Revocation of Market-Based Rate Tariff

Federal Register: June 30, 2009 (Volume 74, Number 124)


Page 31272

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Docket No. ER02-2001-011, Docket No. ER06-250-000, Docket No. ER05- 294-000

Electric Quarterly Reports; Knedergy, LLC and Westbank Energy

Capital, LLC; Notice of Revocation of Market-Based Rate Tariff

June 25, 2009.

On May 21, 2009, the Commission issued an order announcing its intent to revoke the market-based rate authority of the above captioned public utilities, which had failed to file their required Electric

Quarterly Reports.\1\ The Commission provided the utilities Ffifteen days in which to file their overdue Electric Quarterly Reports or face revocation of their market-based rate tariffs.

\1\ Electric Quarterly Reports, 127 FERC ] 61,148 (2009) (May 21


In Order No. 2001, the Commission revised its public utility filing requirements and established a requirement for public utilities, including power marketers, to file Electric Quarterly Reports summarizing the contractual terms and conditions in their agreements for all jurisdictional services (including market-based power sales, cost-based power sales, and transmission service) and providing transaction information (including rates) for short-term and long-term power sales during the most recent calendar quarter.\2\

\2\ Revised Public Utility Filing Requirements, Order No. 2001, 67 FR 31,043, FERC Stats. & Regs. ] 31,127, reh'g denied, Order No. 2001-A, 100 FERC ] 61,074, reconsideration and clarification denied,

Order No. 2001-B, 100 FERC ] 61,342, order directing filings, Order

No. 2001-C, 101 FERC ] 61,314 (2002), order directing filing, Order

No. 2001-D, 102 FERC ] 61,334 (2003).

In the May 21 Order, the Commission directed Knedergy, LLC and

Westbank Energy Capital, LLC to file the required Electric Quarterly

Reports within 15 days of the date of issuance of the order or face revocation of their authority to sell power at market-based rates and termination of their electric market-based rate tariffs.\3\

\3\ May 21 Order at Ordering Paragraph A.

The time period for compliance with the May 21 Order has elapsed.

The companies identified in the May 21 Order (Knedergy, LLC and

Westbank Energy Capital, LLC) have failed to file their delinquent

Electric Quarterly Reports.

The Commission hereby revokes the market-based rate authority and terminates the electric market-based rate tariffs of the above captioned public utilities.

Nathaniel J. Davis, Sr.,

Deputy Secretary.

FR Doc. E9-15425 Filed 6-29-09; 8:45 am

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