LPTV, TV Translator, and FM Broadcast Station Reimbursement; Expanding the Economic and Innovation Opportunities of Spectrum Through Incentive Auctions


In this document, the Commission directs the Media Bureau to engage a contractor to assist in the reimbursement process and administration of the Reimbursement Fund for LPTV, TV translator, and FM stations, and also directs the Bureau to make determinations regarding eligible costs and the reimbursement process, such as calculating the amount of allocations to eligible entities and seeking comment on a revised Catalog of Eligible Expenses. The Commission also determines that the Media Bureau will announce, pursuant to the requirements in the Reimbursement Expansion Act, when the reimbursement program for all entities eligible for reimbursement pursuant to the Spectrum Act and the Reimbursement Expansion Act will end. Finally, the Commission interprets the Reimbursement Expansion Act as providing at least $50 million for use by the Commission to fund its efforts to educate consumers about the reorganization of broadcast television spectrum under the United States Code.


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