Avenue,

Denver, 1437 Bannock Denver, CO 80202.

Street, Suite 350,

Denver, CO 80202.

Fremont (FEMA Docket No.: B- Town of Williamsburg (15-08- The Honorable Joshua City Hall, 1 John April 14, 2016......... 080028

1600). 0985P). Baker, Mayor, Town of Street, Williamsburg,

Williamsburg, 1 John CO 81226.

Street, Williamsburg,

CO 81226.

Fremont (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Ed Fremont County April 14, 2016......... 080067

1600). Fremont County (15-08- Norden, Chairman, Administrator's

0985P). Fremont County Board Office, 615 Macon

of Commissioners, 615 Avenue, Canon City,

Macon Avenue, Canon CO 81212.

City, CO 81212.

Jefferson (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Lakewood (15-08- The Honorable Bob Public Works April 15, 2016......... 085075

1600). 0294P). Murphy, Mayor, City Department, Lakewood

of Lakewood, Lakewood Civic Center North,

Civic Center South, 480 South Allison

480 South Allison Parkway, Lakewood, CO

Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226.


Larimer (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Fort Collins (15-08- The Honorable Wade Stormwater Utilities March 28, 2016......... 080102

1600). 1293P). Troxell, Mayor, City Department, 700 Wood

of Fort Collins, P.O. Street, Fort Collins,

Box 580, Fort CO 80521.

Collins, CO 80522.

Delaware: New Castle (FEMA Docket Unincorporated areas of New The Honorable Thomas New Castle County Land April 15, 2016......... 105085

No.: B-1600). Castle County P. Gordon, New Castle Use Department, 87

(14dash03dash3246P). County Executive, 87 Reads Way, New

Reads Way, New Castle, DE 19720.

Castle, DE 19720.


Lee (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600)... Unincorporated areas of Lee The Honorable Brian Lee County Planning March 30, 2016......... 125124

County (15-04-9971X). Hamman, Chairman, Lee and Zoning

County Board of Department, 1500

Commissioners, P.O. Monroe Street, Fort

Box 398, Fort Myers, Myers, FL 33901.

FL 33902.

Miami-Dade (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Miami The Honorable Building Department, March 22, 2016......... 120650

1600). (15dash04dash9564P). Tomaacutes P. 444 Southwest 2nd

Regalado, Mayor, City Avenue, 4th Floor,

of Miami, 3500 Pan Miami, FL 33130.

American Drive,

Miami, FL 33133.

Osceola (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Kissimmee The Honorable Jim Engineering April 15, 2016......... 120190

1600). (14dash04dashA481P). Swan, Mayor, City of Department, 101

Kissimmee, 101 Church Church Street,

Street, Kissimmee, FL Kissimmee, FL 34741.


Osceola (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Brandon Osceola County April 15, 2016......... 120189

1600). Osceola County Arrington, Chairman, Stormwater

(14dash04dashA481P). Osceola County Board Department, 1

of Commissioners, 1 Courthouse Square,

Courthouse Square, Suite 3100,

Suite 4700, Kissimmee, FL 34741.

Kissimmee, FL 34741.

St. Johns, (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of St. The Honorable Rachael St. Johns County April 13, 2016......... 125147

1600). Johns County (15-04-9919P). L. Bennett, Chair, Building Services

St. Johns County Division, 4040 Lewis

Board of Speedway, St.

Commissioners, 500 Augustine, FL 32084.

San Sebastian View,

St. Augustine, FL


Georgia: Columbia (FEMA Docket No.: Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Ron C. Columbia County March 31, 2016......... 130059

B-1605). Columbia County (15-04- Cross, Chairman, Engineering Services

7397P). Columbia County Board Department, 630

of Commissioners, Ronald Reagan Drive,

P.O. Box 498, Evans, Building A, East

GA 30809. Wing, Evans, GA 30809.


Page 43620

Plymouth (FEMA Docket No.: B- Town of Lakeville (15-01- The Honorable Aaron Town Hall, 346 Bedford March 25, 2016......... 250271

1605). 2489P). Burke, Chairman, Town Street, Lakeville, MA

of Lakeville Board of 02347.

Selectmen, 346

Bedford Street,

Lakeville, MA 02347.

Plymouth (FEMA Docket No.: B- Town of Middleborough (15-01- The Honorable Allin Planning Department, March 25, 2016......... 250275

1605). 2489P). Frawley, Chairman, Town Hall Annex, 20

Town of Middleborough Centre Street,

Board of Selectmen, Middleborough, MA

10 Nickerson Avenue, 02346.

Middleborough, MA


Plymouth (FEMA Docket No.: B- Town of Rochester (15-01- The Honorable Richard Town Hall Annex, 37 March 25, 2016......... 250280

1605). 2489P). D. Nunes, Chairman, Marion Road,

Town of Rochester Rochester, MA 02770.

Board of Selectmen, 1

Constitution Way,

Rochester, MA 02770.

North Carolina:

Haywood (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Mark S. Haywood County April 5, 2016.......... 370120

1600). Haywood County (15-04- Swanger, Chairman, Planning Department,

9975P). Haywood County Board 157 Paragon Parkway,

of Commissioners, 215 Suite 200, Clyde, NC

North Main Street, 28721.

Waynesville, NC 28786.

Orange (FEMA Docket No.: B-1607) Town of Chapel Hill (15-04- The Honorable Pam Public Works April 4, 2016.......... 370180

3876P). Hemminger, Mayor, Department,

Town of Chapel Hill, Stormwater Division,

405 Martin Luther 405 Martin Luther

King Jr. Boulevard, King Jr. Boulevard,

Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Oklahoma: Tulsa (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Tulsa (15-06-0947P). The Honorable Dewey Development Services April 15, 2016......... 405381

1605). Bartlett, Jr., Mayor, Department, 175 East

City of Tulsa, 175 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK

East 2nd Street, 74103.

Tulsa, OK 74103.

Pennsylvania: Delaware (FEMA Docket Township of Haverford (15-03- The Honorable Lawrence Department of March 14, 2016......... 420417

No.: B-1605). 2347P). J. Gentile, Manager, Community

Township of Development, 2325

Haverford, 2325 Darby Darby Road,

Road, Havertown, PA Havertown, PA 19083.


South Carolina:

Charleston (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Charleston The Honorable Joseph Building Inspections March 28, 2016......... 455412

1600). (15dash04dash9773P). P. Riley, Jr., Mayor, Department, 2 George

City of Charleston, Street, Charleston,

P.O. Box 652, SC 29401.

Charleston, SC 29402.

Greenville (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Bob Greenville County March 18, 2016......... 450089

1605). Greenville County (15-04- Taylor, Chairman, Planning and Code

5639P). Greenville County Compliance

Council, 301 Department, 301

University Ridge, University Ridge,

Suite 2400, Suite 4100,

Greenville, SC 29601. Greenville, SC 29601.

York (FEMA Docket No.: B-1605).. City of Rock Hill (15-04- The Honorable Doug City Hall, 155 March 29, 2016......... 450196

2163P). Echols, Mayor, City Johnston Street,

of Rock Hill, 155 Suite 300, Rock Hill,

Johnston Street, SC 29730.

Suite 210, Rock Hill,

SC 29730.

York (FEMA Docket No.: B-1605).. Unincorporated areas of York The Honorable J. Britt York County Heckle March 29, 2016......... 450193

County (15-04-2163P). Blackwell, Chairman, Complex, 1070 Heckle

York County Council, Boulevard, Suite 107,

6 South Congress York, SC 29732.

Street, York, SC


South Dakota:

Codington (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Watertown The Honorable Steve City Hall, 23 2nd March 22, 2016......... 460016

1600). (15dash08dash0555P). Thorson, Mayor, City Street Northeast,

of Watertown, 23 2nd Watertown, SD 57201.

Street Northeast,

Watertown, SD 57201.

Codington (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Elmer Codington County March 22, 2016......... 460260

1600). Codington County Brinkman, Chairman, Planning and Zoning

(15dash08dash0555P). Codington County Department, 1910 West

Board of Kemp Avenue,

Commissioners, 14 1st Watertown, SD 57201.

Avenue Southeast,

Watertown, SD 57201.


Fayette (FEMA Docket No.: B- Town of Oakland (15-04- The Honorable Chris Building Department, March 31, 2016......... 470418

1605). 9364P). Goodman, Mayor, Town 75 Clay Street,

of Oakland, P.O. Box Oakland, TN 38060.

56, Oakland, TN 38060.

Page 43621

Fayette (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Rhea Fayette County March 31, 2016......... 470352

1605). Fayette County (15-04- Taylor, Mayor, Planning and

9364P). Fayette County, P.O. Development

Box 218, Somerville, Department, 16265

TN 38068. U.S. Highway 64,

Somerville, TN 38068.


Bell (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600).. City of Temple The Honorable Danny Engineering April 12, 2016......... 480034

(15dash06dash3320P). Dunn, Mayor, City of Department, 3210 East

Temple, 2 North Main Avenue H, Building A,

Street, Suite 103, Suite 107, Temple, TX

Temple, TX 76501. 76501.

Bexar (FEMA Docket No.: B-1605). Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Nelson Bexar County Public March 30, 2016......... 480035

Bexar County (15-06-1291P). W. Wolff, Bexar Works Department, 233

County Judge, Paul North Pecos-La

Elizondo Tower, 101 Trinidad Street,

West Nueva Street, Suite 420, San

10th Floor, San Antonio, TX 78207.

Antonio, TX 78205.

Collin (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600) City of Frisco The Honorable Maher Engineering Services March 21, 2016......... 480134

(15dash06dash1583P). Maso, Mayor, City of Department, 6101

Frisco, 6101 Frisco Frisco Square

Square Boulevard, Boulevard, Frisco, TX

Frisco, TX 75034. 75034.

Comal (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600). City of New Braunfels The Honorable Barron Building Division, 424 March 31, 2016......... 485493

(15dash06dash4062P). Casteel, Mayor, City South Castell Avenue,

of New Braunfels, 424 New Braunfels, TX

South Castell Avenue, 78130.

New Braunfels, TX


El Paso (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of El Paso The Honorable Oscar Land Development April 14, 2016......... 480214

1600). (15dash06dash3494P). Leeser, Mayor, City Department, 801 Texas

of El Paso, 300 North Avenue, El Paso, TX

Campbell Street, El 79901.

Paso, TX 79901.

Grimes (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600) Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Ben Grimes County Road and April 14, 2016......... 481173

Grimes County Leman, Grimes County Bridge Engineering

(15dash06dash3274P). Judge, P.O. Box 160, Department, 1010

Anderson, TX 77830. Highway 90 South,

Anderson, TX 77830.

Rockwall (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Rockwall The Honorable Jim City Hall, 385 South March 28, 2016......... 480547

1600). (15dash06dash0488P). Pruitt, Mayor, City Goliad Street,

of Rockwall, 385 Rockwall, TX 75087.

South Goliad Street,

Rockwall, TX 75087.

Travis (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600) City of Manor The Honorable Rita G. City Hall, 201 East April 11, 2016......... 481027

(15dash06dash2824P). Jonse, Mayor, City of Parsons Street,

Manor, P.O. Box 387, Manor, TX 78653.

Manor, TX 78653.

Travis (FEMA Docket No.: B-1600) Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Sarah Travis County Office April 11, 2016......... 481026

Travis County Eckhardt, Travis of Emergency

(15dash06dash2824P). County Judge, P.O. Management, 5010 Old

Box 1748, Austin, TX Manor Road, Austin,

78767. TX 78723.

Williamson (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Cedar Park (15-06- The Honorable Matthew Public Works March 31, 2016......... 481282

1605). 3037P). Powell, Mayor, City Department, 2401

of Cedar Park, 450 Brushy Creek Loop,

Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

Cedar Park, TX 78613.

Williamson (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Dan A. Williamson County March 31, 2016......... 481079

1605). Williamson County (15-06- Gattis, Williamson Engineer's Office,

3037P). County Judge, 710 3151 Southeast Inner

South Main Street, Loop, Suite B,

Suite 101, Georgetown, TX 78626.

Georgetown, TX 78626.


Fairfax (FEMA Docket No.: B- Unincorporated areas of The Honorable Edward Fairfax County March 29, 2016......... 515525

1600). Fairfax County L. Long, Jr., Fairfax Stormwater Planning

(15dash03dash1692P). County Executive, Division, 12000

12000 Government Government Center

Center Parkway, Parkway, Fairfax, VA

Fairfax, VA 22035. 22035.


FR Doc. 2016-15755 Filed 7-1-16; 8:45 am