United States Standards for Lentils

Cited as:85 FR 74664
Court:Agricultural Marketing Service, Agriculture Department
Publication Date:23 Nov 2020
Record Number:2020-25809
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Notices Federal Register
Vol. 85, No. 226
Monday, November 23, 2020
Agricultural Marketing Service
[Doc No. AMS–FGIS–20–0066]
United States Standards for Lentils
: Agricultural Marketing Service,
: Reopening of comment period.
: Notice is hereby given that
the comment period for a notice for
comment published in the Federal
Register on September 29, 2020 is
reopened. The publication invited
comments on the revision to the method
of interpretation for determining the
special grade ‘‘Green,’’ as it pertains to
the class ‘‘Lentils,’’ under the authority
of the AMA.
: The comment period for the
proposed rule published on September
29, 2020 at 85 FR 60956 is reopened.
Comments are due by December 23,
: We invite you to submit
written comments via the internet at
http://www.regulations.gov. All
comments should refer to the date and
page number of this issue of the Federal
Register. All comments submitted in
response to the notice, including the
identity of individuals or entities
submitting comments, will be made
available to the public on the internet
via http://www.regulations.gov.
Loren Almond, USDA AMS; Telephone:
(816) 891–0422; Email:
: On
September 29, 2020, AMS published a
notice seeking comment on a proposal
to amend the U.S. Standards for Lentils
as well as the Pea and Lentil Inspection
Handbook. The proposal would revise
the special grade ‘‘Green,’’ as it pertains
to the class ‘‘Lentils,’’ by revising the
definition to state, ‘‘Clear seeded (green)
lentils possessing a natural, uniformly
green color,’’ and must contain less than
0.5 percent mottled lentils in the
appropriate portion size. The original
30-day comment period provided in the
proposed rule closed on October 29,
2020. A stakeholder submitted a
comment requesting an extension of the
comment period. The Agricultural
Marketing Service is reopening the
public comment period for an
additional 30 days to ensure that
interested persons have sufficient time
to review and comment on the notice for
comment. The comment period is
reopened for 30 days from the date of
publication of this notice.
Authority: 7 U.S.C. 1621–1627.
Bruce Summers,
Administrator, Agricultural Marketing
[FR Doc. 2020–25809 Filed 11–20–20; 8:45 am]
Submission for OMB Review;
Comment Request
November 18, 2020.
The Department of Agriculture has
submitted the following information
collection requirement(s) to OMB for
review and clearance under the
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995,
Public Law 104–13. Comments are
requested regarding; whether the
collection of information is necessary
for the proper performance of the
functions of the agency, including
whether the information will have
practical utility; the accuracy of the
agency’s estimate of burden including
the validity of the methodology and
assumptions used; ways to enhance the
quality, utility and clarity of the
information to be collected; and ways to
minimize the burden of the collection of
information on those who are to
respond, including through the use of
appropriate automated, electronic,
mechanical, or other technological
collection techniques or other forms of
information technology.
Comments regarding this information
collection received by December 23,
2020 will be considered. Written
comments and recommendations for the
proposed information collection should
be submitted within 30 days of the
publication of this notice on the
following website www.reginfo.gov/
public/do/PRAMain. Find this
particular information collection by
selecting ‘‘Currently under 30-day
Review—Open for Public Comments’’ or
by using the search function.
An agency may not conduct or
sponsor a collection of information
unless the collection of information
displays a currently valid OMB control
number and the agency informs
potential persons who are to respond to
the collection of information that such
persons are not required to respond to
the collection of information unless it
displays a currently valid OMB control
Animal and Plant Health Inspection
Title: Volunteer Service Agreements
and Volunteer Service Time and
Attendance Record.
OMB Control Number: 0579–New.
Summary of Collection: Section 1526
of the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981
[7 U.S.C. 2272] permits the Secretary of
Agriculture to establish a program to use
volunteers in carrying out programs of
the United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA).
The regulations in Title 5 Code of
Federal Regulations (CFR),
Administrative Personnel, Part 308,
authorizes an Agency to establish
programs designed to provide
educationally related volunteer
assignments for students.
APHIS will collection information
using MRP forms, 126A, Student
Service Agreement and Recordkeeping;
MRP 126B, Nonstudent Volunteer
Service Agreement; and MRP 126C,
Volunteer Time and Attendance Record.
Need and Use of the Information:
This information collection is necessary
to: (a) Facilitate establishment of
guidelines for acceptance of volunteer
services under the above authorities; (b)
make a determination of individuals’
eligibility and suitability to serve as a
volunteer in the Marketing and
Regulatory Programs (MRP), USDA; and
(c) comply with the Office of Personnel
Management (OPM) regulation to
require documentation of volunteer
service. If this information collection is
not conducted, MRP would not be able
to determine the individual’s eligibility
and suitability to serve as a volunteer.
Description of Respondents:
Individuals or households and
Number of Respondents: 86.
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