Intent To Award a Single-Source Supplement for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Citation86 FR 17843
CourtCommunity Living Administration
Publication Date06 Apr 2021
Record Number2021-06999
Federal Register, Volume 86 Issue 64 (Tuesday, April 6, 2021)
[Federal Register Volume 86, Number 64 (Tuesday, April 6, 2021)]
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                Administration for Community Living
                Intent To Award a Single-Source Supplement for the National
                Association of Area Agencies on Aging
                AGENCY: Community Living Administration, Department of Health and Human
                ACTION: Announcing the intent to award a single-source supplement for
                the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging for the Eldercare
                Locator cooperative agreement.
                SUMMARY: The Administration for Community Living (ACL) announces the
                intent to award a single-source supplement to the current cooperative
                agreement held by the National Area Agencies on Aging for the Eldercare
                Locator. Older adults are at greater risk of requiring hospitalization
                or dying if diagnosed with COVID-19, therefore ensuring that this
                population is vaccinated in an imperative. In addition, we recognize
                that the COVID-19 pandemic has birthed many challenges for people with
                disabilities and linking this population to vaccination resources is
                also critically important. The purpose of this project is to increase
                the capacity of the current Eldercare Locator call center to assist
                additional older adults in obtaining information and linkages to state
                and local organizations for the purpose of obtaining COVID-19 vaccines.
                In addition, utilizing the Eldercare Locator platform to develop a call
                center to assist people with disabilities with state and local
                resources to obtain links to vaccines and community resources.
                 Program Name: The Eldercare Locator.
                 Recipient: The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging.
                 Period of Performance: The supplement award will be issued for the
                third year of the five-year project period of June 1, 2018, through May
                31, 2023.
                 Total Award Amount: $5,140,000 FY 2021.
                 Award Type: Cooperative Agreement Supplement.
                 Statutory Authority: This program is authorized under Section 202
                of the Older Americans Act.
                 Basis for Award: The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
                is currently funded to carry out the objectives of this program,
                entitled The Eldercare Locator. Older adults and their caregivers face
                a complicated array of decisions regarding home and community-based
                services. For almost 30 years, the Eldercare Locator has helped older
                adults and their families navigate this complex environment by
                connecting those needing assistance with State and local agencies on
                aging that serve older adults and their caregivers. The Eldercare
                Locator serves approximately 450,000 people a year through the call
                center. To ensure that the needs of those who contact the Eldercare
                Locator are carefully matched with the appropriate resources,
                information specialists are trained to listen closely to callers,
                identify relevant local, state and/or national resources and, when
                needed, provide a transfer to a particular resource.
                 As a trusted national resource, the supplement to the Eldercare
                Locator will be used to expand the capacity of the service to link a
                larger number of older adults and their caregivers seeking COVID-19
                vaccines with local organizations that can assist in making the
                appropriate connections and appointments. With the supplemental
                funding, ACL will fund the expansion of the Eldercare Locator Call
                Center to support an increase of 500,000 calls from older adults and
                their caregivers. In addition, the Call Center will utilize and
                maintain a list of trusted resources, such as the CDC Vaccine Finder,
                to assist callers in making appropriate local COVID-19 vaccine
                 Some people with disabilities might be at a higher risk of COVID-19
                infection or severe illness because of their underlying medical
                conditions. Having to sift through countless websites and make multiple
                phone calls to gain education and access to vaccine resources is a
                significant issue. Having a one-stop call center quickly set-up to
                provide accurate and up-to-date state and local specific information
                and referrals regarding COVID-19 vaccines and information regarding
                local community resources for people with disabilities it critically
                needed. Using the established Eldercare Locator infrastructure, this
                supplement will be used for the rapid development of a call center to
                assist people with disabilities to make appropriate state and local
                linkages to COVID-19 vaccines and other resources. The grantee, working
                with appropriate national disability organizations, will establish a
                call center with a dedicated line and trained information specialists
                to serve approximately 500,000 people with disabilities.
                 For More Information Contact: For further information or comments
                regarding this program supplement, contact Sherri Clark, U.S.
                Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community
                Living, Administration on Aging (202)-795-7327; email
                [email protected].
                 Dated: March 31, 2021.
                Alison Barkoff,
                Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging.
                [FR Doc. 2021-06999 Filed 4-5-21; 8:45 am]
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