Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request

Federal Register, Volume 84 Issue 196 (Wednesday, October 9, 2019)
[Federal Register Volume 84, Number 196 (Wednesday, October 9, 2019)]
[Pages 54103-54104]
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[FR Doc No: 2019-22006]
Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request
October 3, 2019.
    The Department of Agriculture will submit the following information
collection requirement(s) to OMB for review and clearance under the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, Public Law 104-13 on or after the date
of publication of this notice. Comments are requested regarding:
Whether the collection of information is necessary for the proper
performance of the functions of the agency, including whether the
information will have practical utility; the accuracy of the agency's
estimate of burden including the validity of the methodology and
assumptions used; ways to enhance the quality, utility and clarity of
the information to be collected; and ways to minimize the burden of the
collection of information on those who are to respond, including
through the use of appropriate automated, electronic, mechanical, or
other technological collection techniques or other forms of information
technology should be addressed to: Desk Officer for Agriculture, Office
of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget
(OMB), New Executive Office Building, Washington, DC; New Executive
Office Building, 725--17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20503. Commenters
are encouraged to submit their comments to OMB via email to:
[email protected] or fax (202) 395-5806 and to Departmental
Clearance Office, USDA, OCIO, Mail Stop 7602, Washington, DC 20250-
    Comments regarding these information collections are best assured
of having their full effect if received by November 8, 2019. Copies of
the submission(s) may be obtained by calling (202) 720-8681.
    An agency may not conduct or sponsor a collection of information
unless the collection of information displays a currently valid OMB
control number and the agency informs potential persons who are to
respond to the collection of information that such persons are not
required to respond to the collection of information unless it displays
a currently valid OMB control number.
Agricultural Marketing Service
    Title: Specialty Crops Market News Reports.
    OMB Control Number: 0581-0006.
    Summary of Collection: Section 203(g) of the Agricultural Marketing
Act of 1946 (7 U.S.C. 1621) directs and authorizes the collection of
information and disseminating of marketing information including
adequate outlook information on a market-area basis for the purpose of
anticipating and meeting consumer requirements, aiding in the
maintenance of farm income and bring about balance between production
and utilization of agriculture products. Market News provides all
interested segments of the market chain with market information tends
to equalize the competitive position of all market participants. The
fruit and vegetable industries, through their organizations, or
government agencies present formal requests that the Department of
Agriculture issue daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly market news
reports on various aspects of the industry.
    Need and Use of the Information: AMS will collect market
information on some 411 specialty crops for prices and supply. The
production of Market News
[[Page 54104]]
reports that are then available to the industry and other interested
parties in various formats. Information is provided on a voluntary
basis and collected in person through face-to-face interviews and by
confidential telephone throughout the country by market reporters. The
absence of these data would deny primary and secondary users
information that otherwise would be available to aid them in their
production, marketing decisions, analyses, research and knowledge of
current market conditions. The omission of these data could adversely
affect prices, supply, and demand.
    Description of Respondents: Farms; Business or other for-profit.
    Number of Respondents: 2,776.
    Frequency of Responses: Reporting: Daily; Weekly; Monthly.
    Total Burden Hours: 56,636.
    Title: Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements under Regulations
(Other than Rules of Practice) Under the Perishable Agricultural
Commodities Act, 1930.
    OMB Control Number: 0581-0031.
    Summary of Collection: The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act
(PACA). (7 U.S.C. 499a-499t) and 7 CFR part 46, establishes a code of
fair trading practices covering the marketing of fresh and frozen
fruits and vegetables in interstate or foreign commerce. It protects
growers, shippers and distributors by prohibiting unfair practices.
PACA requires nearly all persons who operate as commission merchants,
dealers and brokers buying or selling fruit and or vegetables in
interstate or foreign commerce to be licensed. The license for
retailers and grocery wholesalers is effective for three years and for
all other licensees up to three years, unless withdrawn.
    Need and Use of the Information: Using various forms and business
records, AMS will collect information from the applicant to administer
licensing provisions under the Act, to adjudicate contract disputes,
and for the purpose of enforcing the PACA and its regulations. If this
information were unavailable, it would be impossible to identify and
regulate the individuals or firms that are restricted due to sanctions
imposed because of the reparation or administrative actions.
    Description of Respondents: Business or other for-profit; Farms.
    Number of Respondents: 13,600.
    Frequency of Responses: Recordkeeping; Reporting: On occasion.
    Total Burden Hours: 87,409.
Kimble Brown,
Departmental Information Collection Clearance Officer.
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