Deadline for Notification of Intent To Use the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Primary, Cargo, and Nonprimary Entitlement Funds Available to Date for Fiscal Year 2022.

CourtFederal Aviation Administration,Transportation Department
Citation86 FR 72304
Published date21 December 2021
Record Number2021-27533
Federal Register, Volume 86 Issue 242 (Tuesday, December 21, 2021)
[Federal Register Volume 86, Number 242 (Tuesday, December 21, 2021)]
                [Pages 72304-72305]
                From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office []
                [FR Doc No: 2021-27533]
                Federal Aviation Administration
                [Docket No. FAA-2021-1159]
                Deadline for Notification of Intent To Use the Airport
                Improvement Program (AIP) Primary, Cargo, and Nonprimary Entitlement
                Funds Available to Date for Fiscal Year 2022.
                AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.
                ACTION: Federal Register notice.
                SUMMARY: This action announces February 15, 2022, as the deadline for
                each airport sponsor to notify the FAA if it will use its Fiscal Year
                (FY) 2022 entitlement funds to accomplish Airport Improvement Program
                (AIP) eligible projects. Each sponsor has previously identified to the
                FAA such projects through the Airports Capital Improvement Plan
                process. This action further announces April 11, 2022, as the deadline
                for an airport sponsor to submit a final grant application, based on
                bids, for grants that will be funded with FY 2022 entitlements funds
                FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: David F. Cushing, Manager, Airports
                Financial Assistance Division, APP-500, at (202) 267-8827
                SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title 49 U.S.C. 47105(f) provides that the
                sponsor of an airport for which entitlement funds are apportioned shall
                notify the Secretary, by such time and in a form as prescribed by the
                Secretary, of the airport sponsor's intent to submit a grant
                application for its available entitlement funds. Therefore, the FAA is
                hereby notifying such airport sponsors of the steps required to ensure
                that the FAA has sufficient time to carry over and convert remaining
                entitlement funds.
                 The AIP grant program is authorized by Public Law 115-254, the
                ``FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018,'' enacted on October 5, 2018, which
                permits the FAA to make grants for planning and airport development and
                airport noise compatibility under the AIP through September 30, 2023.
                The funds allocated to the FAA to fund the AIP grant program are
                appropriated by an annual Appropriations Act. Funding for the FY 2022
                AIP will be contingent upon the amounts appropriated by Congress and
                any requirements included in an annual Appropriations Act, once
                enacted. Apportioned funds will be subject to allocation formulas
                prescribed by 49 U.S.C. 47114 and any other applicable legislative
                 This notice applies only to sponsors of airports that have
                entitlement funds
                [[Page 72305]]
                appropriated for FY 2022 to use on eligible and justified projects.
                State aviation agencies participating in the FAA's State Block Grant
                Program, as prescribed by 49 U.S.C. 47128, are responsible for
                notifying the FAA which covered nonprimary airports in their programs
                will be using their entitlement funds for eligible and justified
                 An airport sponsor intending to apply for any of its available
                entitlement funds, including those unused, but still available in
                accordance with 49 U.S.C. 47117 from prior years, must notify the FAA
                of its intent to submit a grant application by 12 p.m. prevailing local
                time on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.
                 This notice must be in writing and stipulate the total amount the
                sponsor intends to use for eligible and justified projects during FY
                2022, including those entitlement funds not obligated from prior years
                that remain available in accordance with 49 U.S.C. 47117 (also known as
                protected carryover). These notifications are critical to ensure
                efficient planning and administration of the AIP. The final grant
                application deadline for entitlement funds only is Monday, April 11,
                2022. The final grant application funding requests should be based on
                bids, not estimates. As prescribed under 49 U.S.C. 47117, the FAA will
                carryover the remainder of available entitlement funds after June 1,
                2022. These funds will not be available again to the airport sponsor
                until the beginning of FY 2023. Dates are subject to possible
                adjustment based on future legislation. As of the publication of this
                notice, past appropriations for the FAA expired on September 30, 2021,
                and the FAA is currently under a Continuing Resolution (CR) until
                February 18, 2022. However, FAA authorizing legislation expires on
                September 30, 2023 and the FAA will continue its planning process
                during the current and any future CR.
                 The FAA has determined these deadlines will expedite and facilitate
                the FY 2022 grant-making process.
                 Issued in Washington, DC, on December 15, 2021.
                Robert John Craven,
                Director, Office of Airport Planning and Programming.
                [FR Doc. 2021-27533 Filed 12-20-21; 8:45 am]
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